One World.One Company. – Fredrik Haren
One World.One Company. – Fredrik Haren

thank you very much i would like to say I’m very
happy to be here so I they give me 20 minutes and end of
twenty minutes I think if your gonna give a speech and you only have 20 minutes you
basically what you should do if you take to take one statement and tried it with the debate and you
should pretend one truth or one idea one concept that you believe in so to begin the idea that I would like
to turn upside down is this concept of
all businesses local let me show you anexample this is actually a example of my life my
wife is from that money not from the Philippines we live in Singapore I’m Swedish and a few months back she
decided that she wanted to buy TV series West Wing about that white house in the
back she goes down to a local shop in singapore tries to buy set fire to two
expensive indecisive see if I can find it cheaper somewhere for sure both online she goes to our trillion to the to eBay in Australia and
she finds it cheaper there shoulders at one week later we get a book and I’m a bit surprised because the box of income from e-bay
doesn’t even come from Australia it come from I’m a phone in Germany so I’m a curious percent I said what happened here obviously I go to on my phone boy flap turns out that West things cheaper in Deutschland than in Australia probably because
germans prefer to watch TV series in German and not dubbed into
English that is true so if you wanna fun English
TV series you you have to sell for a lower price saw
this is what happened a Filipina woman living in Singapore decides to buy an
american Pima serious from an American company based in Australia Barack guess shipped from an American
company based in Germany and how did I get it because
probably a guy in Bangladesh realized that he can make thirty dollars
on every order and send it to his friend in Singapore and all businesses local if that’s true which local was that I would like to
change the statement from not all businesses local to all
business is local except the business that is a
global and what I think you are totally aware I
i kno look at your total aware of this that real if they do to be the most
global among the most local thing there what because you cannot move the house and it
kinda blah blah blah and but what has happened in your industry
and quite recently saw if that the global property market
became global global money flowing and so on
and that change your industry dramatically but not only your industry
and that’s my point so what I decided to do it I wanna go
study companies around the world where this is happening for the idea and I’m gonna
share with you today if the concept what I call the global
divide know what I mean by the global divide I will soon tell you but for for very
quick introduction of myself so I write this this book for the last 17 years
I’ve been writing this book my most famous book is called idea book it have been included in this book which
is called the 100 best business books of all time yes I’m not a problem that let let’s
read the ending one more time all all the time in it’s a book written by my mother nothin I’m just gonna it’s a book and this is the point is a book written
by two Americans and I’m a better and wanna very few non-american on the list
and more importantly and only person on that list who is living
in a shock I’ve been living in Asia Pacific yes but even more importantly I go
around the world and I DM talks and I used to be talks on
creativity and innovation period for this is not to talk on that’s
why am I giving a talk about being a global company because I am a global power I have been
invited to speak in all industries there are no in actual
in 45 different countries in four five continents just this week I mean Hong Kong today Singapore tomorrow
Beijing on Friday and by on Saturday I that’s what I do I go around the world
and I talk mostly on innovation but what I realized doing this for the
last 10 years we doing about i three of that there is something happening in
the world and it’s happening abound raptly right now and that’s what
I call the global divide let me explain what I mean by that I
wrote my first book in 1995 and the title of internet and marketing that was the
first book on internet marketing published at least
in 30 min up in the world but in 39 it was a book very early I’m on what it
meant but this internet thing loss and how it’s going to change the world interestingly enough if to say it didn’t
happen in 1995 it’s happening now and it’s interesting
to see how all this because I’m talking about how your industry is really being
tough for me now by the Internet it’ll collide but it
happened now during the 1990s we used to talk about
something with which was called the digital divide the big divide meant that you could be a very successful
business without using the potential of the Internet and
other digital to now you can do fine but there were some
people and some companies to realize that all we have this new thing called the
Internet and the view that we can become much more successful and both companies who did that became
much more successful and changed industries now the big divide meant the people who
did not see the opportunities who were living on the other time now the global divide a similar idea it means that there are some companies
are some people who realize that the world has changed now and it opens up new opportunities and
you can do great with all embracing this technology on the idea
this concept of the global world but you can do much better if you do
anything if it’s happening now you could argue that old publication is
nothing new it’s been around since columbus’ that’s true but what is new with the new
play some globalisation just what’s happening in your industry
is happening a lot of other industries for example far which makes aluminum
profiles very simple product aluminum profile last three years they their role has changed because the
customers and now by aluminum profiles for example Ukiah goes to stop by SS we want to buy a new
num from one company and one company only and that
means you need an outing maybe the fellow who number about two of regardless if it’s in Russia or China or
free then or Holland KPMG which I think you should
definitely study because it’s a very minutes at a very professional company
to read local companies and also and more importantly it’s a merger a bunch of different
companies coming together to create this global make KP India
145,000 employees and I recently did talk at the their
Asia conference for all the partners and the CEO and top assess we have
implemented a new global G and then the other this is our fourth global strategist and it had a free first failure but then
he said this kind it is different and I found it very
