My first electric skateboard in Greece! but she took it from me
My first electric skateboard in Greece! but she took it from me

first time that Flo doing
electric skate now be careful she’s really crazy Wow look the ship and that means mission it’s a drone
attack well let’s go I hope one day to make tour with that ship I love it I can use them even in my face how cool is this wow I need to charge the buttery first I think it’s working now oh when we opened the power to have
power in the controller maybe now is charging okay so we just
waiting now the charger is green I made an arrow in decide if you want to
go forward

12 thoughts on “My first electric skateboard in Greece! but she took it from me”

  1. Olivier Caron says:

    Casey Neistat much? haha

  2. G.A. Simon's crazy vlog says:

    Casey is an inspiration.. I put little more comedy to make people smile..!!

  3. Konstantinos Galazoulas says:

    giati na agoraseis kati toso akribo?ego kseninisa na ftiaxno ena kai tha pliroso kapou sta 400€ kai tha einai kalitero apo afta stin agora

  4. Korma HD says:

    Cool video guy 🙂

  5. catygirl Sarah says:

    I SUBSCRIBE to you

  6. The Ash says:

    Thanks man for checking my channel out. I just subscribed to yours. Great video

  7. ari_butera 26 says:

    Hello there you commented on my video to check out your channel so I did it's really great and I also subscribed so can you please subscribe to me because I subscribed to you thanks!

  8. Red Splittzz says:

    i like your videos and i sub you did you sub me or my

  9. Nikos Aggelopoulos says:

    are you Casey neistat?😂

  10. so93 says:

    I guess you watch Casey's videos and you jerk off….

  11. Chris Gotsikas says:

    Σκέφτομαι σοβαρά την αγορά ενός boosted board αλλά το φοβάμαι για ελλάδα.
    Δεν έχουμε και τους καλύτερους δρόμους… μήπως το Evolve θα ήταν καλύτερο?

  12. Doul says:

    φιλε πολυ ωραιο βιντεο…θα ηθελα να σε ρωτήσω ποιο μοντελο ειναι αυτο στο βιντεο που πήρες και επισης αξιζει να παρεις ηλεκτρικο λονγκμπορντ ή να παω σε ενα απλο γιατι ειναι αρκετα λεφτα.Αν μπορεις πες μου και το μοντελο που εχεις απο το προηγούμενο σου λονγκμπορντ αυτο που δεν ειναι ηλεκτρικό

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