New Wheels For My Girlfriends Dirt Bike!
New Wheels For My Girlfriends Dirt Bike!

What’s up guys probably don’t recognize me got in a fight with the trimmer and obviously you can see got the best of me Anyways, this is gonna be the last video in the little series. We did of building the wheels for this little XR So we are gonna be mounting some tires upon these wheels and getting you set up on the bike So let’s get to it And for you guys to enter the giveaway for one of these spoke torque wrenches that we use in the last video Make sure you stick around for this entire video. We pick in the winner for this pretty soon here So for those of you that haven’t been keeping up with this mini project, this is my girlfriend’s bike. It’s a 2001 XR 80 We’re just going through cleaning it up So she has something cool to ride and of course, I’d rather be working on the 250, but I’ll get back to that project Really soon here to see everything that we’ve done this bike so far quick up in the corner of the screen I’ll have a playlist there of all the videos of this bike now Let’s get down to business and mount up some tires gonna get the rear set up first Get it on the tire changing stand The tire I’ll be using is a Bridgestone I believe Yep m2 a4 snag this one from Rocky Mountain. Actually the first thing you’ll need to do here is Get the rim set up with the rim lock And the rim band so the rim band is what protects the tube from spoke nipples Inside here, there’s sharp edges on spoke nipples, and if you don’t have this little band in here Or at least some duct tape covering those that’ll puncture the tube and I found this trick little nut and washer rim lock if I can find out where I got this from I’ll link it down below to looks like the room lock hole is Right here pop that through Band on top of it And since it’s pretty common for the rim lock threads to rust I’m gonna put some anti-seize on that Do that’s gonna go perfectly with that hub color love that setup and I like to throw a little bit of baby powder Inside the tire this prevents the tube and tire from chafing against each other Drop a little bit in there and roll it around Oh Frick Messing up my rims here Now we’re gonna get the tube stuffed inside the tire Always helps to give it to but quick hit of air and you kind of settle it inside the tire Looks good, we’re gonna pull the valve stem core back out and that way we have no pressure inside the tube and You want to make sure you have a nut on the inside of the valve stem here? This is gonna go on the inside of the rim gotta get her lubed up I’ll let you guys make the Lube jokes on this one. This is the stuff will be using llaman lube Somehow works on Honda though. Just gonna spray it all the way around the bead here and both sides Before you mount any tire you want to make sure the tire is not directional So if you look around the edge of the tire here It’s gonna have an arrow or even if you look at the tread pattern you’ll be able to tell if it’s directional or not Looks like this one is not Directional so it doesn’t matter which way we have it on the rim We’re gonna line up the valve stem with the hole on the rim. It’s like right about there Then I’m gonna get the rim lock inside of the tire here Obviously, we don’t want to scratch up our fresh powder coat job here so I’ll be using some rim protectors To protect the rim against the tire irons kind of snap onto the rim And I get this tire onto the rim as much as possible And then work tire iron Underneath I’m gonna make sure the tube is inside of the tire so you don’t pinch it Grab another tire iron on this side Yeah, it helps a ton having this tire lubed up and warm Sitting and having it sit in the Sun makes a big difference that tuck the valve stem in there Take another bite out of it over here This tube just doesn’t want to stay inside the tire at all in kind of the pain Another thing you can use to prevent scratching your rims is a plastic tire iron here. This one is a stubby brand See how they work haven’t used them in a while. They are pretty thick But once you get them locked in they actually work pretty good Pretty much got one side of the tower all the way over just a little bit left right here Should be able to push this over by hand There we go Worked out pretty good so we can just leave the rim protectors in since we’ll be using them to mount this side of the tire Now we’re just need to get the valve stem through the hole on the rim See where that valve stem is a little bit off Go spin the rim around get it to line up Now with the valve stem through the rim, I’m gonna put a nut on here temporarily Just to get this thing locked in straight and then pop the valve stem core back in add some pressure to get that That tube situated inside the tire again the one thing that leads to a pop tube or a pinch tube is If it’s all twisted up inside the tire or hanging outside of the rim and at that point You’re gonna catch it with a tire iron and pinch it Gonna go all the way around the tire make sure that tube is stuffed inside pull the valve stem core back out Now a starting point I use is the rim lock so I’m gonna get the tire over the rim on both sides of the rim lock here Shouldn’t need to use a rim protector over here. I’m not really wrenching on that too hard Slide that over That rim lock in Tire down inside of there and then now we’re gonna use a tool called the bead buddy This holds the bead of the tire down inside the rim So it doesn’t peel up as you work your way around the rim pretty handy too of a half. So it just slides right? underneath The tire and then this little slot hooks on to a spoke So Just like that and I’m just gonna