New Box of Crazy 3D Printed Roller Bearing – Available for Download
New Box of Crazy 3D Printed Roller Bearing – Available for Download

Hey, everybody its NPG3D here, and I am here to show you a new roller bearing …that I just broke (3D Printing Daniel Christiansen’s “Box of Crazy” Roller Bearing) Check it out. I made it so you guys can print this. This was made entirely on a $200 printer, the Wanhao Mini? I think? I want you guys to make it, okay. I think it’s awesome. It’s great. Go ahead and make it! So this bearing is a lot like my last one that I made I’ll just put the picture right here and The only difference is that it’s made with my home printer and it’s been optimized so that a nice Hobby printer can do it even a desktop one and It doesn’t have the spherical knuckular flanges so it’s mostly a radial bearing so you’re only going to be pushing it like this It can’t operate in this direction, not as good Bear with me for a second while I brutally record my screen You know, this is the new computer I have. I actually have screen recording software, but I don’t have a setup pregnant so I promise I won’t do this again maybe As you can see it’s a pretty simple Roller bearing let’s see It doesn’t have any of the spherical knuckles on it. Just super easy to make and As you can see here this is what I based it off of the Daniel Christiansen Patent kinda thing. There’s all these different types of ones, this is the first one that I made ‘Cause I knew I had to do the whole Shabang That one works awesome But the one I did today is this one so really simple Decided, you know, number one Decided to go this one for a go because I want you guys to actually print this out yourself so you can see and feel what this technology is because nobody is using this right now I think it works really good, so the reason. I did this was so that you guys can print it I’m going to have these files available for free online so you can print these on your own printer if you check out my blog, I’m going to post the some tips For making these with a 3D printer some things can use they need 20% In-fill some things like the The Rollers could use 0% infill I’m not so sure about the Spacer Rollers though, those ones will use the 20% infilll- anyways the details will be on my blog if you’d like to print that out So I’ll put it on thingiverse, I’ll put the link below Also, if you’d like to support me, and you don’t have a 3D printer You’ll be able to order these parts online from my shapeways shop and get this made with some nice laser centered on a Powdery material which Looks great, and then you could even get some these parts in transparent from Shape ways. It’ll make a really cool model Check out the design I tried to make it a little bit smaller, and I hope you get to make one and Let me know how it goes Well guys, thanks for watching be sure to subscribe I got lots of stuff coming out of the bend lots of updates on these I’m going to post my change log Lots of cool stuff. Thanks for watching You’re still here Well, you probably want to know how to put this thing together Why else would you still be watching? Well, let’s just take it apart, and then I’m going to put it back together for you to see how you can put together All right, let’s start. You should have seven of the Main Rollers You should have seven of the Spacer Rollers one Inner Sleeve two Concentor Collars, an Outer Sleeve as well as the Assembly Jig All this is available free for download first you’re going to take the jig because you’re going to take the rollers and all of them are going to be Placed with their square piece onto the square here and what this will allow you to do is get these nice and ready and that provides a nice space for the Spacer Roller to fit in when it gets assembled because that’s how it’s going to look in there. So grab a Concentor Collar, set that down grab the outer sleeve and then just set the jig right in the collar like that And set this one, the outer sleeve, over that then take the main Roller set one down and Then take a spacer roller and then set it just like how I showed you About a minute ago, then grab another roller and then just repeat this process until you almost get to the end So right now what this looks like right now …is this I just have there, and I’m just going to continue that process Once you get to this point. You can either Set in another Roller right now Or you can set in another spacer But it will be a lot easier if you put the Spacer Roller in first. So I’ll just do that right now. Let’s set that in and doing this allows us to Grab this one and just kind of pop it in through the center here like this Boom, and that’s pretty easy that’s- the center part is done, now we just have to pop in the Inner Sleeve. And then take our next collar Set that on top, flip it over remove this concentric collar then remove the jig Then we take this and really secure it. But I just gotta make sure we’re going to pop together with a little bit of fiddling around you hear it kind of snap into place Almost done. So we reached our final step. The only thing we have to do now is take our external flange and pop those. this is going to help keep it good and also allow free turning of This thing if it ever has occurred any slippage, so there you have it. That’s all put together.

6 thoughts on “New Box of Crazy 3D Printed Roller Bearing – Available for Download”

  1. heebieGGs says:

    love you! Keep it up man 🙂 you're fighting the good fight for us unskilled, unambitious, unfocused, but excited and highly intrigued internet explorers still keeping up to date with Christiansen's work. So, thank you 🙂

  2. Steve I says:

    Would be a great addition to my spool holder rod, thanks

  3. Roy says:

    Intresting stuff! You got me intrested in 3d printing and such an exciting backstory with this design. Keep em coming!

  4. DJ SAVAGE says:

    A new fidget spinner

  5. DJ SAVAGE says:

    You should attach it to a Dynamo like the flashlight

  6. blake miller says:


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