Maths Help: Bearing Problems –
Maths Help: Bearing Problems –

Hi guys I am going to share with you reveal
to you one of the biggest, most powerful, most sineificant statements I could ever offer
you in term of how to do bearing in fact how to do trigonometry and all of math. This is
particularly appropriate and suitable for when you can have a problem like as follow.
Now the drawing of the diagram, explain the diagram taking those words and showing them
as a diagram is the key thing so here is the statement. A problem well drawn is a problem
half solve so if you can draw takes those words and turn them into wonderful picture
you are half way there and the rest of it is just smooth sailing you can just cruise
through the solution so let us take a closer look at this diagram and how it came about
from this word so let us go through this words again. A ship sails on a bearing of 200 degrees
so you will always start from a port that is quarter start somewhere and it start as
a bearing so try the way you do across from where you start. The first thing you do is
find out where the bearing, the bearing is says 200 degrees so you start zero flip all
the way around for 200 hundred degrees that is past 180 and now it is less than 270 it
is going to be here somewhere. you can draw rough if you want so you draw a line that
is the first step now looking at the words again. Now this is from O is in the question
from O there we are there is a line 200 degrees bearing if P is 18 nautical miles further
west, further west than O, this O this west that will use west yeah. so that is 18 nautical
mile so let us put that in, out west so that is 80, 80 nautical mile at that way. Ok so
we got that way it is going at the way. What other information do we have? Ahófind how
far the ship is sail? Another one, is how far this is? So let us put an X that is our
missing pronumeral. So what do we have? We have bearing 200 degrees let us write that
in, we have 80 nautical miles west of O and we have the missing pronumeral along here
the distance that we are looking for X all the way to the ship, so that is what we were
after. Now we got the diagram drawn and displayed we can now we can start to reduce had actually
do this so we go to the step no. 2. Step no. 2 we are actually looking at the
diagram and calculating the angle that we need because you probably noticed we have
a right angle triangle here right? So we want to find probably this angle in here so that
can tell what this line here is, because we have this line here, we got the 80 nautical
miles yeah. we are looking for X here we need that angle in there so that angle is going
to be the angle Q O P, so angle–

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