One Day in City Car Driving Traffic 🚦 Real Hands & Steering Wheel
One Day in City Car Driving Traffic 🚦 Real Hands & Steering Wheel

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  1. Steering Wheel Gameplays says:

    Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed it – check more "One day in traffic…" videos here:

  2. Amigos NoObs says:

    Nice game man!

  3. iTom says:

    Nie wiem czemu ale ja jakoś nie potrafię utrzymać stałej prędkości w tej grze xDD Dobrze że chociaż takiego problemu nie mam w realnym świecie xD A tak to filmik super. Pamiętaj że jak hamujesz awaryjnie.. To musisz miec wyprostowane koła.. A nie skręcone 😀

  4. Серёга Серёга says:


  5. Sparkz Beats says:

    This channel is my guilty pleasure.

  6. Jason's holy smoke bbq says:

    I was waiting for vtec to kick in !!!driving like a pussy lol

  7. Геворг Хачатурян says:


  8. Геворг Хачатурян says:


  9. khelo belo says:

    U should downloads mods,it’s gonna be great

  10. MightySatria says:

    I love these videos. Makes you feel like your really in he game 😂.

  11. mursicman says:

    Drive Volga, drink vodka!)

  12. Richard Reid says:

    I love it good stuff I have the game but don't have a wheel the wheel and pedals make for good driving

  13. M4EL Gamer says:


  14. Me fast man says:

    Your Italian? Because of the car plates…

  15. The Best says:

    Do a video on how did you made this setup

  16. Ahmed Ashraf says:

    Amazing but how??

  17. cyber rednec says:

    Such a shame you can't challenge the ai to 30 roll drags

  18. Mechcedez says:

    Uwielbiam te filmy! I takie pytanie, za ile kupiłeś tą kierownice?

  19. around the world says:

    The best vidéo ever

  20. Dr. Cars says:

    Cześć wiem że jesteś POLAKIEM więc napisze po polsku.Jak zrobiłeś że twoje filmy są takie jakie są.Ne wiem jak to zrobić. GREEN SCREEN??


    This reminds me of Test Drive Unlimited – my favorite game.

  22. Scandi navia says:

    request : one day in test drive unlimited gold🙏

  23. helizPH says:

    Hey is it still worth buying?

  24. Gaming Is Not a Crime says:

    when life goes well and suddenly some one fucks you

  25. ThE13 says:

    Dude Can you try to cover the dead zone on the wheel in the next video?

    Sometimes it really pisses me off: D

  26. masulmanin alax says:

    Волга – это надолго

  27. Deaven says:

    Finally I've been requesting this game for ages.

  28. dark shadow says:

    What car are you driving in GTA 5?

  29. Bigsloud says:


  30. SeiyaBK says:

    Finally! Please do more!

  31. Random Gaming Channel says:

    Can you get this on xbox, cud I kinda wanna get it now

  32. User Bots says:

    What did i watch

  33. Angus MacPhail says:

    how do i get that game?

  34. Nicholas Atchison says:

    Lame ass fuck

  35. - NeLsOn - says:

    Игра российская, а русских комментариев нет)

  36. ツLatvian32 says:

    Hold up, i bought this on Tuesday and started playing it a lot lately, and now you also made a video? The heck?

  37. magistr says:

    Go ETS2 MP


    Now you know how drive in Russia. Don't forget to take your bat next time.

  39. Roy says:

    You better not drive in real life

  40. Emalex says:

    Hey, what's with the contrast? I'll have a original Russian copy of game, and my game not so contrast and bright.

  41. Glissterio says:

    Лучше приору бы взял

  42. Luiz Henrique says:

    Oh SHIT 0:50

  43. X-gamer Pro says:

    𝗛𝗼𝘄 𝗱𝗼 𝘆𝗼𝘂 𝗱𝗼 𝘁𝗵𝗶𝘀???

  44. Scufic :] says:

    Кто русский?)

  45. puia mahruaii says:

    Use a ligitech g920 buy the logitech g29 or the g920

  46. Highlander34 says:

    How does FFB feel in this game?

