New York Toy Fair 2020 – Marvel Legends SUGARMAN BAF & Gameverse Packaging + NECA & Ghostbusters
New York Toy Fair 2020 – Marvel Legends SUGARMAN BAF & Gameverse Packaging + NECA & Ghostbusters

hey guys me host supersorrell thank you
very much tuning so I’m here to give you guys an update on what’s going on over
at Toy Fair in New York I did that video for you yesterday and you all seem to
really enjoy that video quite loved you tuned in for it so I’m gonna do a part
two right now where we start looking at what’s been announced today and some of
the new information I’ve been able to gather over the last of 12 hours since I
did the last video and tonight there will be a press conference by Hasbro
which will be available on their Facebook page so make sure you tune in
for that that’s the Hasbro pulse announcements so that’s why you’re gonna
see all these Star Wars Marvel Ghostbusters transformers every major
line isn’t a GI Joes gonna be there this time so every major announcements gonna
be made there so please check them out they’re gonna be on at 6:30 p.m. in the
UK and then over that’s gonna be over on the Hasbro Facebook page I’m guessing is
gonna be the hasbro pulse Facebook page to be honest and but for now guys let’s
show you some of the images I’ve got so I do have the x-men apocalypse sugarman
buff wave now this is the one that I’m quite excited to show you um I’ve got
the for packaging details now of all these characters so I can reveal to you
for the first time we have Marvel’s morph Sunfire Weapon X Jean Grey and
she’s coming with that big horrible looking face of sugar man I don’t mean
like bad pains or anything I just mean it looks now and then I look at that
then you’ve got the x-man wild child and dark beast and dark beast comes with the
suga Hammer as well which is awesome as you can see just from the top of
those boxes he does say sugar man buff wave and it also has the Age of
Apocalypse Lego on the top of the box and as you can see the x-men logo the
views there is a new version of the logo it’s not we’ve had previously as that’s
the actual Age of Apocalypse x-men logo so very excited I know people would have
what would rather part of the regular animated version of morph but we can
this version guys so those are the full package details if you want to see those
up in any more detail hmm sorry check out my instagram at
supersorrell where you can see all those images I now also have the full
confirmed wave of the game verse series for the Avenger series that’s coming out
this is an abomination bath way if we have had abomination before but I
believe this version is gonna be based on the game version that we’re gonna be
seeing in the new avengers game so we’ve got marvel’s leader here then Marvel
Marvel’s Mac one which I’m really not familiar with I’ve looked all over I
even looked in my encyclopedia encyclopedia where it is from 2009 so
he’s very out of date now so I need enough date one but yeah Marvel’s not
one I’m really not know idealize and miss Marvel again I think my sir
is that pretty much a repack I’m not sure it looks very similar the Iron Man
again that’s the game versus Iron Man the game versus Captain America Marvel’s
rage and that’s that wave guys and that’s the abomination a bat wave so you
can see some of them have the game goes logo on there some of them are the ones
I haven’t I just based on the regular comic book versions of their characters
but I believe they probably will appear in the game in the game game during the
game how it out cuz a game usually will appear within the video game but they
didn’t use the game versus versions of them they’ve used the original ones so
again that could be very interesting that’s a nice wave and I don’t
particularly want the abomination buff but I’m not fond of many of those
figures what I probably will pick up in that wave I’m probably gonna pick up
Marvel’s rage Mac one and maybe marvel but I’m not sure yet but knowing me I’ll
buy the whole wave and do the reviews anyway and sell the rest onto you guys
at reasonable cost price next up guys I want to show you the Ghostbusters proton
series now this is the collectors series in my last video I showed you what
Hasbro known for kids this video I want to show you what they’re doing for the
doll collectors market so let’s start all over here we’ve
you see the packaging first of all it’s very very retro looking it looks like
this zip pop jay jumpsuits and of course we’ve got Dana Barrett here and there is
a builder figure inside and I believe it to be the the demagogue diamond on Los
Zetas mall venkman spengler so then this based on the original is not based on
the new one so we hide we do have a sprinkler in the line and of course
Stan’s array and my favorite goes there I know we’ve got a go as if from the
Diamond Select line she’s a bit tall I kind of like that when I posed them
across the Mattel figures but they never looked right together some finally happy
that we have a bunch of figures from the same line they’re gonna be in proportion
to one another and that’s that first line that’s the first wave I do hope it
does well for them and they can give us all the characters like I would love to
see them do some other characters and from the from the films as well as from
the second Ghostbusters film I know it’s controversial and not a lot of people
like it but I’d love to see some more Ghostbusters stuff so I hope it is well
and we also have the Power Rangers the dragon dagger has been officially
announced as a part of the Lightning collection and since the Mighty Morphin
dragon dagger is the official name it was pop I believe on Amazon Australia
and a bit early so that’s where we’ve actually all these details Robbie’s this
is the full packaging for it and he just looks awesome again Tommy’s dagger is
and they had was gonna want ma McFarland’s have still got two announced
a lot of that stuff this year we haven’t seen much announcements yet but what has
leaked out from Games Workshop is the fact that they are working with
McFarlane Toys to give us a bunch of Warhammer products the best part about
it is you can get them in the fully painted usual looking McFarland’s
versions or you can get these awesome grayscale ones which look just like
