Part 2
Part 2

picking up where we left off, you’ll need four of these- a 5/32 lock nut that’s why there’s a little plastic thing in
the middle. this will prevent you from needing a lock washer as well on the inside of the pan. four of these regular little washers that will go over
the bearing plate just like that. the top part of the bearing already comes drilled with
quarter inch holes so just some quarter inch bolts the length
doesn’t really matter cuz this is what will attach it to the cage as you can see and there’s a little lock
washer and a regular nut me and on top of each bolt once it’s complete you’ll put a fender washer-
which is a washer that’s wake two inches across they’re huge- but if this pokes through the bars but the
fender washer and then you put a wingnut and spin it
down so that it’s tight when you’re done all four of these ends will be poking through the cage with
washers and wingnuts holding it tight against
the inside the cage wall. and that’s how you build your own wheel just to review: lazy susan bearing cost about 5 bucks, pan costs about five
bucks. the hardware you need: four a quarter inch
bolts, four lock washers, four regular nuts, four fender washers, four a wing nuts, four 5/32 inch bolts, four regular 5/32 washers, check I four 5/32 nylon lock nuts that’s it that’s all you need. grand total you’re
looking at maybe 15 16 bucks depending on what your
hardware store charges for the actual hardware
itself. though honestly washers and nuts and bolts are pretty cheap. and that’s how you do it, that’s how you
make your own wheel good look everybody

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