Onvio LLC new AH Planetary Gearbox
Onvio LLC new AH Planetary Gearbox

Onvio’s new helical gearbox offers the highest
precision avaliable… by design Cast steel housing with a common shaped ring gear
for both single and two stage ratios provides perfect concentricity of bearing bores and ring
gears for smoother quieter operation carburnized and ground helical gears provide
higher core strength and longer fatique life single and two stage gearing use a common ring
gear resulting in better concentricity and smoother operation larger dual row full compliment needle bearings
provide higher loads with no needle bearing longer gearbox life carburnized and ground bores idea for needle
bearing surfaces input shaft is piloted in the housing to
guarantee concentricity between input pinion
and planet gears which results in smoother quieter operation
longer life optimized bearing structure and shaft size
lower input inertia large tapered roller bearings provide 18
percent higher bearing capactity than similar designs

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