Makita Belt Sander Repair – Replacing the Rear Pulley (Makita Part # 222129-4)
Makita Belt Sander Repair – Replacing the Rear Pulley (Makita Part # 222129-4)

“The rear pulley on your belt sander drives
the sanding belt and keeps it centered on the sander. The aluminum wheel has flanges on either side
that guide the sanding belt. Over time, these flanges can wear away allowing
the belt to drift. Replacing the rear pulley is a repair that
you can do yourself and I’m going to show you how. Hi, I’m Mark Sodja. Do-it-yourself repairs like these are easier
than you might think. From modern machines to codeless drills, kitchen
mixers, outdoor grills. Our how-to videos walk you through each repair
from start to finish. So doing it yourself means never having to
do it alone. Let’s get started. I’ll begin by removing the sanding belt from
the sander. The rear roller is secured with a screw. The screw is reverse threaded. To remove it, I’ll insert a small screwdriver
through one of the holes in the side of the drum. This will bind the roller so it can’t rotate. Then I’ll use an Allen wrench to remove the
screw. Once the screw is removed, I remove the plastic
cover, being careful not to lose the washer, and then I can pull the pulley away from the
sander. It can be a little tight sometimes, you may
have to work it side to side or even use a screwdriver to gently pry it away. Now I can install the new rear pulley. The pulley is driven by this role pin, one
of these four holes on the inner hub need to align with the roll pin. I align it with the pin and then snap it into
place. Now replace the plastic cap, the washer and
secure it with the screw. Again, remember, it is reverse thread. Then I can finish up by reinstalling the belt. That’s all it takes to install a new rear
pulley on your belt sander Be sure to check back often for new videos
and expert advice. If you found this video helpful, give us a
thumbs up and leave a comment.”

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