are you driving us Wow jaylin ola you tube my
name is Ricardo lino and a wheel addict she’s the wife and she’s still waking up
that’s that go and that’s Jalen a banana mix month hey monkey the banana yummy
that is banana it’s 9 a.m. and we’re gonna go to the skate park what we gonna
do today we got new skates oh shit of that way check that doggy
Jalen I was a cute dog I know basically we got
new skates from his brand so basically crypt onyx has been a brand
which is in the skating game for a while when I first started skating they used
to make inline skating wheels and it’s hard to speak these one on the side okay
so it’s normal when I started skating they used to do inline skating wheels I
think if I’m not mistaken they always did skateboarding wheels for a company
that night used to make or I think they still do inline skating wheels and
skateboarding wheels if you mix both worlds which is gonna happen it’s you’re
gonna see a roller skate right it’s like a skate not a skateboard it’s like a
skate but it has wheels just like a skateboard in fact it’s a little bit the
other way because the skateboard as the wheels like the roller skate but it
doesn’t really matter so today the two of us are going to try new skates but
that you need to wait to see it at the party so straight to the park and we are
here something read skate park which is the
closest a popular you need that one is having the time of her life with the
birdies and let me show you how are you skates you want to see your skates
Janice first show Janice once it looked cool I like it reminds me of
like the adidas Stan Smith bin Johnny Smith you know it might not work okay the back of your cab I’m gonna be using
a helmet you know okay and now my skate these are bigger
do you like David skates huh like your skates Jalen yeah this is
daddy’s case I like it absolutely it’s big the spacing between the the front
was in the background it’s so long I think you might be able to grind with
this I like this like retro looking thing yeah let’s put them on let’s first
see if mines also raw like Genesis ones mine Stern damn it now you need to get
your helmets by the way if you’re getting yours get mine too I got a new
helmet now I’ll get it just because I have a new one I got a new helmet if you
didn’t saw the last video I lost these helmet to Janice gladly
I got this one on the mail so okay so this is your cue Talmud okay my new
helmet it’s the exact same as the other one but just like LA matte black with
gray logo that’s cool one sticker jelly put it on deck of deco deck okay Mia
come no come here come Oh No I had to have Janice to wait for me cuz
I haven’t skated in like a few months so I’m actually scared Jenny’s gonna give
me a hand it’s cool yeah yeah there it’s too tight many for
to thrive what if your toes don’t see the thing I’m sorry that I’m come let’s
see hey dude this is okay I got it it feels like the the trucks are really
soft yeah monster fuck it then I don’t think I can do that let me try
you know why yeah I’m gonna play a game daddy can
make music look what happened JJ where’s that prayers
you’re playing on me today man you take Kitty gonna rub the Rebbe look at daddy and dinosaur mom
you want to try the poll should I try first I’m scared of it and watch out
because the ball is wet it’s still wet recorder leader says watch out tip
always wet look at that little puddle in the corner let’s try something she’s
making fun of me so I just get through it and then turn please and then tell me
what happens I’m gonna go behind you because he’s gonna fall right now I think the length of the frame the
place is enough I might need some harder wheels but you seem like it’s got a
smiling what I still love to do a grind on their
veil I’m a bit scared shouldn’t be too hard
she’s just like such such a big space for the plate it feels like not really
safe it’s a really easy rail for that so you can exit the film with one please it did work one day I’ll do the big one
this would be they go one day we didn’t landscapes I can do it we draw those
kids I haven’t done it but the thing is these there’s no groove so I’ll just try
it once you can jump into it pretty happy with Ellen I didn’t got
till the end but I came out like here like wondering half meter from the end
from me it counts got it we need to go huh it’s getting too hot why do you
think about the skates final conclusions I love them I think they’re most
comfortable skates so far I’m a bit long but bigger for my foot but it’s better
big then too small because my other skates make my toe girl like that sir I
can’t use them anymore and yeah they cool I think your feet are growing did you think your brain is shrinking I
think it is living with you and that’s it I actually enjoyed the skates
obviously this is not a skate park skate at least just the way it is it does feel
stiff it does feel strong but it is an island plate which I actually enjoy but
I think it’s such a long island plate it’s of course not as stiff as if it’s
an aluminum now the thing is this the sole underneath the plate is actually
plastic which is a really cool thing makes the skate feels like good and when
I grind if I go on the edges if the plastic touches it doesn’t stop me that
is really cool but how I think I would need to get like some sort of block
cause otherwise the wheels will touch or maybe just some harder wheels as for the
boot it does feel good for my foot it’s like like Janice said it might be a
little bit longer I think mine is the 43-44 and maybe I could go for the 42 so
it might be about the size chart of six onyx you might be able to go one size
smaller but other than that really cool I actually enjoy it and I really like
the retro feeling of it and with the cuteness of my wife and with the kid and even more cute bye-bye
no she doesn’t want to say goodbye but we need to say goodbye so with this
being said I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did enjoy this video do not
forget to subscribe to the channel the microphone is here now so it might not
be the best time and when she wants more to camera and give it a thumbs up if you
like this video thumbs down if you didn’t like it let us know where they
didn’t like about this video and like I always say more important than anything
else just don’t forget why we all started skating and that is because it’s
fun Cheers Justin meow meow Justin


  1. Btech Bismarck Quintero Izquierdo says:


  2. James Garey says:

    Your daughter is a sliding champion!! Way to go Jaylin

  3. U.E. U.E. says:

    Hello Ricardo,

    Cool skates (🤫don't tell your wife: I like the white-blue ones more😉 ).

    About wheel hardness… don't change the nice fitting wheels. You don't need harder wheels, you just need grinding plates for quad skates – it exists!!!

