Noisy Furnace? – Top 5 Fixes | Repair and Replace
Noisy Furnace? – Top 5 Fixes | Repair and Replace

Hi, I’m Vance and welcome to Repair and Replace. A noisy furnace is more than just annoying, it’s a good indicator that something is starting
to fail. In this episode, we’re going to learn about
the most common sounds and their causes. We’ll briefly cover each repair, but if you
need more information then watch the videos linked in the description. Lets begin. After the burners are lit, the blower fan
pushes the warm air around your home. The wheel is generally held on by a set screw. If the set screw is loose then the blower wheel will shake and make
a rattling noise while it turns. Now if the mounting bolts become loose it
can also cause the motor to shake. To reduce the rattling, tighten the mounting
bolts and the set screw. The blower fan can also make a grinding noise
if part of the fan scrapes against other metal. Also check to see if something is stuck inside
and is hitting the fan blades. Another source of noise is when the motor
bearings wear down. And this might sound similar to a truck idling. Overall if the motor is starting to fail,
then its best to get a replacement. The draft inducer fan pulls air into the heat
exchanger before ignition. Overtime the bearings in
the motor can wear out. These are smaller motors and will sound a
little different than the blower fan. Now if the inducer motor is starting to fail,
then its best to replace it. Some furnaces use a belt drive motor. These belts can wear down over time. If the V-belt gets dirty, is out of alignment,
or if its slipping, then it can start squealing. This might sound similar to
a belt on an old car. Try cleaning the belt, and check the alignment. If it looks a little worn, then its best to
replace the belt. If you notice loud pops or metallic bangs
when your furnace runs, then you’re probably hearing the ducting. As hot air flows through, the sheet metal
expands and contracts making a popping sound. These bangs might be annoying
but it’s not problematic, and won’t affect the operation of your furnace. Hopefully this has helped you figure out the
source of your furnace noise. If you want to see more tutorials and informational videos, then subscribe to our
channel. And if you need help, you can call or visit
an AMRE location to talk with our knowledgeable staff. Thanks for watching.

14 thoughts on “Noisy Furnace? – Top 5 Fixes | Repair and Replace”

  1. مغربي في شيكاغو says:

    thank you so much

  2. Lorii Schuur says:

    My furnace makes a loud clunk when it first starts then it runs fine

  3. lashon carter says:

    So if it makes a loud pounding sound its okay nothing major

  4. TheKiltedKraut says:

    This guy is Captain Obvious!

  5. Super Saiyan Goku says:

    Looks like a car turbo 😂

  6. Eddie J says:

    So calming for some reason

  7. Black Opal says:

    This company is a joke. Find someone else because you simply can not do worse. They DO NOT back what they sell. It's below freezing in the city last night, my furnace won't come on….  I called the Customer Care Hotline to discuss the furnace switch they sold me, she immediately took a confused, defensive tact. Says it not our responsibility, at no point apologizes, and says I have to go to the manufacturer. She offers nothing more, I have to ask her, "Well, do you have a phone number or something?". She says just a minute and puts me on hold. She comes back 2 or 3 minutes later and says, "Ok, I have a number here." I call the number, it is out of province and closed, no messaging service.

    ????!!!!??? What the hell is that? Seriously messed up company.   I guess my family can just freeze to death tonight or go stay in a hotel because between 2 huge multi million dollar companies they can't light a match and really don't care if it burns down the city when they get a customer to light it for them. LOSERS, LOSERS, LOSERS….. Welcome to Canada home of the innocent, peaceful screw up that has no clue they have ever made a mistake and shocked when somebody doesn't see there greatness.

    Give me a break. And this is not the first time, 3 or 4 times and they have misled, given wrong info or not provided service etc. every time, but never shown one bit of remorse or responsibility….. AMRE = LOSERS and they are going to learn that if it means lawsuits. I am so sick of the detached moneygrabbers, listless staff and egos in employees on the job.

    I mean it's like they don't know YouTube comments exist. The fact they post these videos where I can post my unedited complaints is enough to see they don't know what they are doing….. "mmm, if someone calls because we sold them a bad part, just ignore them tell them to beat it and the problem will be gone", great management.

    These videos are designed to get people to do things they shouldn't so you can buy parts, break many of them and buy more…. and then they have ZERO advice or help after you spend. It's pretty sad.


  8. JaimeEatsMusic says:

    Our furnace makes a sounds similar to the sound of the worn bearings in this video but it does this for a minute or two before the air kicks in and you hear a loud woosh as it starts to circulate the air. Does that further point to a failing motor, or does that suggest that it might be something else? Thanks!

  9. smith collins says:

    My noise is kind of a vibration noise and it happens as soon as the furnace kicks on (not just when air is actually blowing). The other thing is that it doesn't happen when the furnace is blowing cold air (during summer). Any clues?

  10. Someone Else says:

    even i couldn't fix my ac watching this video but still thank you so much for this effort

  11. Dorothy Schott says:

    I have a propane wall space furnace and when it starts up it makes l loud whining noice or you can say it sounds like a train whistle it only happens when it starts up and it doesn’t do it all the time. No one seems to know as when a repair guy comes it doesn’t do it. Last year it did it mostly when it was really cold outside but it is starting now and it is not really cold. Have you ever heard of such a problem?

  12. GATOR GUY says:

    Mine seems to be the “the inducer bearings”. Is it relatively easy to replace?

  13. goodir goodir says:

    Thank you very much for this informative video. I just subscribed your channel for future reference in case I have any issues with my furnace

  14. Cindy Tiritilli says:

    Great video! It helps to hear the sound associated with the problem description and solution.

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