Mitsubishi ECLIPSE VLOG (How to make the coolest new turbine from the old one?) #SaveTheEclipse №11
Mitsubishi ECLIPSE VLOG (How to make the coolest new turbine from the old one?) #SaveTheEclipse №11

I am in the company Turbolab. more than 10 years we working together. all turbocharger repairs and upgrades turbine I do here. There is a precision turbine. it came in badness. we diagnosed it. and decided to upgrade. put the ball bearings. change the shape of the impeller. the whole process and I you now try to show. we have the bushing one that was standing. here are these bushings. then there is this shaft. two bushings. there’s one on this side. another with this. there’s a stopper. keeps from moving up and down. accordingly, the top thrust bearing. Is the axis of the impeller centered here ? the other side? On the other hand shaft. The shaft is getting into its grooves! well, it’s not grooves ,it’s o-rings. shaft from moving up and down holds the thrust bearing. and in this as the whole system? that bearing! the lock is inserted into the hole. it keeps it from moving back and forth and from the turn. there’s no thrust bearing. accordingly, there is still water cooling jacket. and there is only oil. here is the bearing of the GT series. and here is T series of. in the impeller the differences large ? No. exactly the same. compressor wheel 76 usual. and now 76 GTX billet. it is believed the size of this diameter. large. outer circle. GTX this diameter and the turbine blade is at an angle and plus 3 millimeters due to this . 76 is called and in fact 79. ie due to protrusion of the blade beyond. even this visually it is easier. the billet is easier because it is one-piece milled. cast always heavier. looked seals watched These bearings are good, powerful but not always stand pass. it turns out the entire process you must first. disassemble and reassemble. with these turbines was the most difficult and still. turns out the latch is in the oil channel? the pitch?! Yes! through the feed channel it is clogged.

what about pulling him out ? in this thread. in the opposite direction and all! the case itself ! does it depend on the size of the turbine ? No. it’s standard. independent of the impeller. the hot part. it is the largest. [music] it’s a heat-reflecting screen. are these reverse threads? Yes. okay! can be carried on the stand. magnet! negative positive. for the sensor to read the shaft position. how would that work? magnetized plus, minus-two sides. this sensor reads them. [music] imbalance? It’s t series ! they all are. it’s always a long process. now we have to see how much it will peak dizbalans. then saw. try to spin. now zero will note. [music] can it be balanced only by the impeller ? No. nut! sawn nut. it is necessary to disassemble! she has. go upstairs. disassembly-Assembly! [music] the build process is not easy. the first time the turbine is not balanced. or rather showed a large imbalance. we’ll take it apart and watch it. then to collect anew. T a series of not love to collect. always a problem with her balancing. two units were collected. with these podsobniki not to balance. put them on others and everything was balanced. you when it is inserted, or rather stick the axis is in the inside of the sleeve. is she getting tight? it is on this diameter becomes tight . the shaft is perfectly smooth? Yes. shaft and impeller go together ? Yes, inseparable. this part is made of stainless steel. the rest is steel. connected by welding-friction. everything is balanced at the plant. initially gets the shaft with the impeller already balanced? Yes. and the impellers are also initially balanced. the principle position of the impeller with respect to one another can give dizbalans. even if the bearing does not give imbalance. for example. something got into the impeller. well, the turbine normally turns. bought a wheel. changed. put. it’ll work for a while. but not known what there imbalance. and when it falls apart. now on booth disbalance was on 30,000 turnovers’. you now it is hyped up to 30 and if up to 60 thousand. it will just fall apart. what is the operating range of these turbines? on the turnover at the ball. a maximum of 125. and the car ? on average 60 thousand. the shaft is smooth! something with the bearing. The stand will show ! this on 40 thousands of plummeting has. standard situation for T series. gone she promised to come back! she on 60,000 unbalanced , then to 120 compensated. how do you know where to cut? I zero pose. the magnet. it shows the offset in degrees relative to zero. a miracle happened! finally it happened! to what state should be balanced? here’s the green, bold line. beyond which should not act. ie it is considered the norm? Yes! the turbine is balanced. now we will gather finally in the case. can be will to go to collect the car. Ah that the turbine is ready! we completely upgraded it. more precisely carried out an upgrade the master of the “Turbolab”. put a new cartridge. now it’s on a ball on a ceramic ball. completely new impellers are installed. the turbine is balanced. I think it will last a very long time. I’m going to the workshop. bye everyone!

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  2. веталя конякин says:

    Привет ! Сколько стоит это все ?

  3. ЗЛОЙ ТЕХНО says:

    Отлично! Как всегда ЛАЙК!

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    Серега, расскажи, что даёт фрезерованная крыльчатка?

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    Badass to see how much work it is to make a turbo work right…..👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾💯💯👌🏾👌🏾

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    Нужно что-то со звуком делать. Тихо. Предлагаю повесить компрессор на голос и на мастер выход (ultramaximizer+ из пакета waves plugins). И откомпрессировать динамический диапазон голоса от -2,6 до -0,6, а мастер от -1,6 до -0,6 Никаких перегрузов не будет и громкость будет ровномерная во всем ролике.

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    Лайкосик братюнь

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    Борода чёткая!))

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    Отцентрованый на заводе вал с крыльчаткой валяется на столе. Малейшее касание и вал погнут и можно выбрасывать.
    Срезала слух фраза "обратная резьба". В моих краях так не говорят. Обычно она у нас "левая".

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    Это в Молоково? У меня один раз ихний гибрид заклинил.

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    здраствуйте. являюсь обладателем eclipse 1gенерации. хочу полный привод. от чего внедрить заднюю подвеску не подскажите

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    Очень интересно посмотреть как народ работает и каков тех процесс, отличное видео, Спасибо!

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    Если бы это место находилось рядом я бы там жил,пусть даже пришлось бы развестись с женой

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    I love this man's work

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