Ownboard W2 detailed review – Wow this electric skateboard is so much better than the
Ownboard W2 detailed review – Wow this electric skateboard is so much better than the

My name’s Daniel Kwan. Welcome back to another electric skateboard
range test. Today we’re gonna try the Ownboard W2. This is the final version, not the prototype. Last time I tried out the prototype. A number of changes have been made to the
Ownboard W2 and I’m gonna go over those. Today’s weather is 32 degrees Celsius. Pretty hot. My weight today is 73 kg. So let’s get to it! When I covered the Ownboard W2 prototype 5
months ago, it was ok but I did come across a few issues. The current iteration of the W2 however is
quite different. Ownboard has not only fixed those issues that
I pointed out, they’ve made several improvements, and also made the board more affordable. If you’re in the market for an electric skateboard,
this one is definitely worth considering. Let’s go through the different parts of this
board. The W2 uses a 38-inch Vanguard style deck
that’s made of bamboo and fiberglass. The amount of flex is similar to the Boosted
Stealth, but not as springy, if that makes sense. It has less flex than the WowGo 3, and more
flex than the Backfire G2T. I like it. I think it’s stiff enough for higher speeds
and flexible enough for a little bit of pumping. The grip tape that comes on the board is this
foam-like material that’s supposed to help make the ride more comfortable. I’m not sure if I feel a difference, but I
also don’t have a problem with it. The board does come with regular grip tape
if you want to use that instead. The W2 now comes with two sets of wheels: 83*52mm in green, and 90*62mm in black. The black wheels have offset cores. Which set of wheels should you use? That depends on your priorities. If you want stronger acceleration and braking,
use the smaller wheels. If you want more ride comfort or your roads
are really bad, use the bigger wheels. Both sets of wheels come with ceramic bearings
already installed. Ceramic bearings tend to cost quite a bit
more than steel bearings. Whether or not they perform better is debatable,
but they should at least be more water resistant. Both the front and rear trucks have been changed
since the prototype. They now use a design that’s similar to the
very popular Paris V2. But Ownboard has also done something that
I haven’t seen anywhere else. For both the front and rear trucks, they’ve
added this rubber ring that goes in the kingpin hole between the two bushings. In theory, this rubber ring should add more
resistance and make the board feel more stable. I’m not sure if they make a noticeable difference,
but I guess they don’t hurt either. For me personally, when riding at higher speeds,
even with the rubber rings, I had to tighten the rear truck more than I would prefer. So I’m probably still going to change the
rear roadside bushing from a cone to a barrel. But that’s just me. How you set up your bushings depends on your
weight, your experience, and how you want to ride. Like all of Ownboard’s electric skateboards,
the W2 uses an ESC made by Hobbywing. And as far as I know, the W2 is the first
board to use dual belt drive motors with the Hobbywing ESC – and the result has been great. The acceleration and braking controls are
smooth and accurate, as you would expect from any board using Hobbywing’s ESC. The remote is the generic one comes with most
boards that use Hobbywing’s ESC. It’s a good remote that’s ergonomic and intuitive
to use. The only problem is that similarly priced
competitors have more advanced remotes. For example, the remotes for WowGo and Backfire
both have displays that show how fast you’re going and how far you’ve traveled. If you don’t care about that stuff and you
just want a minimalist remote, then you should be happy with this one. I personally like the telemetry displays though. The W2 uses a dual belt drive system with
5045 motors. I’ll just put some additional info on the
screen in case they mean anything to you. The belts are 3M, which means they have smaller
teeth than the 5M belts, but so far I personally haven’t had any problems with the belts slipping. The board comes with two extra belts in case
you need them. If needed, you can adjust the belt tension
by loosening just two screws on the motor cover, and the springs inside will bring the
motors to roughly the correct position. On the prototype, the springs were way too
strong, which made adjustments a bit difficult, but now I think they’re just right. If you’re not changing belts, and you just
want to make a minor adjustment to the belt tension, this tensioning system is super convenient. You literally just loosen these two screws,
adjust the motor position, and tighten the screws again. There are other designs where you have to
take things apart and adjust based on trial and error. But on the W2 it’s really quick and easy. The wheel pulleys installed on the board are
made for Abec 11 Flywheel style cores. That means you can use wheels from Abec 11,
Evolve, Backfire, and any third party wheels that use the same core. A pair of pulleys for Orangatang wheels are
also included. So if you have Kegels or Caguamas, or Boosted
wheels, you can use them as well. The fact that you can use regular longboard
wheels is, in my opinion, the biggest advantage of belt drive motors over hub motors. With hub motors, your options for wheels are
very limited and, quite frankly, the ride quality sucks in comparison to using actual
wheels. One of the benefits of hub motors is that
they are quiet, but the belt drive system on the W2 is actually also pretty quiet. It’s still louder than hub motors, but with
hub motors you get more road noise compared to actual wheels with a lot more urethane. So in this case I feel like the overall noise
is about the same. That’s what I’m trying to avoid. I’m afraid that if I go that way he’ll see
me and tell me to stop. The W2’s battery pack is a 9Ah 10S3P made
up of Samsung 30Q cells. These are considered very good cells with
