Peshmerga vs. the Islamic State: The Road to Mosul (Full Length)
Peshmerga vs. the Islamic State: The Road to Mosul (Full Length)

100 thoughts on “Peshmerga vs. the Islamic State: The Road to Mosul (Full Length)”

  1. MadRonnie97 says:

    I love how since the US entered Iraq and 2003 regional armies have started wearing full on western uniforms and gear. Middle Eastern military getup used to look a lot more, well, Middle Eastern. Pretty neat.

  2. Anas Mubashar says:

    How in the world do kurds even fight? They are barley 200,000 with poor ass weapons ans still keep almost all of Kurdistan under control.
    I wish Kurds loved Iraq and lived in Unity. Love to both Kurds and Arabs from Pakistan. My ehtnic grouping is Baloch and we are your cousins. Please dont fight

  3. OutdoorsUnlimited 101 says:

    This segment of Vice sponsored by Chevy

  4. mando mando says:

    It must hurt like hell for Erdoshit a jihadist in suit who supportted isis in Kurdistan Iraq and Syria and lost.😂
    Kurdish prison is full of turkish jihadist terrorists.
    Long live YPG/J and SDF
    The last islamic stronghold is Apartheid shithole turkey.
    The Revolution continues….✌

  5. OsamaBeenBombin says:

    You know it's bad when the animals don't even flinch and learned to deal with it.

  6. charles dawson says:

    (38:44) Are you still holding the phone? Just give this "Abu" guy the phone!

  7. charles dawson says:

    (41:16) Sounds like a lie, You sleep at night and wake up at daytime.

  8. Swansea Gunner says:

    If saddam hussein was still alive and in power this would never of happened isis in Iraq even though saddam was evil he kept his country in order

  9. Amed Hawler says:

    Bzhy ypg peshmerga

  10. FAITH says:

    Legends are saying Abu Hajaar is still finding the guns

  11. SamTheSwift Gg says:

    8:29 Holy shit was that a dab?

  12. Watzleroviak1210 says:

    They are putting the equipment Germany provided to good use.
    G36 Rifles
    Dingo Armored Vehicles
    MG3 Machineguns

    The kurds deserve their own state. Just my opinion.

  13. Shane kinsella says:

    "we'd fight terror all around the world if we had the support" Heros

  14. Sugmadik says:

    3:47 best part 😂

  15. William Coley says:

    How the hell are you at a stalemate with kids, they don’t even have hair on their balls

  16. K1 Fighter-88 says:

    long live Peshmerga in iraq YPG SDF in syria and PKK PYD in turkey in middle east long live Demirtash and Mesut Barzani.

  17. chunky9791 says:

    4:24 is that "The Prophets" cousin?

  18. Walter Quick says:

    Vice SUCKS!!

  19. Myoknow says:

    Don’t understand the peshmerga, Kurdish autonomy,, etc.when the majority of Kurds live in Baghdad !

  20. Gonzales Frederic says:

    I fear a global war. 2040 seems to me when it may well happen.

  21. SGT MI113R says:

    Now Turkey is a threat to them

  22. Arjun Gupta says:

    Arey apni Maa mat chudao… Mai Keh rha hu apni Maa mat chudao

  23. Juanf Gonzalez says:

    Respect for the Kurds much love from Texas 👍🙏🙏🙏

  24. Juanf Gonzalez says:

    ISIS are bunch of fkn animals

  25. JG Luxe says:

    I just got an idea of them running 4-5 computers 24/7 dialing random numbers automatically over and over and just seeing the terrorists being exploded as they built the IED's lol.

  26. UPSTATE NEW YORK says:


  27. ShashiK K says:

    Respect to Brave soldiers..kill the ISIS bastards the davils where ever in the World..

  28. Abu Hajjar says:

    Biji Kurdistan
    Biji Peshmerga
    Biji Rojava
    Biji YPG
    Love from Indonesian 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

  29. War Against Myself says:

    Why did saddam hate the kurds? they seem like better muslims then IS

  30. hummer7030 says:

    Allha Akbar mother fu cker

  31. tuomasish says:

    Why did Allah not helped Isis.. even they followed mohammed..and his Quran..? Allah seems to be dead God..!

