OpenTTD: Hell On Wheels
OpenTTD: Hell On Wheels

Hello and welcome to OpenTTD, the free game
about moving things and making money! My name is Schlatt, and it’s getting a little
hot in here. That’s right folks we’re on the desert
map this time, and our prime directive is keeping these ding dongs hydrated. Flefingbridge, Westport, all of these guys
are thirsty, and they need some liquids. I’ve started my own transport company, Schlatt
& Co., and I’ve built my company HQ in the nice small town of Flefingbridge. And as always I’m flanked by a competi–fuckin’
a, it’s Flefingbridge Transport 1 again. Safe to say our relationship has been a bit…
on the rocks, since last time–oh go fuck yourself buddy. First thing we always gotta do is get a bus
route going. We start out with a 200,000 dollar loan but
lose money on it because of interest, so we need something that’ll get us in the green,
and buses are a good way to start. Two bus stops in Flefingbridge and a few buses
going back and forth should give us a steady cash flow, and so now we can focus on the
real money-maker: a fluid delivery network spanning the entire map. And, of course, it wouldn’t be OpenTTD without
some friendly neighborhood griefing, so I’m sure Flefingbridge Transport 1 won’t mind
if we just, uhh… He’s probably gonna grief us back but that
was worth it. Alright, we’ll make a hub station at Dardingham
Heights, and feed it some more water from the pump station at Pundingbury North, and
take all that water over to Wetwang. We can also feed fruit and maize to Dardingham
and the processing plant here’ll turn that into goods which we can also take to Wetwang
and look at that boys we’re on the scoreboard. Did he just bomb my… fuck you Flefingbridge. I deserved it. But, now I’m back to the drawing board…
so let’s see what else we can do here. A subsidy for water to Westport… boys, that
subsidy is ours! if we’re the first ones to deliver water to Westport, we’re gonna
be absolutely swimming in cash. We just gotta be quick though, or else– ohh,
fucker! He’s already going for it! [ANNOUNCER]: Schlatt and Flefingbridge making
the haul to Westport, Schlatt’s behind by a couple hundred feet and I don’t think
Flefingbridge is gonna let that change, let’s follow the action. Flefingbridge with a train blockade–Schlatt
was not prepared for that one, that’s gonna set him back big time and if he wants to win
he’s gotta fire back. Schlatt fires back with an even bigger train
blockade but quick thinking by Flefingbridge who builds a bridge over it, and ladies and
gentlemen this could be it for Schlatt & Co.! Half a mile to go and Schlatt trailing by
a football field folks, this is the end of the line. Wait… what is that sound? HOLY SHIT! It didn’t work, Flefingbridge did not get
hit by an airplane, and I don’t even know why I thought flying a bunch of them into
his truck would be a good idea… because planes are, like, really expensive. Well it’s the end of year one, and Schlatt
& Co. is pretty much bankrupt. Flefingbridge Transport 1’s water truck
is about to deliver the water to Westport, he’s gonna get the subsidy and he’s probably
gonna make a lot more money than I will, so let’s weigh my options real quick. I can use my remaining few thousand dollars
to start up a few podunk bus routes which, let’s be honest, won’t do me much good– Or I can bomb Westport before his truck gets
there. Vote now in the top right of your screen! I already bombed it. Okay, now no one gets the subsidy. Let’s see where we stand here, oh okay,
yeah he’s making substantially more than I am. Alright, I’ll admit it. I’ll admit it, he’s the better player. He bested me, he’s the better man. There’s nothing I can… do… about it. *Maniacal laughter* Flefingbridge Transport 1. Didn’t expect to be in the driver’s seat
so soon, buddy. You know what I always knew this company needed
some new management and, while we’re doing renovations, why not some new vehicles too? A train through here’ll be a nice change
of pace, oh and maybe a great pyramid in the middle of the water–I got kicked from the
server. Wow, that’s um. That’s.. admin abuse. Alright, I’m coming back in. Uh. Check the profit… Oh my God! It worked! I’m actually beating him! Okay… looks like I have it in the bag! Oh shit. OH SHIT. What the fuck is he building… Oh my God… Is he.. WHAT THE FUCK IS HE BUILDING? OH MY GOD IS HE A NA…WHAT IS HE TRANSPORTING

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  1. Cum Flatulator says:

    In only a few days on ruling a company in a city you've already went through many acts of terrorrism and managed to create a crisis, and thus making fascism rise. Jschlatt, what is your secret ?

  2. Fabian Schüler says:

    Schlatt you cut out the password 😂

  3. Fabian Schüler says:

    Schlatt you cut out the password 😂

  4. timothy chan says:

    Next level grieving lol

  5. Julio Jorge says:

    jajajaj i love your videoss!

  6. Jaroslav Sterba says:

    Mr.Superb top ten characters Thanos couldnt defeat even whith the Infinity gauntlet

  7. Rebellious Robot says:

    The Cowboy Bebop theme in the background though.

  8. Chris Rosado says:

    Cowboy Bebop!

  9. Moses says:

    I fucking love this guy

  10. Kevin Perry says:

    OMG these videos are 'effing hilarious. Growing up with this game, this is just too spot on. Don't stop!

  11. doingmybesthere says:

    when you nuked d yke's land i shat myself laughing

  12. Joseph Sutherland says:

    Any video that opens with the Cowboy Bebop ost has my like

  13. asdasda asdasda says:

    surprised this video doesnt have 6000000 views.

  14. João Victor Daijó says:

    This video is amazing, I'm glad I found this channel

  15. Jaedon Abbott says:

    Is there a fucking podel reference in here lmao

  16. A wild Filing cabinet says:

    Every time, you think you got it figured out, then boom, in comes trans-Atlantic slave trade

  17. J M says:

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  21. PMG Podcast says:

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  22. Dillon Brownell says:

    1:06…dude…he even made the chat… jschlatt you are too good for us.

  23. Prestyo says:

    Classical song at the end?

  24. Heritage Unit man1988 aka Kim says:

    My fav line “we start out with a 20,000 loan but lose money because of interest” lol

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  32. James Shewan says:

    The hilariousness of this video inspired me to name the town I had to make for an AP Human Geography project ‘Westport’.

    Congrats Schlatt. Your work inspired how people made their school projects. At least one person that is.

  33. distorted threat says:

    rabbids go home, very nice taste

  34. Rudy Tabooty says:

    Can someone tell me where he got that fried chicken sound bite at 1:05?

  35. Ezio Rayman says:


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    The plot twists…

  37. KingdomNetwork says:

    This is honestly some of the best content I have seen on this website.

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    This video singlehandedly got me into OpenTTD, and for that I thank you jschlatt.

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  41. 2007 Toyota Corolla says:

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  43. TNTwaffle says:

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  44. THE TARGET says:

    Jschlatt, I’m Remi Tosh’s younger brother.

  45. MoistManatee says:

    Hey Schlatt or whoever else is reading this, are these videos scripted, some of the events seem to perfect for a natural multiplayer environment to have caused it.

  46. Emperor Bird says:

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  47. mr albrecht says:

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  54. Lucas Schelstraete says:


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  56. Gener900 says:

    I almost never comment, this whole video was great. That ending though had me literally crying with laughter, like actually, for at least a minute. Then I walked to the bathroom and began laughing again where I proceeded to fall on the floor because my knees couldn't handle the laughter that started up again. You are a blessing upon this earth.

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