simply work my way around the rim. I have to freshen up on the lube here Now the best way to prevent from pinching the tube is to go only vertical with the tire lever If you go any further than that Like pull it back any farther that could nip the tube inside and pinch it against the rim So at first it’s pretty easy getting this tire worked over the rim But it gets increasingly harder as you go So you’re basically just alternating tire levers One after the other and then once you move past one of the rim protectors pull it out Move it down the line a little bit and grab our next bite here So at first you can take pretty good but size bites out of the tire but as you get farther down the The tire you’re gonna want to take smaller and smaller bites And as you’re getting toward the end here You’re gonna have to let up pressure on your back lever to get your front one in there So it’s getting a little bit more difficult to get this tire over the rim and the key here is to make sure The bead of a tire is sitting down inside the rim on the opposite side of where you’re working. So continually Push that beat in that’ll give you a lot more room to work with Now the last couple inches here is what stumps most people So you gotta remember the basics just take little bites at a time Make sure your bead is pushed all the way down inside the rim as you’re working Should only take a few more bites to get this tire all the way on Tell you what minibike tires are some of the toughest these things do not have much giving them Score a little bit more lube on here. I Think I should be able to get this by hand Sweet there we go. Just need to pull off the rim protector And the bead buddy I’m gonna find a bow stem pop the core in there And hopefully this thing Holds some pressure and a seat the bead you wanna make sure you got good amount of Lube inside of the bead Looks pretty good rim locks got to be loose. All right, let’s give her heck Think we’re golden Seems like the tire pressure is holding pretty good Gonna spin this nut off here. We definitely don’t want to have a nut on there that restricts the tube from moving as you’re riding so Instead what we’re gonna use is a little rubber grommet This allows the tube to flex back and forth and then we could set the tire pressure Through the roof So we’re gonna shoot for about 14 or 15 on this wheel looks good right there now we’ve got a little red valve stem cap to put on there and Now we’re gonna tighten down the rim walk. These don’t need to be overly tight. Maybe only 10 to 15 foot-pounds now, I’m just gonna clean a full of lube and baby powder Let this thing sit for a little bit and check the tire pressure. Once again, sorry we’re having a hailstorm here It’s freaking loud with the rear wheel all dialed in it’s time to turn our attention to the front wheel should be pretty easy mounting up this tire, but the only issue I have here is The tire I’ll have to use the old one. It’s impossible to find a replacement 16 inch front tire I guess just a funky size. No one really made an aftermarket tire for it But this one still has I don’t know 70 80 percent tread left. So I’ll just rock with it for now So there’s basically three different ways. You can mount a tire the first being how I mounted the rear tire I got the tube inside the tire first lined up the rim lock with the rim and then put the tube through the rim That’s the most common way Variation of that is to so get the tire or get the tube in the tire first line up the tube with the rim and then do the rim lock which Actually prefer that way most of the time and then the third way is to leave the tube out Mount the tire halfway on the rim and then feed the tube into the tire Line up the valve stem and then proceed to mount the other half of the tire in my opinion That’s the least effective way or the hardest way to do it But honestly all three ways work since this wheel doesn’t use a rim lock. It’ll be pretty dang easy mounting this tire just gotta line up the valve stem and just basically mount the tire So I was able to get the tire mounted halfway on the rim without using any tools at all That just goes to show how soft these tires are. I’m gonna see if I get the entire tire entire tire Mounted up on the rim without using any tools whatsoever. That’d be crazy With the tires all mounted up time to get these wheels bolted on the bike and see how they’re gonna look So I’ll need to prep the brakes and get the sprocket mounted up Oh And before I forget I need to pick the winner for one of these spoke torque wrenches that I use in the last video So let’s head over the computer and find the lucky winner. We’re just racking up the comments right now So this giveaway was completely random. Just had you guys comment tusks down in the comment section So this will pick the winner right here You just got a comment tusk All right, Paul Anderson. He says awesome tech tusk. So Paul Anderson Send me a message over on Instagram. Since there’s no messaging here on YouTube. My Instagram name is Cameron ela I’ll have it on the bottom the screen right here So send your shipping address and I’ll get that torque wrench out to you Congrats, man. Alrighty, let’s get this sprocket on She look pretty cool on here Dude that is trick love the black and red Now as far as prepping the brakes what I’ll do is sand the inner drum of the hub here as Well as the brake shoe surface now just roughing them up get them ready for use. I use let’s see What is this 220 grit sandpaper? So these drum brakes are an Atari ously crappy So you want to do everything possible to make them work as good as you can you just want to give it a light sand Doesn’t really