Mac’s Weld-On Axle Housing Bracket Series – Volume 4: Installation – Mac’s Tie Downs
Mac’s Weld-On Axle Housing Bracket Series – Volume 4: Installation – Mac’s Tie Downs

So, here I am under the back of an old
aluminum tub rock crawler. This has got a Currie rock jock Dana 60 housing in it.
In the ideal location you can actually see where this has been worn over
several years of transporting. Right there and there where I typically run an axle strap or a combination axle strap. But today I’m going to weld on our new Housing Brackets. I’m
gonna position it just about like that both left and right. Then that is
ideally suited to accept the twisted Snap Hook which is our most common
automotive tie-down hook and the end result will be just like that. So, stay
tuned as I clean up the housing with a die grinder, wipe it down, and weld these
in place. Because this is a pretty extreme
off-road machine I want to make sure that this bracket is not down around the
back of the housing where it becomes susceptible to being caught on
a stump or a rock, or some other obstacle when I’m off-roading.
So, I’m intentionally going to swing that up a bit. That way anything that I can
manage to get over with the housing is not going to come in contact with this.
So, that looks to be just about ideal. I’m gonna put my welding hat on here and
tack that in place and have a final look. There we have it just like that that
bracket is complete. Now because this is just an old rock crawler, can of Krylon,
and the job is done, and notice how perfectly that works. If
you have to pull off angle a little bit to get to the d-ring on your trailer
notice how well that accommodates a slight angle. Super easy just to reach in
there no more axle strap. Nothing interfering with brake lines, brackets,
sharp surfaces, vent tubes, or anything else. Long-overdue
offering from Mac’s. Get yours today at or give us a call at 800-666-1586.

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