Osprey Ariel 75 Women’s Internal Frame Backpack

At a load hauling capacity of 75 liters, the
Osprey Ariel 75 pack has an array of features and a custom fit that make it stand out amongst
a lot of other work horse packs in this category. And it maintains a relatively low weight for
the load hauling stability and the customization. So the first thing to talk about with any
pack of this size is the suspension system and how it carries the load. You have got
Osprey’s airscape back panel here. And if I turn the pack around the airscape back panel
has ridged foam. So that foam is going to offer sup-port and comfort. And you do have
spacer mesh in front of that foam. There is a little central chimney there that allows
warm air to escape. So the area of the pack that comes into contact with your back is
going to keep you nice and comfortable. But the place that this pack really shines is
the custom features and the customizable fit of this pack. So you can actually choose the
components here and the size of each of the components. You can choose the torso length
of the pack. So this pack itself comes in different sizes. You can choose the shoulder
harness, so the length of the shoulder straps here. And you can choose the hip belt. So
you can definitely have a very custom fit here. You can dial in the fit and know that
this pack is right for you. Along with that, you can adjust the torso length. So you have
got different spots her where you can adjust the torso up and down and that just adds to
that perfect fit. Along with that you have obviously load lifter
straps on the top that make it comfortable for your shoulders. Moving down the shoulder
harness itself is very padded. It has a gen-der specific fit. So this is a women’s pack.
You have nicely formed shoulder harness with really great padding and the same thing on
the hip belt. It is a women’s specific fit on the hip belt. You have got mesh there and
it curves really well around your hips. With this padding it definitely forms to the
shape of your body. So as you are wearing this pack for multi days on the trail, as
you sort of break it in, it is going to take the shape of your body. So when you put that
pack back on it is going to fit like a glove. It is going to feel really nice. So all of
the padding and all of the features here make it extremely comfortable. And you even have
some other materials here that give rigidity to this pack, it being kind of a workhorse
pack, a big capacity. You do have a light wire aluminum frame that goes around the outside.
It is behind the scenes so you can’t really see it, but that adds a lot of rigidity. It
transfers the weight right to your hips. You have a single aluminum stay behind the scenes
as well. So that gives a little bit more rigidity and there is even an HDPE frame sheet back
there that offers rigidity, but also keeps the weight of the pack down. So even though
this is such a workhorse pack, it comes in a relatively low weight. So it is going to
appeal to all different types of backpackers. On the back here some other features to point
out. You have that sleeve for the hydration system in the back. So you don’t have to
take things out of your pack. You don’t have to take the lid off in order to get to
that. It is extremely convenient. You have got places on that shoulder harness to route
the hose. You have got a nice lid pocket up here you can access from the back. You can
get hands on gear quickly. You have got pockets on the hip belts. So granola bars, cell phone,
a small camera, something like that. It makes it real-ly convenient. So you have a lot of
attentions to detail with this pack that make a really big difference. Obviously an adjustable sternum strap and
there is even a whistle not her. The other pockets and organization are really
convenient, really well thought out. On the side here you have really long stretchy mesh
pockets. This is typically where you would put a water bottle, but they are extra long
so I have got a pair of tent poles just to show that space. So really convenient pocket
there. And then on the other side I have got a water bottle. So you have got access through
the side here with that water bottle and ac-cess through the top. And even the compression
strap is routed so that you could put it underneath of this stretchy pocket or over top. This is a true top loading pack. I already
mentioned the lid. So if I remove that lid you have got great access into the top of
the pack. It is really simple to just open this up and access all the gear that you need
on the inside of the pack. There is a compression strap there on the top so you can compress
that down. But that also makes it great for draping something over the top of this pack
like a rope if you are using this as a mountaineering pack. You can use this pack in so many different
ways. And there is even… the lid is re-movable. And there is even little straps underneath
of there that you can use that as a hip pack or put it over your shoulder. Along with the top access, you have access
into the pack through a zipper here in the middle. This is a J shaped zipper. You are
able to get hands on gear in the middle part and in the lower part of your pack. So that
makes it really, really convenient. And then you also have a lower sleeping bag compartment.
This compartment does have a divider. But if you don’t want that divider, you can
just toggle it away and then use the full size of that pack. On the front you have nice compression straps.
This also allows you to store other types of gear. You can be really creative with this
pack and use it in a lot of different ways. But these compression straps fall away and
there is a nice shove it pocket here on the front. So I have a couple of layers in there. There are trekking pole attachment loops here.
You also have stow on the go trekking pole loops that you can use while you are wearing
the pack. These are also great for other types of tools. So you do have two rigid tool loops
on the bottom, great for any sort of climbing or mountaineering gear there. And on the bottom
of the pack there are straps that can either compress the pack or you can put a sleeping
pad or something lightweight on the outside. With all of the different ways you can use
this pack, it would be great for a multitude of adventures from multi day backpacking to
mountaineering to whatever else you can throw at it. This is just a really great custom fit. So
you know it is going to fit you well and you know you are going to have a lot of comfort
with all of the load hauling capacity that this pack offers. It is the Osprey Ariel 75 liter backpack.

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