Packing a Motorcycle Wheel Bearing
Packing a Motorcycle Wheel Bearing

What I’ve done is that I’ve put about a teaspoon, tablespoon of grease in your palm and you want to cup your palm just a little bit to give it a wall to go against. I am going to take the open part of this bearing. I’m just going to force it a little at a time. As I go around the circumference. And make sure I’ve got this in all of it. And what we are doing is we’re We’re using force to push the grease into and around the ball bearings What we should have here is a nice lubricated bearing. And I can see the drags in here where the different The race and the inter bearing is moving and dragging the grease. So I know it’s in there. Again what we are going to be using is the Just a general purpose grease this happens to have Moly in it. To pack bearings. This one is open on both sides. And this will be a better example of how that grease is forced in there. I don’t know how close up you can get. But, this bearing after it’s been cleaned in solvent and blown out has a really good feel. The bearing are in good shape. No reason to replace this what so ever. Again I am taking this bearing, I’m putting a little grease in the palm of my hand. And I am going to just a little at a time. come in there and force this grease through the bearing. Now, this is the same way your do on an automotive wheel bearing. That aren’t sealed. You would take and just force new grease. Force the old out and force the new grease in. You can see it actually coming through the back side this. And I’ll show you in just a minute. I would not rely on just putting grease on there. And hoping it works it in. I actually want to see it work through. I don’t know if you can see this. But, there is grease in ever void, within this bearing. If we spin this. We can actually see the grease being pulled. Just like we’ve seen on the other side. In fact the grease is now fully, around the circumference of it. Where we’ve moved the inter and outer race differently. So, this bearing is packed and ready for another twenty years of service. We wanted to repack these, put new grease in them. And service them as opposed to replace them. Anybody can go out and buy new ones, and replace them. If they want to spend the money. There was nothing wrong with these bearings. So we’re just going to service them and put them back in use.

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  1. Daniel Bohac says:

    Moly grease is for sliding mechanisms, and not recommended for roller or needle bearings. Use lythium soap based grease on motorcycles or Wheel bearing grease for auto wheel bearings.


    Old school way is to remove the inner seal and put lots of grease in the bearing and on the hub to keep moisture away from bearings, this way you have the wheel seal that protect from outer element and the bearings seal that keep grease in. that`s make a longer life service!

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