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Hello, John Talley here with
Partzilla.com. Today I’m going to show you how to replace the lower ball joint
on our 2016 polaris ranger 900 XP. Not that tough to do, just need to get the
tire out of the way before we can dive into it. But before we get started, let’s
go over to the tool table so we can discuss the tools that you’re going to
need to pull this off. Welcome to the tool table, guys. Listen
this is going to be a skill level 2, but just barely. So it’s really not going
to be that difficult. Let’s go over some of the tools that you’re going to need
to pull this off. A 3/8 ratchet, a shallow and deep well 15 millimeter, a 19
millimeter, and then a 15 millimeter wrench. I also want to pick up a decent
set of circlip pliers. On the torque wrench side, you’re going to need one for
the lower values and one that at least goes up to 120. Now the only specialty
piece you’re going to need is a cup that needs to be just roughly one size larger
than the actual ball joint itself because it needs to get pushed into this
void. Alright, now if you would, reference our exploded parts diagrams.
That’s going to give you a very clear picture about everything is going to
come apart and more importantly how it’s going to go back together. So once you
have your tools and your parts together, we can go over there and I could show
you how to do it. So let’s go. Before we lift it up, let’s go ahead and get those
lug nuts broken loose because they have a hundred and twenty foot pounds and
that’s more than I want to try to deal with with it up in the air. Alright, well
our front tire off. Let’s discuss what’s going to happen next.
Well we’re after– we’re trying to get this A arm completely off the machine. To
do that, we need to take the pinch bolt off on the lower ball joint and then
there’s two pivot points up at the frame. But to get to that front bolt, we need to
get the brush guard out of the way. So let me get that done and then we can get
the entire A arm off. Looks funny without the front end on it. Okay, so we’ve got
the bumper out of the way, let’s get that A arm off. Everything that you’re going
to see me do until it comes off is all going to be 15 millimeters. Alright let’s get those pushed out. Keep in mind there were washers down on
the nut end so we don’t want to lose those. Now we’ll get the knuckle to
release. There we go. Alright, there it is. Now let’s just head over to the
press and we’ll get this one pushed out, and the new one pushed back in.
Before we press it out I just need to get the circlip off. Now, what we’re gonna
do is put it in the the press. And I have a cup here that’s a little bit bigger
than the ball joint itself and we’re just gonna push it straight down through. There she goes. And she’s out. We’re just
going to get this cleaned up real quick and we’re gonna press the new one back
in. There we go. Alright let’s get that circlip back
on there. Make sure it’s in the groove. It is. Alright the circlip looks good,
let’s go get it put back on the machine. Start up at the at the top, and what
we’re gonna do is put in all the bolts and then go back and torque them. Now get our
new ball joint in that control arm. Need to bring it up far enough where the bolt
is actually going to go through where this groove is on the side. That should
be it. There we go. Now don’t forget your washers up front. And then the one down
that the ball joint does not have a washer. Let’s get those snugged and then
we’ll go back and do final torque. Torque on the ball joint is going to be 42
foot-pounds. Now here’s the trick: up here we need 40 foot pounds. But I’m not gonna
be able to get the the torque wrench on the actual nut side. So we’re gonna do it
from the other side. So to compensate for that, we’re gonna bump it up by about two
pounds. So we’re gonna take it to 44 There we go.
Alright, let me get the front bumper back on then that tire and then we can
call this done. Alright for those of you that think that’s enough torque, well
you’re about to see in a second that it’s not even close. Alright, so now
we’re gonna take these two 120 foot-pounds. See? Wasn’t quite there now
was it? Well alright guys, guess what? That finishes up this project. Well listen if
you need any parts for your machine, why don’t you come see us at Partzilla.com
and we can get you taken care of. Have any questions or comments? Leave them in
the section below and I’ll do my best to answer them. Until next time we just want
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whatever I’m working on next. Well like I said, thank you and we will see you in
the next video. Have a great day.

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