Pediatric Physical Therapy #20:  Teaching Taking Weight Through the Arms
Pediatric Physical Therapy #20: Teaching Taking Weight Through the Arms

Hello! My name is Amy Sturkey. I am here with Colton. Colton is almost 6 months old. We are starting to work on some weight bearing
through his arms. At about 8 months of age, children learn how
to crawl. But, before that they start to put weight
on their arms. First in sitting when they are learning how
to sit, they prop on their arm. He is starting to do that and lift up his
arms sometimes. An early skill or way to work on pre-crawling
skills is to put him over your thigh. Trap his feet with your other thigh. Put him down on his arms and let him prop
and play. Just like that. He has both hands on that so let’s see if
we can get weight bearing. Right there you see some propping on his arms
and playing. Nice job!. We are mostly getting back work here. Can we try it there? Whoa! Where did they go? Goodness gracious. So that is a simple idea. Actually it is two ideas, putting hands down
on the floor OR putting hands on your knees to be able to work on beginning to weight
through the arms. This is a good idea. If you want more ideas in the future, feel
free to look at more videos. Thanks.

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