Pete’s RV Quick Tips | Towing Safety Checks
Pete’s RV Quick Tips | Towing Safety Checks

Randal Murray: 00:00 Hey guys, Randy from
with Petes RV TV today, another quick tips segment for you. Today I want to show you what I do when I
get out of the vehicle to get fuel or go use the restroom while I’m towing, or just to
stop and grab something to eat. So the first thing I do is I obviously pull
up in the parking lot, and then there’s a couple of things that I check immediately
after getting out of the vehicle. And this is just going to tell me if I may
have some problems down the road, and if I can, do these quick checks it may save me
some time and some money as well. So the first thing I do when I get out of
my vehicle is I come check the tires. And what I’m checking for is heat. So I’m going to actually feel each tire. 00:48 And I just want to see if the tire is
hot. And what I’m also feeling for is irregularity. I want them to all to feel the same, so if
I feel one that’s hotter than the other I may want to check that for low air pressure. You may have even seen the 18 wheeler drivers
that have billy clubs that come around and hit their tires when they get to the truck
stop. They’re listening for an audible change. Some people will even kick the tire and see
if it feels different or if it sounds different. If one sounds different than the other three,
I want to check that air pressure. I want to make sure that that’s going to be
equal to the other ones. If it’s warmer or sounds different when I
give it a little kick that’s something I definitely want to check. 01:21 The other thing that I check for, because
we’ve got independent brakes on every wheel, is I’m going to check the hub. I’m going to feel the wheel to see if I get
an excessive heat in the middle. If a brake is dragging it’s going to take
that heat and it’s going to push it out to the wheel out to a piece of aluminum. That aluminum’s going to soak up that heat
really good, so if I feel one that feels at a different heat or a different temperature
than the other I may have a problem. I might have a brake dragging or I might have
an issue with a wheel bearing or something like that. And if we can address this before we get on
the road or have an issue on the side of the road, (chuckles), if you’re with me, it’ll
be on the side of the road in the middle of the night in a rainstorm. But if we can check these things it will save
us some time and maybe a hazard down the way. 01:59 So check the tires. Make sure they sound the same. Make sure one doesn’t feel hotter than the
other. I also look for uneven wear, especially if
I’m doing lots of traveling. I’m also going to feel the wheel. If something feels really hot then I’m going
to think maybe I do have an issue and I need someone to take a look at that. So definitely you should be able to touch
it, but if it’s so hot you can’t touch it, you definitely have a problem. But if they all feel the same I think we’re
going to be okay. 02:22 One of the other things that I do too,
usually after I’ve gone and used the restroom or gotten a bite to eat, went in the store
where I have left my vehicle, is I want to check my gear. I want to make sure no one tampered with it
while I was away from the vehicle. And so what I do is I come up here. I also want to make sure nothing happened
while I was towing it before, you know, before I arrived. So I usually check the coupler, make sure
I still got good positive lock here. Some people even run locks or clips through
here, so not a bad idea. I make sure all my hitch gear looks good. I make sure my chains are in good working
order. I just want to look for anything that looks
out of place. I want to make sure it looks the same way
it did when I hooked up. 02:58 I want to make sure my break away cable
isn’t coming in contact with any of my hitch gear if I was running weight distribution
on here. I just want to make sure everything looked
good, everything is hooked up appropriately, and everything is safe for travel. If it’s not, great time to combat it or take
care of it in a parking lot in a controlled environment rather than on the side of an
interstate somewhere. Um, you can also check your lights as well. If you have somebody else with you, you can
go in and just check the lights very quickly. 03:20 But do check those tires. Make sure everything sounds the same, feels
the same on all four tires. Do check each brake, just give it a heat check. Just feel it with your hand. If something feels different than the other
four, or other three, we probably want to have that looked at. So if you do those quick checks when you get
out of the vehicle and before you start hauling again when you return to the vehicle after
leaving, you’re probably not going to have any problems and it may save you some time
and some money down the road. So thanks again for thinking Petes RV. I look forward to seeing you on the road,
and happy camping.

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  1. Tom Olofsson says:

    Good to know. Thanks

  2. Crash S says:

    Love the tips and tricks from all your vids but I have to comment. Chains should be crossed, say the trailer does drop, you’ve got a cultivator on your hands.. cross them once and the trailer should, if chains are correct length, fall on the crossed chains and you’re not dragging your coupler in the road.

  3. VICKIE WHITE says:

    I am binge watching your instructional videos and again I say, thank you! I'm learning a lot!

  4. Lars Turner says:

    Thanks for the tips.

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