Mister Babache 2.5 ball-bearing
Mister Babache 2.5 ball-bearing

Second way to loosen your diabolo Take it so that it rolls toward you Like that
NO Like that
YES Enter the key Press your diabolo And firmly unlock the nut Don’t loosen it completely Simply unlock it so that you can do the same thing with
the other side Press it And firmly unlock it And now you can entirely loosen your
diabolo on both sides

1 thought on “Mister Babache 2.5 ball-bearing”

  1. Guillaume Moreau says:

    J'ai acheté le diabolo avec le kit évolution 2 déja dessus et je suis toujours incapable de le dévisser .une solution S.V.P J'ai hâte d'essayer le kit 1 

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