matter the direction that you go just don’t spend too much time on it or also You could end up with low spots, especially on the shoes So basically you just want to remove that shininess off of the pad you can see this one I haven’t stand it yet There’s like a glazing on there. So just a light sand. We’ll get that off of there let’s go ahead and get these brakes mounted up and Just slides through the arm like that And the rest of this bike looks so dirty now compared to fresh powder cutting gonna be a problem Now for the front brake come to make sure that Springs on there get the cable attached to the panel Pull some tension here on the spring Get that cable through the slot Just need to get this nut threaded on to the cable now Cool there we go. We’ll adjust that cable tension a little bit later. It’s about time to get these things mounted up finally I’m pumped wonder how many hours I have into the set. I’m gonna guess probably like 30 25 or 30 somewhere around there. But uh, yeah, let’s get them on the bike and see how they look Got a coat the axle with this Maxima waterproof grease got to keep everything working smooth Let’s see how the brakes feel up top here Definitely got a lot of play. So I’m gonna just the Cable down here. So I’m gonna tighten this nut down that’ll bring the arm up a little bit and tighten up the slack Let’s go ahead and see how they feel now a little bit better You can do the rest of the fine-tuning with the adjuster here. So turning this out will eliminate some of that cable slack a Little better. I’m gonna go a little bit farther than that. Then you just want to tighten down that nut to lock it into place now a trick I have for getting drum brakes to work a little better is to Center up the brake shoes in the drum and you do this by pulling in the brake lever or pushing down the brake pedal Holding it and tightening the axle now I’m gonna use a clamp to pull in the lever and hold it as I tighten the axle. So kind of cheating the system here Seems like the brakes are working pretty good Now the only thing that kind of sours me here. Is that tire? It just looks hideous on there kind of ruins the look of that wheel, huh? Really wish someone made a good tyre in that size But I might just have to upgrade to a 17-inch to get a good tire for it But anyways to get this root wheel mounted up now Looking pretty dang good But of course don’t want to leave that crappy ass chain on there So I’m gonna yank it off and replace it along with a new front sprocket. I’m gonna find the master link clip here There we are gonna give it a little left top of the hammer It’s all it takes pop the clip off or pop that plate off Through the other side and off we go Ouch and a broken cover here. We are gonna have to replace that Not too bad probably going to reuse that a little bit of wear on the teeth there But whenever you’re replacing a chain, you want to replace the sprockets as well. You want them to wear together? so this issue here is pretty common on the little X RS or Just their bikes in general so that piece broken out is from the chain D railing We’re falling off and hit the cover see if I did any damage to the crankcase as well No, looks like we got pretty lucky and it didn’t damage anything there, but it does look like Have a little bit of damage or on the shift shaft and it looks like that’s the source of an oil leak See some oil on the shifter and shaft So I’m gonna have to pull out that seal and replace it And another thing I noticed earlier was that the chain sliders are not in too good a shape Got somewhere up top here and the rubbers deteriorating cracking out pretty good So it looks like I’ll need a replace of that one and the lower one is Completely missing supposed to go right there where that hole is so got one of those on order as well These are the ones I picked up from Rocky Mountain just OEM Honda to have to beat the quality of that Now the front sprocket and chain are from Rocky Mountain as well primary drive brand So let’s check these things out and get them mounted out Now after the chain, I’m going to start with the rear wheel all the weight forward in the swing arm and Just feed the chain on to the sprocket Towards the front sprocket And down through the Lower chain slider and back to the rear sprocket. I’m gonna line it up. Hopefully it’s long enough Perfect. So they provided a little pack of grease here. I might as well apply it to the chain and the clip And then the master link just slides right through the back Well, that didn’t go as planned Anyway as it goes through the back like that plate goes on the front of it and then the clip goes on with the open End facing back. So say if the chain hits a stick or a rock and the open end is facing forward It could pop off and you’re gonna lose your chain So always want to have that open end facing back and all it takes is a little squeeze with some needle nose pliers And it’s on one thing I’ve started doing recently is putting caulk on the master link clip to hold it in place just kind of a peace of mind thing an extra layer of Security there. So I’ve got a wipe all the grease off of it. Of course if you want that call to stick maybe if I want to put so much grease on there and won’t have to wipe it off and Then use some brake cleaner to clean that up I’m gonna put a dab of this clear caulk I found on the face of the clip Now we’ll need to set the chain slack see where it’s that right now Four four and a half fingers so pretty loose. So we’ll need to bring the rear wheel back using these adjusters here So I’m going to tighten them evenly on either side Let go till about the third or fourth mark out After a couple