Orbea Occam _ Cambio de rodamientos // Bearing Change
Orbea Occam _ Cambio de rodamientos // Bearing Change

The video you’re about to watch shows how to replace
the bearings of the shock absorber of the new Occam. First, remove all the parts that will get in your way
during the process, and then disassemble the rear triangle. With a T10 torx wrench slacken the two bolts that hold
the bearings of the upper seat stay a few turns. Using a 6-mm Allen wrench pull the out
the thru axle in the double pivot point. Remove components carefully, both the
washers and the spacer cones on the inside. Now with a 5-mm Allen wrench, loosen the bolts that
hold the link and the top tube together. and remove the washers. Use a 22-mm spanner to loosen the bolts that
hold the chainstay and the seat stays together. Move these two away from each other. With a 6-mm Allen wrench remove the thru axle
holding the chainstay and the seat post in the frame. Take care of the washers. Before replacing the bearings between the chainstay
and the frame, pull the old bearings out and, using them as tools, with a 12-mm bolt and
a 14-mm washer, push the new bearings in. Use a hammer to help yourself assemble the parts. Put the washers and the chainstay in
place and tighten with the thru axle. In the dropout remove the old
bearings with the help of a tool. Clean the surface carefully apply a fixative and push the replacement
bearings all the way in. Follow the same steps on the other side. To reassemble the seat stays, look at the position
of the inserts, as they have only one way to get inside. Reassemble the seat stays by hand first, apply a fixative and then tighten the bolts using a torque wrench. Pull the bearings out from the shock absorber Clean the hub and put the new bearings in place. Do the same with the bearings in the link. You’ll need a tool for this To put the bearings in, replace the washers, assemble every part in its place and tighten the bolts you removed
at the beginning of the process. Next, use the torque wrench to tighten all the bolts. Be careful with the tightening sequence when you assemble
the double pivot point that links the seat stays, the link and the shock absorber.
Tighten the thru axle first with a 6-mm Allen wrench, then reassemble the seat stays
(a 2-mm adjustment is allowed) and finally tighten up the two M4 bolts
that hold the bearings in place. Be careful not to overtighten these two bolts (2 Nm max.). So now you have to reassemble the rest of the parts,
and you can go out and enjoy a ride on your Occam.

7 thoughts on “Orbea Occam _ Cambio de rodamientos // Bearing Change”

  1. Tulkastor says:

    A ze txirrindu puskak dituzuen.
    Bideoaren hasiera ta amaieran ageri diren mendiak zeintzuk dira?

  2. Orbea says:

    PEña TElera ingurua da, Biescas-etik oso gertu…

  3. Tulkastor says:

    Oh, pirineotan, Piedrafita, Tena bailara, Jaca ta inguru hortan … banengoen ba ni ezaguna zitzaidala mendikate hau, jeje.
    Mila esker.

  4. 2doble03 says:

    asi tan facil no sale los rodamientos

  5. Vincent aspart says:

    gracias, pero ¿cómo se llama la herramienta para quitar los rodamientos?

  6. Ettore Patronelli says:

    Y los rodamientos del eje de centro???????

  7. Michal Metlicka-alias Bulis says:

    Would you have video for 2017 Orbea Rallon? Cheers Mike

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