where you get Warhammer and you put it together first
that’s the color it comes you have to paint it I love the idea and again it
gives it that kind God okay explain it like I kind of want both like I want the
fully glossy one but then I kinda want my grayscale one for the desert to the
nostalgic war I feel sad I know I some people gonna get the gray one and paint
their own cuz like that Space Marines blue but my Space Marines when I was a
kid me and my cousin that gothic got me into them and he painted mine red so I
had red Bullard Angel Space Marines or wherever so I kinda wanna paint almost
and give it my own colors I think a lot of people will probably do that if it’s
possible but again that’s a very nice figure can’t wait see that fully in the
flesh and then we’ve got NECA guys Necker have done some good announcements
i haven’t gone over every single thing but I’m just gonna few a few a few
things that caught my eyes there was a lot of turtle stuff there and if you
head on over to try our website toy Ark I’ll leave a link in the description
definitely go check them out as they’ve got all of the in-depth pictures from
Toy Fair and but I have seen nearly I’ve got an ultimate Marty McFly and then
ultimate moment fly tails from space again you know I’m not sure about the
tell some space one but the original mine comes with his skateboard it goes
in his backpack and alternate head with the shades on that’s classic my McFly to
me and I probably will pick that up I do hope they make doc as well of area
in the near future and I’m hoping I’m holding all out that we can even get a
DeLorean to put them in that would be awesome
I’m sorry as you can see ultimate not far as well you can see the jaws a hinge
cloth line for chief Brody as well now I’m not sure what line these are from as
you can see it says no not final product pending license approval that made like
cartoon versions of some of the characters like that Ace Ventura from
the cartoon series that was out on Fox Kids when I was a kid and then I’ve got
the wild stallions in the exact same sort of Aziz rendering very similar to
what they do with the horror series right now with the toon terrors so I
hope they are gonna do more icons in that same style it would make
me want to collect a line law Ace Ventura pet detective 8 inch clothes
version as well as coming car seats official name there but yes from this
bullet from property tax it where it goes to the the what Yannick like the
mental health home and yeah he’s got the tutu on he’s doing all the crazy stuff
yeah it’s so funny that’s classic Jim Carrey’s venture so I can see that doing
well back to the futures 35th I’m gonna needs a series line coming in quarter
three we’ve got Marty McFly you’ve got the dog and you’ve got um Doc Brown the
DeLorean I forgot the other guy’s name yeah these in there do but again that
looks really cool I like the animated look on them again that’s a very
interesting lineup I wonder how it’s gonna come with other local individuals
where he buy the whole set be interested to find out first looking here at the
actual alpha predator the special edition hundredth figure do you effing
Lee picking that up I’ve already got that on pre-order although I’m hoping to
find it while I’m in America so if I do find it while I’m in America I will be
come the cousin i preorder or I might even do a sale or a giveaway of a I’m
not sure yet but yeah I’m definitely looking to pick
that up very quickly Susan my hands on one I’m having one little other ones
here as well for the 25th anniversary of predator 2 including the ultimate lost
predator and a bunch of others there as well for you to have a look at we’ve
also got cloth version of Ghost Face coming up that’s nice to see ghost face
back it’s been some time since with my ghost face in the collection I believe
last time the medium was part of the occult classics wine and he’s very hard
to hold of that now tuned Terrence series 4 is coming out including Regan
Beale juice Sam I’m not sure though other one is that the hills have eyes I
don’t know I can’t work out the final one is see if anyone can let me know in
the car is please do let me know but I’ll be picking up that line that
Tara that to Terry they’re starting to look good
especially now I’ve got a son a Reagan and a beetlejuice definitely maybe
grabbing some of those here’s a look at chapter 2 it again it’s gonna be a very
popular thing when it comes out but the thing that caught my eye more than
anything if you look to the right of the photo you can see an ultimate packaging
for Ghost Face no figure yet no further announcement from Necker but they have
put the image out there Ghostface is coming back as an ultimate NECA figure
definitely coming up gremlins to the new batch we’ve even got the ultimate
collection hatchlings this fall including that weird female one with the
green wig oh it looks weird and it freaks me out
ultimate shredder is coming as well which looked badass and then of course
everyone’s favorite from secretive use razor and I forgot that name is it
listed here until they’ve not put the names on Tommy Ray’s Aaron is it razor
and a car of the names 432 monsters that come out of the thinking they’re gonna
be like fully blood-borne killers and they come out and stuff it’s funny and I
love it so yeah can’t wait to come out of those and of course finally the last
one is Casey Jones so happy that we gained that as well and of course you
can see on the left there we get in wrath and these guys jacking hats on so
guys what are you most excited to see let me know in the comments down below
don’t forget to tune in at 6:30 for hasbro and if you miss it don’t worry
I’ll be doing a roundup video later on tonight when more announcements come out
so in the early hours of the morning here in the UK I probably get another
video from me showing off all the other stuff that’s coming out as well guys
thank you very much for watching as always I’m your host supersorrell I hope
you enjoyed this video and if you want to see a part three with more
announcements let me know in the comments down below and thank you very
much for watching as always I’m your soup Sarang I’ll see you in the next
video may the force be with you bye you

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