Maytag Neptune Bearing Replacement Revisited
Part 2. Neptune Washer. Bearing and Seal Replacement Revisited Part
2. Front Bearing Seized On Drum’s Spindle. No Success After Heating The Bearing. Cut Bearing On Opposite Sides. Strike With
Chisel. Remove Inner Race With Heat and Chisel. Remove Steel Washer (Early Design). Clean With Wire Bristle Attachment And Install
New Washer. Remove Retention Clip From Rear Bearing. Hammer Bearing With Punch From Other Side. Clean Both Hubs With Bristle Attachment. Dry Run: Seal’s Washer, Spacer, Front And
Rear Bearing With Pulley. Use Old Bearing To Strike Against. Old Bearing Was Cut. Automotive Tool Substituted. Like New. Use A ½-Inch Extension And Socket. A Close
Fit Inside The Bearing Separator. Rear View Of Tub. Notice Socket Does Not Pass
Center Of Bearing. Critical Step For Bearing Alignment. Use Old Bearing To Strike Against. Check Rotation For Any Binding. Install Plastic Spacer. Install Lip Seal (Early Design). Inside View: Pulley Cut Into Outer Drum. Outside View: Damage To Tub. Epoxy Repair Of Outside Tub. Molylube Inside Tub’s Spindle. With Inner Tub And Pulley Installed, Rotation
Should Be Effortless. Adjust And Align The Belt On Both Pulleys. Same Settings (90 Decibels) As Initial Test.

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