    I was out on sunday for fitness skating. 😀🌞🌞🌞 33,2°C

    Is your wife from south africa or from another place?

    Greetings from Berlin!

  4. codergoddonteventryme skkskskskskksks says:

    I bet you wont heart this Ricardo 😔

  5. Oscar Pirlo says:

    Where can you get those roller skates Lino?

  6. Joe Schmo says:

    Nice thumbnail. Clever. It worked – good video.

  7. draconidy says:

    i saw a possible reference to pinky and the brain XD "what are we going to do today, what we do every day"

  8. Eserve10 says:

    Kute skating video

  9. Juanne Whyte says:

    Awesome video.. easy watching and give a lekke family vibe.. glad you have settled in on that side and you doing what makes you super happy!!!

  10. Mandy Barlow says:

    Kute! (with a 'k') skates look awesome too 😝 😎✔️

  11. SB13X says:

    Dude self emasculation isn't cool we can muktitask don't buy into that BS other than that another epic video.

  12. Jack Bernardy says:

    I found mint condition kryptonics anti rockers and inline wheels at a "play it again sports" store here in Alaska. I think they are from the early 2000s. They ride so well.

  13. Lee Macfarlane says:

    cool video but the music was painful i had to turn sound off

  14. Олежек Батраков says:

    супер-семейка в сборе 🙂 Как всегда отлично ! NICE

  15. Lynda Gruen says:

    Nice review! So nice seeing the whole family out with you. Wish we had skate parks that huge. When we're lucky enough to have a bowl, it's small and usually too deep for folks with no experience. Glad you all have better facilities. And wow, more than a thousand likes after having this vid up one day? That's pretty awesome! I wish you guys well. = )

    My questions:

    1) From what I could tell, your Kryptonics seem to have fairly loose trucks – great for carving and tricks, I'd imagine. Do the trucks adjust reasonably easily if folks would like them tighter – say, if they were new to roller skating and needed better side-to-side stability to start?

    2) I have experience on inlines and am learning to ride a skateboard. Do you think I'd have pretty good luck on roller skates?

    3) I'd love to learn to jam skate and / or get into dry land figure skating (roller or inline). Which types of skates would be best-suited for such skating disciplines? What sort of features should I look for? Do you already have a video on these types of skates?

    Thanks much for the vid! My five-year-old daughter and I both liked it. She sat on my lap through the whole thing. And yes, she's been to our local skate parks with me – on inlines when not on her scooter. = )

    Cheers from the US! = D

  16. spacejamgoliath says:

    Hopefully better than their skateboards

  17. Rolling Life says:

    Ricardo Lino the Pussey 😜hahaha😝😂👊 I love your helmet dude

  18. Sugar Sugar says:

    I love this ❤️

  19. Karel Donk says:

    cute daughter man

  20. MetaDavid CCVFCA says:

    WTF? You don't take out the brakes ? Those make impossible some moves ! =)

  21. Peter Toth says:

    Damn you Ricardo, now I considering to try roller skates. My wife will kill me.

  22. Sandy Websdale says:

    Your daughter is so cute, she was having as much fun as you guys.

  23. Ryan Roberts says:

    Love the choice of music!

  24. klisher says:

    i rememeber Kryptonics making skateboard wheels back in the early 1980s.

  25. Guillermo Figueroa UrbanSkater says:

    I have Kryptonics-rollerblade 303 wheels in my old vintage skates rollerblade zetrablade. I love them .

  26. JustJitzu says:

    Straight edge I see. Good going!

    Got kryptos on my Supreme quads. Very good indeed.

  27. Gustavo Alves says:

    Ela acabou mesmo por ficar com o capacete…. xD xD
    You loser….

  28. TrackSol says:

    Lovely low camera angle! Lucky man Lino. Lucky man!

  29. celow banks says:

    Hot wife man

  30. XAVENO G says:

    Keep making the good stuff. 🙏
    Family goals 💙

  31. ali bee says:

    Ricardo you are a wheel addict

  32. Scuba Tuga says:

    Great video guys!! love it as always!!!!!

  33. Mikael Sellberg says:

    Nice skates, are they out on the market?

  34. Johro's Inline Skater Channel says:

    Cool stuff Lino, you can't complain! Family goals..

  35. Adedayo Vaughan says:

    You came for 7:28 😁

  36. Daniel Clowe says:

    This is a cute video

  37. Archi says:

    Looks like a fun day out in he sun with your family and dog, living the dream.

  38. Alfred Bailey says:

    Good music choice

  39. Marc Schonbrun says:

    I love your videos. Beautiful family and keep up the great skating!

  40. Charlie Zxi says:

    Speaking of Roller Skates. I finally pulled the trigger on the Chaya Karma skates you helped design. I’ve been wanting them since I first saw them on your channel. But I had four good pair of skates. I finally blew out the side panel in my Riedell Classics. Although I fixed it, I don’t want to push them too hard,, so I ordered the Karmas. Hopefully they get here in time for my birthday, and I can do the San Francisco Friday Night Skate in them!
    Thank you for sharing your passion of skating!!

  41. Paul Gallagher says:

    Great vid, my wife's accent sounds the same as yours. South African? what's your personal preference? Quads or rollerblades? Also I'm 46 wanting to start rollerskating. Too old? Which would be easier to learn with. I do like the of quads.

  42. LD N says:

    Sold out skates

  43. Christian Aranda says:

    7:30 ñamm ass 😋 delicioso jaja

  44. Michael Harold says:

    Who did the cover of Don’t Stop Believing with the vocals, at the beginning? It sounds like Angie Keilhauer

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