adjustments I got the chain where I want it About three fingers at the end of the chain slider now to pull the wheel all the way forward in the swing arm So I can tighten the axle Stuff a rag in between the chain and sprocket roll the wheel to get it up inside of there. That should be good And then I’m gonna put the bike into gear just like that now the wheels walked into place and Just like the front brakes. I’m going to Center the shoes in the drum. So I’m gonna do that by making sure this Adjuster is turned in then I’m gonna push down the brake pedal lock it down Tighten the axle and that should have everything all centered up. So I’ll walk through your brake pedal down. I’m gonna stuff a wrench in the pedal here Should work right there? I’ve got some clearance issues with this rear tire. It’s hitting on the chain guard and the mud flap as well You can see as I’m spinning the tire Rubbing on the guard. So on the guard, it looks like it’s bent into the tire a little bit so I’m gonna pull it off and Bend the mounting tabs just a little bit and that should fix it And as far as the mud flap goes, I’m either gonna have to get a longer chain You can see the axle is pretty far forward in the swing arm there See if it’s gonna clear now oh Yeah plenty of clearance there, so while I have this guard off you notice it’s pretty Sun faded and nasty I’ve got a pretty cool product to try on it. See if I can freshen it up Now the product I’ll be using it or to store. This chain guard is called Seracote trim coat seracote sent this over to me to try out. It’s basically a Ceramic trim coating meant for cars like the plastic trim on cars. It’s supposed to last really good This product just came out a couple days ago. So I’m one of the first ones to try it this is the same company that sells seracote like the Ceramic coating that I used all over the 250 the brake calipers and it covers all those cool-looking colors on it So really excited to try this out last for 200 washes so it’s nothing like anything else on the market. It’s not like a Silicone spray or an SC one. So let’s open one of these up and give it a shot inside the package We have 10 individual wipes. So we’re gonna be using a gloss finish on this part Obviously you got to make sure it’s clean and dry you want to clean it up with Dawn dish soap That’s what seracote recommends and I decided to give it a little sand with 600 grit sandpaper Just remove some of those scratches. So let’s try this stuff out and obviously you won’t be wearing gloves. So It should be just wipe and go pretty simple process here Doesn’t say to use a any specific pattern, but I imagine you want to get a consistent finish on it you want to Wipe in one direction like this See it’s already taking all that Sun fading and Kind of bringing it to a gloss finish already. It’s gonna finish it off by going in one direction here and Then when you’re done wiping it try not to touch it with your hands at all That’ll leave fingerprints and it should take about 30 minutes to dry Man this coating turned out really good million times better than it was before it’s not slimy and sticky like a silicone spray It’s a nice smooth finish So we’ll see how this stuff holds up. I’ll have this park link down below for you guys So let’s go ahead and see how the garden looks on the bike Looks better than new pretty impressive stuff But what I’m curious about is how well that coating will hold up the chain guard gets a lot of abuse So I’ll let you guys know how it fares So I’m gonna be really testing this stuff see its capabilities gonna try it on drip. I plastics try it on the car Maybe the lawn mower Just anything and everything to really see what this stuff is capable of so if you have any ideas Drop them down below in the comments section on what we should try this Ceramic trim coat on now. Unfortunately, I don’t have a replacement ignition cover here or a new seal for the ship So I’m going to put this thing back together as is and something I just thought of was to put a smaller front sprocket on To alleviate the rubbing issue with the mud flap. So I’m gonna add that to the parts list I think the wheels turned out pretty sick on there. What do you guys think? Added a whole new dimension to this bike. Just love those colors on there. So to make it easy on you guys I’m gonna link every tool and every part I use throughout this video down below in the description and Since this is Hailey’s bike after all. I want to see what she thinks So let’s go find her you gonna come look at your dirt bike. I Want to see if you like the wheels on it? What do you think Yeah turned out sweet huh, you know, take it for a rip around the yard Try try out the new tires Try those new colors out. Oh It’s got new chain sprockets on it, too. Whoa gonna be faster. Take a forever. Go get your helmet on and your Got your boots on that’s for sure No, I’m gonna get them dirty You gonna get my new wheels dirty spent like 40 hours on those Better we’re fixing it up slowly surely. Yeah. What do you what do you want to do next? To fix it. No, but something has gotta go fix eat Fix the exhaust on it, too. Mmhmm. Yeah I reckon Well, anyways, it took me so long to do the video. My beard actually grew back started the video with a Shaved face and got a beard again. But anyways wheels are on the bike, but she looks good. You like it, right? Yeah, it turned out pretty sweet. If you guys learn something new or enjoy the video just go share it with your friends. Try to Spread the message a little bit We’re going to be doing some more work on this bike in Some future videos and getting back to work on the 250 as well. So see you guys soon You