  32. tuomasish says:

    Kurdish women were fighting and destroying isis…

  33. Skeptic says:

    4:26 That’s bodies is half ???

  34. Latavia Jackson says:

    The fact that they speak a different language threw out the video I still enjoy watching it 😂💀💀

  35. Malcolm La Prairie says:

    Long live the YPG and YPJ!

  36. Samantha Willmer says:

    the pesmerga at 12:39 had a german g 36 assaultrifle oo

  37. Takia Devon says:

    4:26 Abu Bakar Al Bagdodi Cousin are killed silly

  38. Junaid kiani says:

    Iran is behind this war

  39. Steve H says:

    They are scared, poorly trained, uneducated, etc… Plus the morale seems to be low at all times. The commanders show uncertainty and weakness in front of their soldiers which is a recipe for failure.

  40. CIA BETA Wing says:

    10:38 it is over ISIS! I have the high ground.

  41. Saibal Ghosh says:

    i wonder why no feminist to fight in battle since they dont like masculinity ?

  42. La Fami says:

    Long live kurds

  43. Nate Dawg says:

    You can hear those bullets flying over there heads around 2:40 it's exciting af!

  44. Pierre Arman says:

    Dear VICE, don’t forget include the most important Information on any NEWS REPORTS Videos that U Publish on U-Tube
    Which is the EXACT DATE of the latest Reports AKA any new UPDATES by indicating “ DATES , Time etc..

  45. Lius Geose says:

    #34:22…Don't fire like that,there are people on the roof..😂😂😂

  46. Kaleb Rodriquez says:

    The Kurds seem like the best ppl to fight side with and stuff so far from what I’ve seen

  47. MaFess ABR says:


  48. Level One Lab says:

    ISIS are the worse of the terrorist. They are butcher and mass murderers.

  49. Island_Kermode says:

    how do these shit hole countries get all this fire power?// oh wait america

  50. ally vasquez says:


  51. David Rodas says:

    All of us we should support the Peshmerga, God bless them.

  52. Danny says:

    God Bless the Peshmerga!!!

  53. human being says:

    Long live abu hajaar

  54. Event Horizon says:

    6:15 That idiot almost killed the guys when he smacked the pickaxe into the bomb^^ Honestly, just one spark and you go boom

  55. Max van Aalst says:

    'The Peshmerga have to calculate every bullet they fire…' @34:27, shoots pointlessly in the air for the camera XD

  56. Jatinder Minhas says:

    Do not give them an easy death ,just emputat them inch by inch and tell those plauge rats the real meaning of "Distribution"

  57. Ahmed Saber says:

    Just remember boys, Kurds KILLEED Abu Hajaar after he stopped rolling!!

  58. Stevie Ghosts says:

    Long live Kurds,
    Long live Persh
    Victory is have my respect from Nigeria

  59. TheRubenLopez says:

    What a tragedy. What crimes against humanity in the name of religion, for control, water & resources.

    Rest in peace all of those that perished during these wars.

    The lives are most important,
    at the same time, the environmental damage is bad.

    30:02 in their burning large containers of oil as smoke screen from #airstrikes

    With everything that's happened how can people recover, co-exist and move forward?


  60. David Miscaviage says:

    Why does my tablet smell like diarrhea, BO and curry all of a sudden?

  61. Créme de la penis says:

    God bless the United Arab Emirates 🇦🇪

  62. Jatin Kumar says:

    That's BRDM 😄

  63. Mohammed Mirza says:

    Dirty pasmerga fuckers standing on dead body's

  64. Cary says:

    This guy talks like he has bubble gum in his mouth …can't understand him !

  65. Pam Donohoe Attorney says:

    Much love for these brave men. I hope they are all OK and well.

  66. 橋本絵莉子 says:

    Nades in a box fine, box made of Wood take a hammer to open – close eyes everything is fine.

