opening a wheel of parmesan cheese (parmigiano reggiano)
opening a wheel of parmesan cheese (parmigiano reggiano)

Here is a Parmigiano Reggiano that was made in Mars 2013 meaning it is now 2 years old in order to begin I scratch a mark to be certain Ill make a nice cut next I had cut the crust with this instrument, this tool which is made specially for this we do like this next with the help of this tool we will start opening the cheese from the edge the angle of the edge with a secon pick I’ll do the same on the other side there is also the “spacer” it’s a toll which serves for… to hold here the opening while I break open the cheese on the other side I’m going to make here a bit lower that way I can put my spacer there same thing on the other side I took the spacer from underneath I’ll put it here here is the result we can see now oustanding! the result of the labor of an artist ecological making which made for us this extremly good parmesan

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  1. willy wonka says:

    Ohhhh maaaan this was absolutely looking like wooden stone firstly

  2. Ruknettin Bey says:

    Altı üstü bi peyniri keseceksin ,gören de çok önemli bişey yapıyorsun sanacak

  3. Cosimo Kramarawicz says:

    Add a little Pinot Noir and a Baguette , there is lunch.

  4. Tushar Koli says:

    Show off….. Just cut it on some machine, why waste so much time on some stupid cheese?

  5. RexDo ItNow says:


  6. Aspenex says:

    2:02 Most satisfied sound in my life

  7. Max Korfendagus says:

    Yes, it can be pricey, but a little goes a long way. If you're short on funds, Wisconsin "parmesan" is pretty good but more milk-ish than nutty. And no crystals. Don't forget to toss the rind into sauce or soup!

    Fun Factoid: Italian grandmas recommend a piece of Parmesan for an upset stomach.

  8. 0LIN3K says:

    siekierą na pół a tak pierdologia 😀

  9. ashyelbos says:

    I bet he destroys bathrooms 😷

  10. grim fiddle says:


  11. 김동주 says:

    That was cool!

  12. muhamad andreas says:


  13. Umi Atiyah says:

    bapanya lisaa blackpink bukan?

  14. Tyler Durden says:

    I call DIBS on the crumbly bits that fell off when he cut it!

  15. Tyler Durden says:

    I would cut it using Peter Griffin's Cheese Cutting Lightsaber. No crumbly bits.

  16. Elena Fresa says:

    A pochemu ne vzyal perochinniy noz,mog bi 2 sutok razrezat))

  17. ninuxy says:

    This is how I open up my wife in bed.

  18. Michael Mallory says:

    OMG! Fresh Cheese!

  19. Supacomputer Revolution says:

    katana blade it.

  20. Smarty The Pants says:

    I'm aroused.

  21. ahmed TV says:

    See l shinal😉😉

  22. ahmed TV says:


  23. Bondo Sofromadze says:

    like every italian thing , opening a wheel of parmigiano reggiano is art.

  24. The Troll says:

    Title: English
    Video: French
    Parmigiano Reggiano: Italian
    Hotel: Trivago

  25. Peter Horvath says:

    Wow! Philippe Moreau is a real pro.

  26. po ko says:

    Ufff he dont know how to do it right

  27. Barry Robinson says:

    All that pissing about for some rank tasting cheese

  28. Vince Black says:

    OK. Who cut the cheese.

  29. laverdadesmejor says:

    Here's an idea; make it half the size so it's EASIER TO OPEN!

  30. Original Spoon says:

    Satisfying AF

  31. Yamina 8 Ball POOL says:

    Voilà une vidéo bien pourri
    Et aprend à coupé je suis dans le métier et jai pleuré pour se superbe Fromage

  32. suga's 3 dollar chain says:

    throughout this whole video all i could think of was


  33. Max castillo says:

    “I have only seen this raw strength one before”

  34. D Connell says:

    and he made an arse of it

  35. GrünerAstronaut*_* says:


  36. Rendi Algi says:

    Yg nonton disini like…

  37. Ο ΠΑΟΚΤΣΗΣ says:


  38. dondonaudio says:

    My grandma had a big knife with handles on each side for cutting cheese wheels. I assume parmiggiano is too hard to be cut this way isn't it?

  39. What_Ever says:


  40. lionel messi messi says:

    VN điểm danh

  41. joseito989 says:

    There is something cheesy about this video.

  42. Timothy Devlin says:

    Here are the magic words….BAND SAW

  43. spinalkid says:


  44. chanctonbury63 says:

    I luuuuuuuuurrrvve parmesan cheese.

  45. たくとら says:


  46. Ade Hermawan says:

    Ke ju mahal euy

  47. Rozana Marin says:

    Que classe! Deu água na boca..