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    1:57… maaan I feel so dumb. I used to punch a hole in that band.

  77. Moderate Extremist says:

    Nice ride, the bike is cool too

  78. CallMeDaddy 69 says:

    One thing i hate about bikes is the tire changes… A reason why is because i cant change one for shit😂 Believe it or not went through $100 worth of tubes before I finally got the tire on and that was just the rear tire😕

  79. Paul O'Connor says:

    Go well Cameron & Haley !!! Nice Lady !!!. You're a good chap Cam !

  80. TemperChain says:

    its nice to have a girl who can ride

  81. Fell off says:


  82. Juan Romero says:

    hey, should get your girlfriend cr 80 suspension

  83. Chris says:

    you really should use tire lube, or a 50/50 dish soap and water mix works well. it will dry on its own and not leave a film behind for the tire to potentially slip on the wheel, and won't have to clean it up like the oil based spray lube. works fine in a spray bottle too, or you can apply with a brush.

  84. Christian Beall says:

    Those front tires are on ebay

  85. YoungCarReviews says:

    Chain theory about the split link was spot on 👍🏼

  86. Sveno Mick says:

    You done a good job I changed mine the other day had a hell of a time.

  87. Dragon800 says:

    why would you get your girl an XR80? That's a kids bike lol She should have a CRF250

  88. Dragon800 says:

    Its a lot easier and safer to put one bead on the rim then insert the tube.

  89. SHRED ALLOANCE says:

    I did this with two screw drivers lol

  90. Alin2107 says:

    I need 1k subs

  91. dave Humberd says:

    Paint that exhaust pipe PLEASE!

  92. Brizen Yt says:

    You should powder coat the swingarm. That would look so good in black🔥

  93. Vin A says:

    what size on the tires? front and rear

  94. Carters Customs says:

    Do Xr100r wheels on it in the same colors

  95. CPTLUNCHBOXxxx says:

    I have a xr100

  96. Андрей Капралов says:

    Забортовывают к соску чтоб покрышка села в центр обода.

  97. Aaron Fuller says:

    Man you made that look so easy!! You should let me trying to change tires on my sons KX60!! I once paid $60 to have it done at a local Polaris shop and they pinched 2 tubes and scratched the hell out of the chrome wheels and still took them 2 hours!

  98. GCorona32 says:

    10 44711-169-015

    (replaces part #

    TIRE, FR. (2.50-16) (4PR/36L)(GS45Z1) (INOUE) $55.12 $53.74 10+ In-Stock

  99. menios nijsingh says:

    i dont want to rude , but this is such a stupid way to put on a tire , first you do 1 side , push the inner tube in line it up a little air in it that you can feel the inner tue isnt twisted or some and then you put on the other side of the tire ,

  100. Garrett Thompson says:

    Get her a cr85

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