minimal sag, meaning when the battery is low, you still get a decent amount of torque. Today, many different eskate brands use the
30Q cells, but I think Ownboard was the first brand to start using them in prebuilt boards. When I had the W2 prototype, the battery pack
was 7.5Ah using Samsung 25R cells. The 9Ah 30Q battery was supposed to be a more
expensive option, but now it’s standard. So that’s pretty awesome. The battery is not easily swappable. The enclosure is held by four screws on the
bottom, and three more screws under the grip tape, so you probably won’t be swapping batteries
during a ride session. Fortunately the range on a single charge is
really good. The charger’s output is 3A, so charging the
9Ah battery from empty to full should take roughly 3.5 hours. There’s a common misconception about belt
drive and torque. Many people have this impression that a belt
drive system always produces more torque than hub motors, but that’s just not true. If you’re considering the W2 so that you can
get more torque because of the belt drive, you might be disappointed. The torque is not bad, but it’s also not better
than similarly priced competitors using hub motors. According to Skate Metric, the Ownboard W2
has a slightly slower 5-15 mph time than the Exway X1, WowGo 3, and Backfire G2T. That doesn’t mean that the W2 feels slow. They’re all within a difference of only 0.5
seconds. Just be aware that belt drive doesn’t necessarily
mean more torque. With 83mm wheels, the top speed of the W2
is 42 km/h, and with 90mm wheels it should be around 45 km/h. So far I’ve only used the 83mm wheels. According to the Ride app I reached 47.9 km/h,
but I’m pretty sure that’s not accurate. According to my sport watch, I reached 38.7,
and that’s from me just casually riding around not knowing how fast I was going and without
trying to hit the top speed. I hope you guys forgive me for not doing so
many top speed tests anymore. I mean these boards just keep on raising their
top speeds, while my comfortable speed is still around 25 to 30 km/h. But if you’re concerned about top speed, the
manufacturer spec for top speed is usually pretty accurate, unless you’re a heavier person. Just like with torque, another misconception
about belt drive is that they always have stronger brakes than hub motors, but in my
experience that doesn’t seem to be true. As far as I can tell, the brake strength seems
to depend more on how strong the manufacturer wants them to be. The brakes on the W2, in my opinion, are ok. The braking behavior is intuitive and accurate. But it’s not as strong as I would like. In most situations and for most people, I
think the brakes are strong enough. But if you’re a more experienced e-skater,
you might prefer stronger brakes. At least I do. This board weighs 7.5 kg, which is on par
with other boards this size. If you want the board to be easier to carry
when you’re not riding it, you can choose to have a built-in handle when you order it. The handle definitely makes the board feel
easier to carry, but because it’s a hole in the deck, I’m not sure how much that affects
the strength of the deck. Some people also don’t like the way the handle
looks, but it really does make carrying the board more convenient. I don’t have a handle on this board, so when
I’m not riding it, I normally pull it by holding the front truck. From visually inspecting the board’s ESC and
battery enclosures, they appear to be very well sealed. There’s no gap between the enclosures and
the deck when stepping on the board. Also the bearings are ceramic instead of steel,
at least partially, so they should be less prone to rust. I would say this board is very splash proof. Riding over the occasional puddle should be
ok, but I would still avoid getting too much water on it. Ok I’m down to one blinking light. I’m still getting a decent speed though. I mean I don’t know how fast I’m going but
it’s not that slow. This board looks like a budget board. The enclosures in my opinion are super ugly. And the grip tape design looks like a bad
Boosted knock off. But otherwise, I think it’s all right. At least there’s no excessive branding. On some electric skateboards, the logo is
everywhere. But on the W2, there’s just one logo on top,
and I think they now put one on the bottom as well. Yeah I think my top speed is lower than before
now so I should be almost out of power. I can actually still move but I’m back at
the studio now. Blinking light. Let’s see how much power’s left. Zero? Ok. Watch says 32.26 km. According to my watch, I got 32 km. Keep in mind I was riding in the city, so
there was a lot of stopping and going and I mostly stayed below 30 km/h. Range can vary a lot depending on your weight,
road conditions, how you’re riding, etc. For a 9Ah battery, the range I got on this
board is around what I expected. On a board with a 6Ah battery, I would expect
somewhere around 20 km. Compared to other boards that I have that
are this size and around the same price, the Ownboard W2 has a really high capacity battery. Overall, I really like this board and I think
it’s a great value. The fact that it’s belt driven means you can
use actual longboard wheels on both the front and back. That by itself is a huge advantage over any
board using hub motors. This board includes 2 sets of wheels in different
sizes. And two different sets of pulleys to give
you a bunch of options from popular 3rd party wheels. The 9Ah battery that comes standard gives
you more range than this board’s closest competitors. If you’re considering this board as a cheap
alternative to a Boosted Board, the Ownboard W2 has less torque, less braking strength,
less refinement, probably less customer support, but way more range. As for the ride experience, I think they’re
pretty similar. And you can always change the wheels, bushings,
and front truck to customize the ride to how you want. There’s a lot of room for improvement, but
even so, this board is one of my favorites right now. I hope this has been helpful. Leave a comment if you have any thoughts or
questions. See you next time.

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