Mystery Wheel of Dump It Slime Challenge!
Mystery Wheel of Dump It Slime Challenge!

>>Hey guys it’s Karina.>>It’s Ronald from SIS vs. BRO>>And today we’re doing Mystery Wheel Of Slime Dump It Challenge! So today we’re doing a
video like we did before. Mystery Wheel Dump It Slime Challenge but we have a twist. We have so many new things
on the Mystery Wheel. Of course we have Dump It. We also have Glow in the Dark. Which means you get to pick any of the Glow in the Dark Glues. Pick for you. Pick for you means that you
get to pick for yourself.>>Oh yeah.>>I can be like I want
that rug I can be like- I want that! We have pick for others so if I get it I get to pick
an ingredient for Ronald.>>And if I get it I can pick one for you. Brown food coloring.>>No, no thank you. (laughs) And also we have glitter wins which means you can pick
any of the glitters. (ahhh) So if you don’t know the rules, basically we’re gonna
spin the wheel 10 times. We’re gonna put all the ingredients that we get inside the bowl and at the end we’re gonna mix it up and you guys can comment down below which slime you think is better.>>We’re gonna get
activated at the end too.>>Yeah cause we don’t wanna risk. (upbeat music) We don’t wanna risk not getting a slime. Okay, rock, paper, scissors,
who’s spinning first. Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot (Ahhh)
Yes! (ahhh) Alright I’m going first. Spin the wheel once. (wheel spinning)>>NO! Starting us off– No, that’s not–>>I’m gonna pick the brown food coloring
>>No, please.>>And I’m gonna put in a lot of it.>>No that’s not fair. No please. Okay, remember there’s a
dump it or switch option.>>I’m just like gonna go for it.>>I bet you someone’s
gonna dump it or switch.>>There that’s good enough.>>Oh no.>>Alright now it’s your turn.>>Okay 3, 2, 1 drop it. (wheel spinning) Clear glue oh I like.>>Oh I thought you we’re gonna
get dump it for a second.>>I was gonna be so- but you can’t really dump that. Okay open this up. So its literally gonna be brown.>>Brown, very dark brown slime so far.>>Not excited for future.>>I’m super excited. Okay so my spin number two. (wheel spinning) Ooh, pink food coloring. Exactly what I wanted.
>>NO! That is the wrong thing.
I got brown, you get pink. Just no.>>I’m gonna add a little bit cause I don’t want too dark a pink. Maybe just one more drop.>>I think I got too much
brown. Thanks a lot.>>I like a light pink. Alright.>>Alright let me add
a lots of brown to it.>>No! No thank you, I’m good.>>Alright, my spin number
two. Glow in the dark. Okay I get to pick any glow in the dark.>>It’s not really gonna matter too much cause it’s all gonna be covered by brown.>>We’ll see about that. So I’ve got these three
options right here. Aqua, poopy green, and pink.>>It’s not very poopy. It’s more like white.>>I’m gonna go with this, so
when we switch it’s even worse.>>What do you mean even worse?>>My slime it’s gonna be bad for you.>>No we’re not gonna switch. No thank you. Squeeze that glue out. (hard rock music) Squeeze it! (hard rock music) Squeeze it! (laughs)>>Are you okay?>>I’m very much okay. (ahhh) (dinosaur roar) Are you okay?>>Yes.>>So guys now it’s time
for my spin number three. Let’s see where I’m gonna go. (wheel spinning)>>Dump it.>>Pick for you. Oh Oh Oh.>>Wait that was you.>>That was me? Oh wait, oh that means
it’s for myself. (mumbles) Okay, so, I wanna get clear glue. I think clear glue will look nice with it.>>Oh no.>>Oh yes.>>Oh no.>>Alright, squeeze! Squeeze!>>(claps) Okay, guys, now it’s time for my spin number three. (wheel spinning) (ahhh)>>Glow in the dark!>>Your slimes gonna be very gloppy.>>I’m gonna have this one. I’m good. That’s enough.>>Okay. Alright, guys, now it’s time for my spin number four. Let’s see what I’m gonna get. (wheel spinning) Did you just fart?>>No. That was you!>>No, that wasn’t me, that
was you! I just heard it. (fart noise) (laughs)>>That looks like– (laughs) That wasn’t me, I swear!>>It was you! Anyways, I got clear glue. Whoa, never clear glue. So, guys, so far I got two clear glues and some pink food coloring, so I’m doing pretty good.>>We’ll see about that after I do my spin number four. A.K.A. The switch-ups.>>No. (wheel spinning)>>Three, two, one, oooooh!