  67. herman salih says:


  68. Mosé Peduzzi says:

    42.30 Name Song?

  69. Moldoveanu Dragos says:

    That was the first peshmerga that I've heard yelling allah snackbar

  70. Isis Montgomery says:

    Damn you have to be really angry to step on half a persons head lol those ISIS scums make me want to legally change my name.

  71. LAND_YT says:

    this is the amount of fellow brother's that love peshmarga

  72. LAND_YT says:

    these motherfuckers have taken islam wrong,

  73. LAND_YT says:

    i love how the pshmarga's use it instead of "them" or "he" cause they are not fucking humans guys!

  74. Shoegum says:

    Chevy….like Iraq

  75. Nik Kumar says:

    Isis is threat to all of the world.. .. ..

  76. Viktor Nagy says:

    If you look close enough, you'll see abu hajaar rolling at the horizon.

  77. Tiglatus says:

    The kurds love german weapons!!

  78. RaeL Cruz says:

    I fucking hate these animals, no i mean monsters. Boasting about sex slave trade. Disgusting monsters. I really can't fathom how they think they will be rewarded in "heaven" from their inhumane acts. Do they not stop and think if this is what their "Allah" wants? Fucking monster! Calling them animals would be a disgrace to actual animals who by all accounts have more decency than them. They do not deserve to live. Wipe them out! All of them. To the last monster! WIPE. THEM. OUT. That's why here in the Philippines we don't think twice when it comes to exterminating these isis scum!

  79. aryan cyrus says:

    6:15 typical kurdish no fear

  80. Ron Albertson says:

    Kurds are true muslims and not these pos. Islam condemns killing your self or others.

  81. subudei71 says:

    Long live the Peshmerga and may a United Kurdistan finally come about

  82. subudei71 says:

    And protect life and liberty the USA is with the Kurds under Trump

  83. שילת שילתי says:

    הכורדים והיזידים אנשים מדהימים,רוצים לחיות,מה שדעא''ש עשה לנשים שלהם,צריך לחתוך אותם לחתיכות.פרשמרגה אתם גיבורים.האל יעזור לכם נגד הרוע של האיסלם הפנטי.🇮🇱

  84. rawan artoshy says:

    Abo rish 😅✌🏻
    I’m kurdish love peshmarga

  85. DanVet95 says:

    What a heroic people! All my respect, and admiration.

  86. Mustafa Hassan says:

    Where is Isis leader

  87. stonewall tommy jackson says:

    Do not for one second say f*** their prayers.!?? The true savior is Jesus Christ. And do not think for a second that this is not a war over religions! The hardest thing my God ask me to do, is to love thy enemy.!in the name of Jesus Christ,hear me.!amen.

  88. Red Woods says:

    The war is all about religion Eliminate that and survive. The root of all evil.

  89. Richard Vaughan says:

    Disgusting pigs talking about having sex with 15 year olds and shooting them if they have no teeth. Hopefully one day everyone of those dirt bags will pay in a horrible way for there actions

  90. JACK KELLY says:

    Why Vice filming with these kurds?
    isis and kurds both are shit garbage

  91. Konrad Bjartur says:

    how this is not age restriced, but a video of someone swearing more than eight times is, blows my mind

  92. bagakay ko says:

    Underarmed but deadly love these kurds slaying brainwashed demons love from the Philippines bois!

  93. zohaib says:

    Dirty dogs peshmerga terrorist mutha fckrz dissin the call to prayer !!!

  94. ravi kiran says:

    8:09 in the background the donkey is so used to the sound which explains the years of war.

  95. lilo muhammad says:

    ISIS not mosliem

  96. Kelty Miller says:

    Religious Bullshit!

  97. PiOus says:

    Pubg BRDM in thumbnail

  98. Nader Aljaff says:

    May God protect the Iraqi army and help you against every oppressor on earth

  99. Erdinç Yılmaz says:

    terorists fighting terorists, win win

  100. Mahmoud Oske says:

    Biji Kurdistan ❤🇹🇯

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