Make Your Mind Up Decision Making Fidget Spinner – Gallium Liquid Metal
Make Your Mind Up Decision Making Fidget Spinner – Gallium Liquid Metal

Subtitles by: Aysan Entezar (Aysxn) Today, I’m going to show you how to make this really cool Decision-making fidget spinner out of metal If there’s a scenario and you can’t make your mind up about something You can use this spinner to make a decision for you I’m using gallium metal to make this spinner Which you may well have seen in my previous videos It turns into a liquid at about 30°C And if you want to find out more information about gallium You can take a look at my other videos To make the letters for the “YES” and “NO”; I’m using this silicon mould And filling it up with the liquid gallium Then, leaving it to cool down, so it solidifies Then I’m taking some Plasticine and pushing it down flat down onto a tray I’m pressing this mug down into the Plasticine And shaping it around the base of the mug to form a mould Then I’m placing a skateboard wheel bearing in the centre If you like you can use a ruler to measure And that’s it, ready to fill up with the liquid metal This part is good fun to do, and it looks amazing When you’re done, quickly remove the letters you made from the mould Then arrange them onto the spinner It is a bit fiddly And the letters don’t sit in the gallium all that neatly I’m spelling the “NO” backwards So when it’s on top it’s the right way around Then leave it all to set When it’s ready, you can remove it from the mould And there’s our decision-making spinner complete Pretty cool huh? I’m taking this finger caps from a different fidget spinner And using it for this one You can give it a spin, then stop it at random To help you make your mind up about something Or place it on a desk and use it that way If you’re handling gallium, it’ll probably leave a grey Residue on your hands, which you can wash off With warm soapy water I hope you’ve enjoyed watching this video If you want to see more you can click or take a look at my YouTube channel page Stay safe, have fun and as always, thanks for watching Subtitles by: Jacob Fisher (fantasticbruce)

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    What happens if u eat gallium by accident?

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    Women: hang on let me just use my decision making fighet spinner
    Women: *spin spin *
    Man: well, what did it say?
    Women: uh no
    Man: god dammit

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    that was cool i want to try galium

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