That’s even better actually. What, no it’s not, but still… You thought I was gonna
pick something else. (sad music) (laughs)>>Ronald, that’s not it, you have to open up the cap on here. (record skipping)>>Oh. (laughs)>>Oh no, guys. My slime’s
gonna be ruined! (ahhh)>>Dun dun dun! (light joyful music)>>(muffled)>>No! That’s so much, stop! (beeping) So, guys, Ronald just added a lot, I mean, a lot of brown food coloring to my slime and I don’t know how I feel about that.>>Oof.>>Actually I know how I feel about that. Absolutely terrible! (laughs) But, guys, now it’s my– Tenth, no, fifth spin
and I’m gonna get the– Actually I really want to get Dump It ’cause I don’t want this.>>No, you’re gonna get the–
>>This is not good. (wheel spinning)>>Three, two, one, drop it!>>Oh, I did get Pick For You.>>No! (laughs)>>But next time I’ll get Dump It. Alright, which one do I want? How will I fix this slime?>>You can’t. (laughter) I can’t either.>>How ’bout I add a lot of glitter?>>I tried doing that once
and it was really bad.>>Pass the gold. Alright, so
I’m gonna add the gold glitter. Oh, three, two, one, go. Woo!>>Are you gonna use the whole thing?>>Woo! I need to make it all pretty. Alright, there you go. And
this should fix it, I hope. I think. I hope, really hope.>>So, guys, now it’s time
for my spin number five, A.K.A. The Dump It spin. The one that I have been predicting! Three, two, one! No! (laughs) Clear glue!
>>Exactly what I was expecting You’re gonna need a lot of clear glue.>>To make it clear.>>Okay, sure?>>Clear to the blackness.>>Alright, now it’s my sixth spin. Let’s get dumping because
I don’t want this. Even though I added a lot of glitter and the top looks pretty but
underneath, it ain’t pretty, so I wanna dump it into Ronald’s bowl. Alright, three, two, one, go! (wheel spinning) Pink food coloring. Don’t know how it’s
gonna fix the brown but–>>It’s gonna be like hot
pink maybe, I don’t know.>>Alright, I don’t think– I think if I add a lot to
it, it’ll make it worse. I’m just gonna add one drop. (dripping noise) Blop.>>So, guys, Karine did her plopping and now I’m gonna move
on to spin number six. (wheel spinning) The Dump It spin! (gasps) (shrieks)>>Yes. Woo!>>No!>>Right there.>>I told you it’s gonna be a clear galaxy.>>No! (whispering) (laughter) Okay, guys, now it’s my spin number seven. Let’s see what I’m gonna get. Alright, three, two, one, go. (record skipping)>>You can’t do that.>>I can! I spun it!>>Yeah, you need to go
around at least once.>>Fine. (wheel spinning) Clear glue. Ugh, I see
the brown shining through.>>Yay!>>What do you mean, yay,
Ronald? You have way more brown.>>I don’t– No, I added like the whole bottle. Okay, guys, now it’s time
for my spin number seven. (ahhh) (wheel spinning) Brown.>>Brown food? (laughs)>>There’s like no more left!>>Here ya go, squeeze
some out, Ronald. (laughs)>>How could this happen
to me? Ooh, there we go.>>Okay, guys, now it’s time
for my spin number eight. Alright, let’s see what I’m gonna get. (wheel spinning) So so close to Dump It! What?! I don’t really want the
glow in the dark glue but I’m gonna pick that one. Well, okay, three, two, one, squeeze.>>Ooh! That is good shit. Okay, guys, now it’s time
for my spin number eight. I have to get a Dump It or else bad things will happen in life.>>No.>>(muffled) (wheel spinning) (screaming) I landed on the safe one! (laughs)>>No.>>Yes. We gotcha, boys! So, guys, time for the dumping process. Dumping.
(shrieking)>>Dun dun dun dun! Dump it!
>>No!>>So, guys, this dumping
process is now final and Karine has a face. (laughter) So, guys, my bowl is clean, now it’s time to get into the good part of slime-making videos. So basically what I’m gonna
do is eight fast spins to get up to Karine’s level of– Up to ten. (laughter) And then we’re gonna continue
on and I’m gonna be awesome. (claps)>>No, I’m gonna be awesome. (laughs)>>Alright, spin number one. (wheel spinning) Wow.>>Red, red food coloring.>>That’s a good start to my awesomeness. (gentle music) (ahhh) Okay, second one. Glow in the dark. Oof, pink, ’cause it matches red.>>Okay, sure. (laughs) (yelling)>>Okay, spin number three, moving on. (wheel spinning) Yellow food coloring. Oof, red and yellow? (dripping noise) (laughter) (claps) Alright, spin number four. (wheel spinning) Glow in the dark. Do we have more pink? Yes, we do.>>That is gonna be very pink.>>Or very red. (wheel spinning) Spin number five. Pink food coloring. Oh, yes, it’s matching with my theme!>>(muffled) Oh.>>That’s a lot, Ronald.>>Time for spin number six. (wheel spinning) Glitter, oof! I guess pink? Or maybe this glitter would look nice.>>Blue, red, and pink?>>Kind of.>>Sure.>>There we go. There we go. Spin number seven. (wheel spinning)
Two more. Pink food coloring. Food and coloring mixed together. Alrighty, so guys, this is my last spin to catch up to Karine
and then I’ll be awesome.>>No, I’ll be awesome. (wheel spinning)
Make it count! Clear glue, oof. Has no affect, just adds clearness.>>Okay. And then boom! Alrighty, we good shhh. Okay guys, so this is
way much better (muffled)>>Way much better?>>Yes, I have (muffled) (laughter)>>Okay, guys, now it’s my ninth spin. I’m gonna get something good. Hopefully a lot of glitter. I need a lot of glitter, a lot of glitter, to cover this up. Or a switch-up.>>Oof.>>Let’s spin. Three, two, one. (wheel spinning) Red food.
