Makita Plunge Router Repair – Replacing the Bearing (Makita Part # 211092-6)
Makita Plunge Router Repair – Replacing the Bearing (Makita Part # 211092-6)

Power tools use many ball bearings to allow
various components to rotate. Over time a ball bearing will wear and begin
to fail. A bearing that is failing will usually give
warning, often the squeaking or squealing sound. Replacing a ball bearing is a repair that
you can do yourself. I’m going to show you how.Hi, I’m Mark Sodja. Do it yourself repairs like these are easier
than you might think. From lawn machines to cordless drills, kitchen
mixers, outdoor drills, are how-to videos walk you through each repair from start to
finish. Doing it yourself means never having to do
it alone. Let’s get started.I’ll begin by separating
the motor assembly from the base. To separate the two halves, I’ll remove the
adjustment handle. Now, I can pull the motor assembly away from
the base. Now, remove the motor brushes. Next, I’ll remove the side handles. I’ll also, remove the side cover, as it’ll
be necessary to have it removed when I reinstall the handle later. Now, I’ll separate the lower half of the motor
and the armature from the upper half. As I separate the two halves, I need to make
sure that I remove the wiring harness that goes to the LED light.Now, I’ll remove the
collet and the lock ring. Now, I need to remove the retaining ring. To do that, I’ll clamp the armature into my
vise. I’ll wrap a rag around the armature, so I
don’t damage it. Apply just enough tension, so the armature
doesn’t rotate within the vise. Then, I’ll use a pair of adjustable pliers
to remove the retaining ring. Now, I’ll remove the armature from the bearing. To do that, I’ll use a rubber mallet. You need to make sure you use a rubber mallet
here as using a regular hammer will damage the spindle.Now, I can remove the bearing. I’ll use a bearing separator to do that. I place the separator over the bearing and
tighten it up. Then I place the separator over the jaws on
my vise and I’ll use a socket and hammer to remove it.I have a socket that gets slightly
smaller than the inner race on the bearing. I’ll place the socket on the armature shaft
and tap the armature out. Now, I can install the new bearing. I’ll place the bearing on to the armature
shaft and this time use a socket that has a diameter the same as the inner race. Then I’ll tap it into place.Now, I can reinstall
the armature into the base. Again, I’ll use a rubber mallet to tap the
base down onto the armature shaft. I’ll reinstall the retaining ring. Now, replace the locking ring and secure it
with the screws. I’ll replace the collet as well.Now, I’m ready
to reinstall the lower half of the motor to the upper. I want to make sure I install the baffle and
then I’ll slide the armature through the field. I’ll need a pause to reconnect the harness
for the LED light.With the harness reconnected, I can slide the two halves together. I want to make sure I don’t pinch those wires
and then I can secure it with the screws. Now, I’ll reinstall the switch side handle. I’ll align the handle with the housing and
secure it with a screw. Now, I’ll reinstall the trigger and the lock
button and replace the side cover. Now, I’ll replace the wiring cover. Now, I can replace the other side handle,
and I can replace the brushes. I’ll finish up by reinstalling the motor assembly
to the base. That’s how you can replace the bearing in
your power tool.Be sure to check back often for new videos and expert advice. If you found this video helpful, give us a
thumbs up and leave a comment.

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  1. Otar Hgyhgygv says:

    Hello, can you start karcher high pressure washer series? Thank you for attention

  2. Nguyễn Nam says:

    Link 🔗 error

  3. Alan Silva says:

    Hi, my makita RT0700C router is with unstable bit speed.
    It accelerates up and down instead of have a constant speed.
    Could it be the carbon brushes maybe? Thanks

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