Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated cartoon | Road roller | Wow Kidz
Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated cartoon | Road roller | Wow Kidz

Hey, Motu ride carefully! How did you find this bicycle? I have specially purchased it for you. It seems really nice. Let us see with how much speed it can move. Don’t ride too fast. Be careful, Motu. Motu!! Motu, apply the brakes & stop! Stop! Reduce the speed. The brakes have failed. I cannot stop. No!! Oh, my lord! You have broken my bones. How rashly you were riding this bicycle! I will complaint about you to Motu. Motu has come, complaint about me to him. Have you both taken a contract to kill me? Sorry, Ghasitaram, this accident has taken place due to all the potholes on the road. Look at the condition of our cycle. How come our town Furfuri Nagar is in such a bad state? My brain does not function on an empty stomach. You tell what can be done. Idea!! Come with me. Excuse me. Why does not the corporation repair the roads in Furfuri Nagar? There are so many potholes on the road. Look at the condition of our bicycle. If you love Furfuri Nagar so much, then why don’t you only repair the roads? In the evening the minister is going to visit the town but I am unable to find a vendor to repair the roads. We don’t have enough money to repair the roads all by ourselves. I will give you how much ever money you want. But only if you repair the roads by today evening. If we will get a lot of money. Then we will repair the roads by evening. Sign this contract & we will pay all your expenses. But I want all the roads to be repaired by today evening. Motu, before signing ,you should have read the contract carefully. I will explain you what is written in this contract. If you don’t repair the road by today evening, then you will have to pay a fine of 1 million rupees. What? 1 million rupees penalty!! Patlu, be quick we have lot’s of work. First, put stones in the potholes. Then using the road roller, make the roads plain. Then put the charcoal on the road & let it dry. Then, the repairing of the roads will be completed. Patlu, first let us fill the potholes with stones. Now, we will start the road roller. Both of you push the road roller. In my twenty years of experience, I have not seen a road roller like this. Let us put the charcoal on the stones. And due to vehicular movement, the roads will become plain. Wow! It’s a great idea! You guys carry on the repairing work & I will arrange money for the 1 million rupees penalty. It is not a funny thing. Come on, help us. Be careful. Ghasitaram, what did you do? Ghasitaram, go & arrange money for the 1 million rupees penalty. Leave money aside but help us. Quickly help us, we cannot even move. Oh my lord, I don’t want to get stuck in that mixture. I will call Dr. Jhatka & he shall help you. Come back quickly. Hey, crows go away from here. Why the scare crow is standing in the middle of the road? I don’t know but it is looking really funny. Our kids will also not get scared due to them. Run away!! Go away!! Run from here. These are robotic scarecrows. There must be a button in their heads, if we switch it off, then they will stop working. No!! What are you doing? Somebody please help! Help!! Run! Don’t trouble my friends. Motu, my friend! How did you get stuck there? This a long story. Please help us. Thank you, big brother. You have saved us. If you don’t inform me & do such difficult tasks, then you are bound to get stuck. Now I will repair your road roller. Till then I will arrange money for the 1 million rupees penalty. Be here & help us. There is not enough time, to get back the road roller repaired. We will have to pay the penalty. I have twenty years of experience in repairing the roads. Both of you help me in putting the charcoal on the road. The contract says that we need to fill the potholes on the road. But in which way we can fill the potholes, that has not been mentioned in the contract. Ghasitaram, you are great. Now let us quickly put the charcoal. Minister sir has arrived. Thank god, we have finished repairing the roads. The roads have not been repaired properly. I will be fired from my job. Who has repaired the roads? I will return back in 3-4 hours. Till the that time if the roads are not repaired, then I will have put you all in jail. Oh, my god! It is impossible to repair the roads in 3 hours. Impossible! Hey, there is one good news & one bad news. Which news should I tell you first? I am in no mood to hear the bad news, first tell me the good news. The road roller has been repaired. As soon as you put the key inside, it starts. Long live. Hey, hear me completely. Not now! We have got lot of work. Ok, tell now but very quickly. Once the road roller starts moving, it will not stop. I have it’s brake as well as the accelerator with me. What? What did you do Dr. Jhatka? Stop it. He has made it a car. How should I stop it? Why is there so much darkness? We are inside a hut. Where is the light’s switch? Oh, my god!! Hey, open the door! I swear you in the name of law. How did you create a hut on road? Open the door in the name of law. I will count till three & then I will break the door. One. Oh, god! How did the hut move on it’s own? Open the door. Again, how did the hut move on it’s own? Now I will count one more time. Three. Oh, my god! Let me run. Oh, my god! The hut is coming behind me. Am I seeing a dream? Let me run. Help!! Chingam sir, stop him. They have turned mad. It is impossible to escape from Chingam’s web. Impossible! Motu Patlu, I stay stop. Stop!! Run! Chingam sir, help!! Oh, my god! Let me save myself first. Help!! Someone, please save Chingam. Sorry, Chingam sir! We have troubled you a lot. Forgive us, big brother. We are sorry to everyone. But behind every bad thing, there is a good thing. Look there, the roads have become repaired. Yes, the roads look really great. The entire has work has been completed. But one work is remaining. Wow, they have repaired the roads really well. Great job! I am really happy. Where is the contractor? I would like to meet him. Sir, they were tired, so they left for home. They have done a great job in such a small time, so we have made a statue to honor them. And we want you to put the garlands on their statue & honor them. Yes, sure! They are great workers. It will be an honor for me to put garlands on their statue. Take the garlands. Our nation needs great workers like Motu & Patlu. I will rename this lane after Motu Patlu. Thank you! But we are not that great. Now did you get it? It is impossible to get out of Chingam’s web. Impossible. Hey! Stop!! Somebody stop them. Help!!

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