Montreal Canadiens ride a roller coaster
Montreal Canadiens ride a roller coaster

Hé, je suis Daniel Carr et lui, c’est Mikhail Sergachev. Nous sommes ici à la Ronde devant le Goliath. Nous allons voir si nous pouvons le conquérir. OK Sergy, tu veux l’intérieur ou l’extérieur? Extérieur. À l’extérieur? Oui. Juste ici? Je me sens comme un petit enfant, mes pieds ne touchent même pas au sol! Imagine comment se sentirait Gally! Il est vraiment convaincu que tu vas perdre ta casquette, hein? À quel point est-ce que tu fais confiance au côté sécuritaire de ce truc? Je n’y fais pas confiance. Je sais! C’est ce à quoi je pense en ce moment. 9 8 7 6 C’est un décompte horrible. 5 4 3 2 1 Oh non. Hé l’ami. Je ne suis pas ton ami! Oh mon Dieu. Je ne sais pas quelle est la bonne stratégie regarder en bas ou ne pas regarder en bas. Regarder en bas ou ne pas regarder en bas. OH MON DIEU! Oh mon dieu. OH MON DIEU! OH MON DIEU! Oh mon Dieu. Je retourne à la maison. Je retourne en Russie! Haha, évidemment! On doit sortir d’ici. Maintenant. Ouais, ce n’est pas fait pour moi.

35 thoughts on “Montreal Canadiens ride a roller coaster”

  1. Im Sharpie says:

    Lol that was funny

  2. Randomgamers says:

    Come to Canadas Wonderland

  3. Frontier Justice / Dazzlings Fanboy says:

    Those other guys will never know that they went on a roller coaster with two Habs

  4. Dajmeen 909 says:

    Sergachev are so funny hahhahahahah

  5. Tyberious 79 says:

    Hi Montreal huge fan favourite player: Andrei Markov

  6. Aliyah Mshaiful says:

    "I'm going back to Russia"

  7. Vanessa says:

    Sergachev is funny as hell! "I'm going back to Russia" 😂

  8. Grace Guthrie says:

    I like the south Park reference from carr.

  9. Solaire says:

    next time, they should watch the swear words with kids around but, other than that, this looked like good times.

  10. Monica Grier says:

    "im not your buddy, guy" nice SouthPark reference haha

  11. Jessica Gladys says:

    "I cant even reach the floor. Imagine how Gally felt"

  12. fred pitt says:

    I'm not your guy friend!

  13. Dropkick Comet 974 says:

    I don't think Gally is much shorter then you Carr

  14. CentralPASirens says:

    I wonder if the kid sitting next to them even realized he was sitting next to pro hockey players.

  15. The Persoon says:

    Hi Brendan Gallagher

  16. josie gs says:

    omg 😂😂😂😂

  17. Jim Bobson says:

    Carr is quite the cool dude

  18. Андрей Иванов says:

    I'm no lip reader, but Sergachev said: "Tabarnak"

  19. CanadiensFan 1001 says:

    I guarantee Gally isn't gonna see this comment

  20. Alexis Sabourin says:

    Ahah hahahah tres drole 😂😂

  21. glaxko2 says:

    1:19 I'm not your guy, friend.

  22. 31PriceSubban76 says:

    1:46 ah tabarnak lol

  23. Brandon Thiesenhusen says:

    Gally is 5'9 Carr is 6'0 lol picture how gally felt

  24. Vini Bhatt says:

    Sergachev giving Gally some serious competition in the Banshee-screaming department.

  25. Hui Ping Chan says:

    "Imagine how gally felt" HAHAHA

  26. go caps go says:

    1:53 they both looked like they wanted to kill themselves

  27. NoodleGod says:

    Why is no one talking about Nikita's scream at 2:29? (And afterwards too)

  28. James Karow says:

    I've been to La Ronde. Really fun

  29. Samuel _lovehockey88 says:

    Sergachev's reaction priceless 😂

  30. Samuel _lovehockey88 says:

    Wtf happened to sergachev's neck

  31. Andrea the unicorn says:

    I am only 10 but I did this ride 3 time

  32. Uncle Ben says:

    Im 12 and im taller than gally

  33. Alfred Vega says:

    Still can't believe dumb ass bergevin traded sergachev… this is a trade that will bit the habs in the ass for the next 10 years. Thank you unbelievable troll !

  34. Sylvain Pitre Labreche says:

    I wouldnt have done it.

  35. Felix Sopowera says:

    and now theyre both gone.

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