>>Red food coloring.>>Okay.
>>Cha ching.>>Okay, got one drop.>>Alright, now it’s time
for my spin number nine. Don’t get Dump It or a switch-up! Clear glue!>>Ooh, you almost got Dump It.
>>My goodness. I am lucky.>>Lucky little bunny.
>>Luck is on my E’s. Okay, that’s enough.>>So, guys, this is my last spin. I really, really wanna get gold glitter. I need gold glitter to fix this. It’s the only way, or any other glitter. So, (inhales) okay. Three, two, one.
>>Two, one, drop it! Dun dun dun nuh nuh dun nuh nuh! Clear glue. That’s not gonna do anything. It’s just gonna add clearness.>>Right, add some clear glue.>>Ha ha ha. (laughs)>>Alright, three, two, okay, never mind, it’s already going.>>Oof.>>Squeeze, all my glitter is– My glitters are wrinkling. (laughs)>>So, guys, now let’s pray we
don’t get Switch-up and then– I like my slime, Karine likes hers. (record skipping) Maybe she does, I don’t know. (laughs) Three, two, one. (wheel spinning) Don’t tell me what it is. Actually, could you tell
me what it is? (laughs) What is it?>>We’re done.>>No! No! Noooooo! (cries) Nooo! (bowls sliding) No, please! I’m dreaming! Noooo! On the last spin, seriously? This is not true.>>This is true.>>Oh no.>>We have proof it says switch.>>How is this possible?>>It just is. Okay, now it’s time to activate our slime ’cause we didn’t get any
activating on the wheel so now it’s time to activate our slime. Alright, I got my bottle of activator. I’m only gonna add a–>>This is heavy. Do I add the whole thing?>>No, I’m only gonna add a
little bit to start. Whoopsies. ‘Cause I don’t know how strong this is, and I gotta test it out. Alright, so I’m just gonna add like… That’s good for now.>>I think that’s too much. (laughter)>>Alright, that’s good for a start. So, guys, before we mix
it, comment down below, what color do you think
our slimes’ gonna be? I think mine’s gonna be red, ’cause Ronald added a
lot of red food coloring.>>Mine’s gonna be brown. (laughter)>>Alright, guys, let’s mix. So, guys, before we start mixing, we just wanna get a look of my slime. It’s the last time we’re
able to see this beauty of all these different
colors clashing together. Alright, let’s mix. Three, two, one, go. Alright, I see the red coming out. Ah, it smells like, licorice!>>I would love that slime.>>It’s interesting, I guess.>>That slime is so cool.>>I don’t like how deep red it is.>>I like it. So, guys, this is a
brown-golden beauty. Say hello. And now it’s time to mix. Dun dun dun! I didn’t actually put it in. Dun dun dun! Okay, going in strong. I see glitter going everywhere. What did you do to this, Karine?>>I added a lot of glitter.>>I think I’ll beat up all the brown. Oh my goodness. So thick! The milky way, but in different colors.>>So, guys, we’re gonna keep on mixing and we’ll see you guys in three, two, one! (clapping) So, guys, these are our final slimes. Mine is super red, of course, ’cause Ronald added a lot of red dye.>>And mine is really brown, ’cause I added a lot of
brown dye to Karine’s slime.>>So this is my slime up close. It’s very red and if
you look close enough, you can see some glitters but there’s not much else
to it except the fact that it’s staining my fingers red as well, so I don’t know how I feel about that. Actually I know how I feel about that. I don’t like it. But also this slime is really stretchy. Look at that. I can make a little poopsies. It’s not a very good
poopsies but I can poke it and it makes a nice sound, so I’ll do it some more. I like that. So if you think my slime is the
winner-winner-chicken-dinner comment down below #Red-Is-The-Winner.>>So, guys, welcome to
the not-very-magical land of Ronald’s slime. So we start off with
brown, and then brown, and then brown, and then some more poo. So yeah, it’s basically all brown, but we have some glitters
if you look close enough. Green, red, and golden, at
least, that’s what it looks like. So yeah, I added all the stuff thinking, we’re not gonna switch-up,
but we actually did. It’s really sticky and stretchy so you can just go like
this, go like that, and then go waterfall. Dun dun nuh nuh dun nuh nuh dun nuh nuh. You can kind of poke without lifting it. Oh my goodness. So guys, if you think
my slime is the winner, comment down below #SlimeIsBrown.>>So, guys, don’t forget
to comment down below who do you think won this challenge: me with the red slime or
Ronald with the poopy slime.>>Oh yeah.>>(muffled) and smash that like button. Smash, smash, smash that like button.>>Slime equals brown.>>And we’ll see you
guys next time. Goodbye! (upbeat music)

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