interesting he then explained how KPMG have done customer survey asking the
customer s when KPMG is act with Beth how are we then and ask them to come up
with a few keywords and then keep and it took those words
and turn them into their value statement meaning not letting the employees to find what
they were but nothing that customers design when the employee for
the best r-value very interesting concept while both
confirmed by the value systems that the knob its forward-thinking for example but one
of the five that they pick is global thinkers that was not KPMG
audit see all saying we need to be global this was the customers at KPMG saying
what are the five most important things when we pick an
accounting fire is that you have a global mine that’s the world that is changing
another interesting example is SAP SAP is an extremely German company or
used to be because the last few years they have
been buying a lot of other companies in the lot about the country thinks including a big company in America SAP
today if not purely German it is now becoming a global
company one thing that they did very well is how
they do R&D most american companies they were put
there aren’t enough hours in Silicon Valley and say we will attract the best people
to be confined to put them in Silicon Valley cuz its that Center mighty in the world SAP says we can get them to come to germany
that’s not the silicon valley in the world so let’s do it smarter for SAP has done is instead put up eighteen different not R&D def are just the research
facility eighteen different are in eighteen
different cities around the world and they do that depending on where they can find the best people in
the world a poor example in Singapore singapore is
the world neck top for not just takes largest port
in the in the world’s largest best effort into
it and urbanization there’s no more urban country in the world and singable that
means that the global research but then it is for SAP in the world on urbanization and
logistics is a hundred PHD’s in Singapore and they do our result for SAP globally good example not there’s no plays that is more not know industry
more connected to country except for food and tourism then car would you agree our german car because German cars good quality just like the germans yes Italian cost because they’re well know it’s decided sporty just like the
valujet Japanese because the pursuit of perfection just like the deafening American car are american in not like that america sorry I’d love to and in and voting law if safety just like to time who noone volatile the thing of course if this is such not awake think anymore because we all know
the BMW that is produced in baja is still a BMW isn’t a Russian cartha
BMW cock so I interviewed mr. Kim global
marketing director of me because I find it very interesting
because yes to your place japanese and Ford is American but meanies what anyone that German British see you can’t
agree that’s because been used to be British in the 1960s you know that’s the whole
thing but it’s not anymore because it on by
B&W now if you’re the global head of
marketing above me how he positioned meaning we persist amid after British rapper he
said no i cant because what the image from a British
head a car and a all mind up a people if this you have to own
two to have one running in you can’t do that left position with a
German car cannot do without you there you can
position the british car of a German car you know you do anything about germans
and breaks today if you can’t do that in so how to position it well they’re
positioning it happened not connected to a country car ran and interestingly enough they’d put the
real art in 2001 meaning it with large in a 21st century if the
first car brand global car ran which is large not connected to a
country then what about this what about these iconic picture on the
meanie with the Union Gap on on top how do you agree to that of
course is the british car so this is what many did during a lot World Cup in soccer then on to what I mean is that a lot of
125 from pop and if Britain if Brazil won a game they
went to some really have a brilliant lead lot of lax in their hands as they
were given the car for the rest of the night if you drive around up being happy and all they got they got a lot of people taking four
paws are happy people driving me nuts because the meaning is
not a car from a country it’s a car that global metropolitan people drive
regardless of where they live fares another interesting example Volvo
case Chinese but Volvo Trucks is there yes the brown distance Swedish but if you
are the seal on Volvo trucks what are you feel of are you see of a bit of a global company
or if it is company you I feel a global company because CEO I mean Volvo Trucks the company if
not call the track the brand it is also all these brands it’s the American Mac if they Indian I serious ft achieve I thought
it’s a bunch of different brands from a doctor ban for different markets and
bauble truck company owns the law yes they’re
still using local band from local markets just because some people are
still not mentally ready to move on but behind the scenes they are making it
one meaning for example that are in the four
engines for small proxies made in one arm the place only for all the brands meaning it’s the
same and up on the same people and
behind-the-scenes star now trying to build a brat company behaving at while and just like your
transforming your brand they will transform their the inning
that the different brands not stand from track from different countries backtracked all different sizes so what
can we learn from ball when I of the seal actually the last that the former feel
like you are with BNC over 14 years animal I said give me something that we can
learn from you on how to go from being three did to being and he said I can teach i cant
I could give define you ask me a question what do you think
what do you think if the corporate language available what
do you think an hour I English of course not 3d is obviously something
good but what kind of English it’d British English American English
Oxford English Swedish English what kind of English is
a and cock it is and please pay attention bad thing if you ask me this is brilliant bad english is by the way what I’m
giving my speech in Iraq and I still think you understand what
I’m trying to say bad english is a bad expression you
should probably simplified English are not the complicated English but the
whole com com the purple corset to make a simple as possible but not
simpler that means for example that if your English or
British or American or Scottish I might add in in Hewlett able to taiwan a new trust me we’ve got this accent in a native
English with it ironies is not a good in Chinese and that payment in it and the taiwanese on the fam just got