  48. Terren69 says:

    Wank Factor 100.percent

  49. TooBig ToFail says:

    I open my parmesan cheese wheels with a bandsaw. Much easier, faster and precise than this tom foolery.

  50. KatheQ says:

    looks like bad meth

  51. Mike Jones says:

    Looks like coke

  52. B Dub says:

    So this isn't the stuff I sprinkle on my pasketti?

  53. Maarten b says:

    what a fucking idot

  54. Victory Uber Red says:

    No offense, but I find this method of cutting a cheese, very professional yet tedious. No need for any other tools but the specialized knives for this manner.

  55. Atreyu says:

    These subs are idiotic

  56. jerzy z says:

    pojebane świry

  57. Leonardo Lauria says:

    GOSH I love me some parmigiano, it's by far my favourite cheese (along with mozzarella)

  58. bismark umbili says:

    i have never understood Y People Love cheese…. I find it tasteless and its like coagulated Margarine….. My apologies to the cheese Lovers

  59. Luca Bovolenta says:

    good work

  60. matthew bai says:

    No the ice cream taster meme man should tast the cheese

  61. Cooking with the Blues says:

  62. Not Sure says:

    Man i sould learn French =)

  63. The Spider-Man says:

    In his mind: "what am I doing with my life?"

  64. Ernest Kovach says:

    Who cut the cheese? He did!

  65. Cooter Pud says:

    Looks more like acupuncture session… 😂😂😂😂

  66. asdg asdf says:

    Famous quotes about the French: "I just love the French. They taste like chicken!" —- Hannibal Lecter "France has neither winter nor summer nor morals. Apart from these drawbacks it is a fine country. France has usually been governed by prostitutes." –Mark Twain "I would rather have a German division in front of me than a French one behind me." — General George S. Patton "The French are a smallish, monkey-looking bunch and not dressed any better, on average, than the citizens of Baltimore. True, you can sit outside in Paris and drink little cups of coffee, but why this is more stylish than sitting inside and drinking large glasses of whiskey I don't know."

  67. Sheep Never•Die says:

    This is 2019 bro

  68. Misguided Ghost says:

    Looks t a very soft wood

  69. Philippe Mercier-Fortin says:

    degeulase, comme ta facon idiot de louvrir et de briser les belles coutumes criss de pancarte fr trop agé

  70. Tushar Koli says:

    It is just a lump of cheese, what is so artistic about it?

  71. Salam Gipsi says:

    Купил пилу да распелил. Вот французы по этому и войну не выиграли))

  72. Jack Anderson says:

    I’m spost to be beating my wife at yet i sit here and watch this

  73. Mark Swadkins says:

    Try a chainsaw

  74. chigauyo says:

    ハイジのチーズじゃろうて おんじ~~~

  75. Andy DUNNE says:

    Get a chainsaw

  76. IISBV says:

    Just use a laser, it's much faster 🙂

  77. sunny singh says:

    I used to chop this shite up so Fukien much my feet stink of it🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣(that’s what I tell all the girls anyway)

  78. Kristopher Celis says:

    Made in mars 2013 -captions

  79. Hoani Koria says:

    He really didnt cut it very well.

  80. Sylphadora says:

    I wonder how long it'd take me to finish off a whole wheel by myself

  81. ÚLTIMO ÙTØT says:

    I’ll use hacksaw for that

  82. clorox bleach lemon edition says:

    Why not using a chainsaw?It save a lot of time and easy.

  83. BenThe BeanMan says:

    This is the best video in the entire universe

  84. Simone Canni says:

    Ottimo lavoro! Rendi onore alla fatica del casaro. Bravo.

  85. Would you step on stuart little For billion dollars says:

    This video is more italian than most italians

  86. ろろろななな says:


  87. Démétra Jons says:

    j'adore trop le fromage c'est un truc de ouf 🤤🤤🤤🥰🤩😍

  88. Mike Rouswell says:

    Band saw; get it done!

  89. Shane says:


  90. A3Kr0n says:

    I suppose that's one way to do it.

  91. Daryl Yumol says:

    So weak, i can use wood saw on this

  92. windridr66 says:

    With my handy Husqvarna chainsaw, we would have already eaten.

  93. Pyi_ chan says:


  94. delinuxstyle says:

    It was just cuted

  95. Remo Fernandez says:


  96. Anonymous User says:

    I didn't spend that much time losing my virginity

  97. football strategy says:

    Uwa meni riweuh anjirr sakur nektek keju doang ge

  98. 연두 says:

    아니 치즈였냐

  99. Simone 8.3 says:

    wtf why a french dude is doing an Italian cheese

  100. M A says:

    very anti-climactic. this is not a clean cut. a chunk of cheese is not supposed to fall at the end!

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