Model Jet Engine Stators and Starter Motor
Model Jet Engine Stators and Starter Motor

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46 thoughts on “Model Jet Engine Stators and Starter Motor”

  1. Daniel Gregory says:

    Your doing an awesome job with this, However, i must advise caution. The Stator vanes in this video and compressor blades from the other video, just don't seem strong enough to maintain their structural integrity at high RPM. Plus they don't have any sort of aerodynamic profile which will create a LOT of turbulence in compression, this will heighten the risk of a compressor stall which could potentially damage your Engine.
    I hate to be "That guy" but I would hate you to put this all together only to damage it.

  2. SpydreX Official says:

    What happened with this project? Funding issues or just busy?

  3. Владислав Петренко says:

    what song?

  4. joe estes says:

    Great video! i subscribed!

  5. Roxanna Mason says:

    Extremely fine engineering and innovative fabrication techniques my fellow engineer. One question, why so many stages, you can only use as many as the efficiency of the system as a whole will allow. Pressure ratio? Take care my friend, Ken

  6. all mighty says:

    hey can you post more on this engine build as 2 video's don't show much. cheers

  7. Ross Cowden says:

    dude this thing is awesome, i want to see more

  8. Danilo Rosich says:

    This thing was never made to run, he only made 1/2 of the assembly. And why do you have 12 stages of guide vanes, and only 3 stages of compressors. This was not made to function.

  9. Awais Minhas says:

    thats realy intresting and great work . I want to see your comolete project so plz must upload when you complete.

  10. Andi Irwansyah says:

    the big project 😎

  11. johnny llooddte says:

    how many HP does it generate

  12. Luke Pike says:

    that ceramic bearing must have been expensive

  13. zeber127 says:

    А что было после?

  14. Spencer Brown says:

    do the stators have concern of resonance?

  15. American 015 says:

    Very nice, good luck

  16. Arif Khateeb says:

    Liked Subscribed & its…amazing….please upload complete

  17. mustangbob51 says:

    where are you at now? went to your twitter account…not much happening

  18. The Rogue Scientist says:

    Looks cool but I think your blades are to floppy and won't be able to withstand the air pressure

  19. Tomás Sosa O'Connor says:

    Very nice! A recommendation: don't use Arduino, except for control of complex stuff. For a servo you can just use a PWM with two NE555; or one NE555 doing a triangle wave signal, which is connected to a comparator input, while the other input of the comparator is connected to a pot or a resistor divider.
    I wouldn't use that kind of "clutch", I personally prefer a freewheel if the thing won't be spinning 24/7
    Greetings from Argentina!

  20. Felingard says:

    Im waiting to see it running, dont give up. Its an awesome job.

  21. Antone Trinh says:

    No more videos he got a job offer to work for GE making 500k a year.

  22. MANTHAN PATEL says:

    How much pressure ratio it have plz give answer hurry

  23. beargibson3100 says:

    We would love to see you finish this.

  24. B Carty says:

    Man what happened. You have THE best home build I've ever seen. Did life hit you or what? You gotta finish this story man

  25. 360 kind view says:

    Please made a video so that we the general people can make turbo jet engine so easily

  26. caitgems1 says:

    Is this channel still active?

  27. solaris8x86 says:

    You used so many metal. Isn't it too heavy for the RC aircraft?

  28. Mfbsmd sifsai says:

    more videos needed come on

  29. Jetcrafter 2000 says:

    Hi Flanker-D,is this projekt still going?I'd like to see some videos about this!And i'd like to know what you're going to do with this when it's finished.Good work dude!

  30. mnjk tuoh says:

    Each fan of the remote is drawn by the drawn fan to squeeze the sides and heat to increase the pressure to heat the air

  31. Unhappy Customer says:

    Home made stators. Amazing.

  32. Artem Bolart says:

    A new video will be? If so, when?

  33. Black turbine says:

    We miss you dude please respond I haven't seen you in a year now I just want to hear how is it going

  34. trevor jaster says:

    When will another vid come put?

  35. Anderson Lima says:

    Will you end this project? Thanks

  36. Johan Fasth says:

    It's a lot of work but sadly this is not gonna work. It can't work if there is no divergent flow between the blades. The stators seems to not have any airfoil on them so the divergent flow is only by the placement and that is not enough since it has to be a perfect laminar flow throw the compression.
    Or have I missed something?

  37. Дмитрий Удалов says:

    There haven't been your videos for a long time. How is the project developing?

  38. C Ritter says:

    Any updates?!

  39. لا إله إلاالله says:


  40. Brooklyn Dempster says:

    Still working on this or wot bruss

  41. Rekio the fox. says:

    I can’t wait to see it finished.

    DONT GIVE UP!!!!!

  42. Cauê Nogueira says:

    Posta vídeo o caraio

  43. superemposed says:

    Not pulling your project down but, the stator vanes should have a camber, they also should have a inlet and outlet angle. We are talking about a adverse pressure gradient here.

  44. David Ombogo says:

    Are you still working on this?

  45. فتاه - cutekey says:

    2019 stilll idk

  46. Oscar Marques says:

    Amazing!! Congratulations!!

  47. N.Sreenivas Reddy says:

    I am impressed but the combustion chamber in turojet will rotates or not

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