this it’s not hit the ball pit this your fault you’re not speaking English
in a way that he can understand you not speaking bad English and it also
means the opposite it means that the coriander or are the
Argentinian who’s not for good in English relied okay I can speak English I have because
I’m speaking bad english and he speaks op which means not only the American the
brakes are saying everything in me things because
they might be smart but not of maybe there are other smart people in
the room as well and do you know left just quickly do this how many have
you in this room are native English speaker that mean in
English as a first language I can hear you have something to work on
in in the book I wrote i right I i right
about the things that you are good at ago after global company but there are
some things are not so good at you’re far copper over-represented when
native English speaker do you know in on the English conversations
happening around the world in a given moment how many percent are between two
people who are both native in the English language how many I what’s the presented for ninety-four percent of English
conversation as it between two people badly if I’m most probably both do not have English ask their mother
time which means that official global language all the
world world p if bad English think about that you
Brits and Americans in you’re the minority okay now I’m where finish this I I’m gonna
finish movie where will this bring up in to the future because the biggest
problem with the digital divide it was not the people who did not get the
internet it with the people who didn’t get the
internet and didn’t realize what they could really truly do the 12
months that but in Thunder running and if that is the problem with a lot of
global companies that have become global they think that much better than the
competition and they’re not taking full advantage of the global company could
mean let’s look at two examples about what
that means business to Beijing Olympics 2008 an amazing very successful best Olympic
sabir okay I know London doesn’t agree but I at least up to that point now before the Olympics if you were trying I
had a big problem in that pic them problem of cadet because how even make
sure that the Beijing Olympics was not totally about to that of course what
they did super smart psig they did the largest port reread relay
in the world so they went to portland around the
world many times and everytime report comes to Kaine’s somewhere they were tibet demonstrations someone
finding the Olympics arrive we were so tired of that we didn’t talk
about that during the Olympics super smart not where we have the most
demonstrators about tibet prong obviously in Kobe involved in tibet and
they like to demonstrate and this is ready if you don’t know of
more Chinese people I pay attention so what in China do well for Paris they
took a woman he now we can chat to carry the port and what the defense
to couldn’t stop them. South attack
everywhere in family the story turned on automated
agrees it was not about the bet you know how how can you pack a woman in a
wheelchair so what happened in China parents
demonstrations on the Internet Golborne caught premise companies
boycott Carrefour the day of the carport quickly released
a press statement we are not the French company in we are grocery store in and tires are important for of we would
do nothing to make time if people angry because they are five hundred thousand
employees and yes shot protestant their biggest market but in the future it won’t be and you are the sea on care
for you not see your French company you’re seeing you have a global company and the last example is an extremely
interesting one I don’t know if you remember it but someone probably America or Israel wrote the virus that could go inside a
nuclear power plant and shot the dollar to do is this this
is like a James Bond movie it’s called back next %ah click it was
went into it went into nuclear power plant in Iraq
and was gonna shut the door here’s the problem for whoever did not
both nuclear power plants we’re not from Iran they were
from Siemens and semen is not a German company is a global company and they do
know nuclear reactors and they sell it and
the buyer for fine by that’s the month at I global
anti-virus company and it was a huge debate in america
about how can someone pick help the iranians but the guy at
Symantec said we are not beholden to a nation where i’m open national private
company protecting customer in this case cement
think about what this really means in the future when more companies talk to behave like
this I met with see you all the love I also met with them Minister trade freedom and she still
talking about how sweet it needs to promote Swedish companies but the scene your vote doesn’t take a
single strategic decision based on freedom they’re not to be here
is a boy and a girl who used to date and the boy break up with a girl and ago
still think they’re dating the company’s moved on the country still
think that their companies are taking their time there’s nothing more path that dick then
someone still think that you are dating when you’re not in farm now going to conclude I’m going to conclude with what do one
thing I think given the most important thing for a global company to do or if you work for a global
company and a lot of people tell me a calm all routes are important you need
to know where come from blah blah blah and that all true and you have a problem
because you don’t come from anywhere you don’t want to fall is a mix of
everything for your router not so deep that means yet that is true music
company that is a merger a bunch of different companies need to work much
harder on having a good culture and strong values otherwise you will
fall over just like a tree and you doing that which is good bach
the people the people forget who talk about router for important is
that they’re using an analogy and they’re using the analogy of a tree
and a tree that doesn’t have a Ruth will people over and by but the diff equally true that the tree
the doesn’t have any branches is also going to die and the branches is your ability as a person as a manager
at the company to stretch out into the world and find
energy wherever you can find it and bring that the energy back into the trunk of the tree which is the
core of the company yes accompany the doesn’t have a Ruth will
die it is dangerous to be rude class buddy equally dangerous to be ranch less that would be my line and wife to you
tried to spread your branches for possible the Icelandic
people have a word the world is pains get it comes
from the word whole change kar home ger it means a
person who all never traveled who just stays his
farm all his life that the Haynes get came together me more on in thank you very much

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