  47. ___ Kacp3r ___ Play___ says:

    Its on Steam?

  48. Иван Иванов says:

    Hi, I’m from Russia, and it’s very interesting for me to watch your videos! Good luck

  49. Elías Aguilar says:


  50. Poyraz Durak says:

    We need beamng videos not the different city driving games

  51. Alphix -x says:

    one domand…are you italian?

  52. Tajfun says:

    Uwielbiam tą grę, ETS2 względem symulacji się chowa przy niej.

  53. Jan Woźniak says:

    Man if you turn your steering wheel while vehicle doesnt move it will center or stay terned pls help

  54. Avon Barksdale says:

    What is 1st song playing? I like it

  55. Martin The Panda says:

    This was shit.

  56. The Max says:

    Steering wheel + VR

  57. Batuhan Kaşıkcı says:

    how did you make this system

  58. Артём Перунов says:

    Ооооо, Американцем понравилась наша игра)))

  59. Green Leaf City Video Gaming says:

    Amazing driving dude!

  60. Muro Farman says:

    o my gooooooood this is so Beautiful video broooo good luck <3

  61. Hts Gaming adventures says:

    You have just taken pic of steering wheel and put in the exact same place of car wheel

  62. BeamNg Pro says:

    It's Amazing! 🙂

  63. Dec Mcnic says:

    What’s this game called

  64. Kyle Creel says:

    0:51 I don't really blame you for pirating the game

  65. moonlight kidz games says:

    Superb game

  66. 구독 says:

    I love it (city car driving)

  67. Дмитрий Булыгин says:

    0:50 WTF O_o

  68. Ghifari Akbar says:

    Why with music? It relaxing without

  69. Maxim Vinogradov says:

    Это блет аномалия! Кто-то кроме русских ездит на ВОЛГЕ!

  70. No_Name xD says:


  71. HennessySpeed says:

    Das is der deutsche Kommentar den du suchst! ❤🌈

  72. Top device says:

    Зачем копировать идеи с канала Механик?????? 🤷‍♂️

  73. MixZ Shorty says:

    Pls make a vid when you are not playing multiplayer and let os see how good of a truck driver you realy are? Like if you are with me PS love youre vids❤️

  74. zouhir elalaoui says:

    With mod car others interior and licence plate will me more fun thanks

  75. Bartek Sosniak says:

    0:52 dosłownie co 5 minut kiedy gram to się dzieje.

  76. Seim Old DickHead says:

    At this point it would be cheaper and better to get a real car stick a go pro on your head and upload that

  77. antony kolonjari says:


  78. VOLK _KOR says:

    Круто 👍

  79. VOLK _KOR says:

    Map of the Russian 🙂

  80. Jordan Avery says:

    Great content

  81. RusGameReviews says:

    Здесь есть русские?)

  82. Talk To Elbow says:

    Pls make more and pls design your steering wheel with different car brands

  83. PeytonTheGamer13 says:

    I know this is weird but if you upgrade to the g29 can your g27

  84. Madlab563 says:

    Turn down the music or turn it off

  85. Aviator says:

    Музыку пожалуйста) Music Please )

  86. Play by NEMESiS says:

    How do u edit whele in there is it with green screen?

  87. Xander Hallberg 6 A Gläntanskolan says:

    Sug hård kuk

  88. Nikodem Rosik says:

    when next movie

  89. 702 702 says:

    Which game is the most realistic? (Mods included)

  90. Tips And Tricks For COC By M.S.A says:

    I also wants to try this experience

  91. SapoGG says:

    Play in Spin tires mudruner

  92. Kalongstuff says:

    Is this downloaded map?

  93. Дядья Яков says:

    Hello, you love Russian games ♥️?

  94. DiDi Sugan says:

    Nice Video pls more

  95. Hayosiko Pl says:

    Planujesz nagras the long drive?

  96. Clemens Dettmar says:

    ETS 2 would be nice !

  97. RMC 1 says:

    Can you do a setup tour

  98. billie eilish says:

    Mordo ty z Polski?

  99. WEST2K67 says:

    Dawaj forze horizon 4 na następne :p bo mało tej forzy

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