Polaris RZR Ball Joint Replacement | 2015 RZR 900S  | Partzilla.com
Polaris RZR Ball Joint Replacement | 2015 RZR 900S | Partzilla.com

Hello, John Talley here with
Partzilla.com. Today I’m going to show you how to change out the front ball
joint on our 2015 Polaris RZR 900S. Pretty simple to do. Just want to lift up
the machine, get a couple of jack stands under it, grab a couple of tools, and then
I’ll show you how to get it done. Alright guys, this is going to be a skill
level 2, but don’t be afraid of it. It’s not going to be that challenging. Let’s
go over some of the tools that you’re going to need to pull this off. On the
socket side, just need a 15 and a 19 millimeter, maybe a 3/8 extension, decent
3/8 ratchet, 15 millimeter wrench, a good pair of circlip pliers, breaker bar, and a
torque wrench that at least goes up to 120 foot-pounds. Gonna need that to take
care of the wheels. Alright, as far as the parts you’re going to need, if you
would, reference our exploded parts diagrams. It gives you a very clear image
of how things come apart and more importantly how it’s going to go back
together. Now remember, when you order this particular joint you also need to
order the circlip that is associated with it. So once you’ve got your tools and
your parts together we can go over there and I can show you how to do it. Alright
guys, so we have the wheel out of the way, let’s go ahead and start with the
knuckle itself and it’s just a pinch bolt that goes all the way through. 15
millimeter on either side. When Polaris sends these out they’ve already got
Loctite on them, and they want you to replace this bolt and nut. I think
that’s a little excessive. All we’re gonna do is just put some red loctite on
it when we reinstall it and just reuse the bolt. Alright, and that will just drop
straight out. Alright a little bit of a confession here. Does this ball joint
need to be replaced? No it doesn’t. But there are a lot of them out there that
do, that’s why I’m doing this operation. What usually happens, something
gets up in here, it pierces that out of rubber boot
and then contaminants get inside and all that starts grinding around and that’s
like you know, putting sandpaper in there. So it will eventually destroy the the
joint itself. And the way you would feel that is to get the the vehicle lifted up,
and grab the wheel and if you can rock it back and forth, it’s probably one or
both of your little knuckle joints here. So next up we need to go ahead and
actually unbolt it from its pivot points up here on the frame, and then we’re
going to carry it over to the press, take out that circlip and then
press it out. So let’s get these out next. Alright guys, chances are you’re not gonna
run into the problem that I have right now to get out this front one, it
actually pushes out toward the front of the vehicle. Well guess what? I’ve got
this big bumper in the way. So I’m gonna go ahead and loosen up this other one in
the back and then I have to take the time to go ahead and remove that bumper
so I can get out the front one. So this will take me a little bit longer. Alright
so we’ve got that out of the way, now we can remove our frame bolts up here. There we are. Alright, let’s head over to the bench, get
that circlip out of the way, then we’ll get it pushed out. Alright next, get it
over to the press and press it out. Let’s see if we can hold this in place and
just drop it into that socket. A fair amount of pressure to do this. And
there she is. Now, just grab the new one press it back
in. Alright, success. let’s go and get that snap ring back in. Alright we’ve got the
circlip in place. Just make sure it’s down off all the way in that groove. This
one looks good. So let’s go get it back on the machine. Alright, when you’re doing this, make
sure you didn’t lose that washer, and it actually goes on this side of the bolt. Alright let’s get these snug back down
and then we’ll torque them. Alright we’re taking this to 42 foot-pounds. This one’s a
little bit tricky here because we actually should technically have our
torque wrench there. Well that’s not possible, so we’re going to torque it
from the backside. Is it going to be off a little bit? Well yes,
but it’ll be at least 42 pounds over on this side. We’re just gonna get just a
tick more. When we push the A-arm bushing up inside, we want to have the bore
lined up where it’ll end up intersecting with a bolt like that.
That’s actually where it’s going to catch and go through. Alright we’re
just gonna get this to line up where I can see that kind of crescent moon. Push
it through. Polaris actually wants you to replace these bolts, I don’t think that’s
really necessary. What I do feel is necessary is to put some red Loctite
on it. Snug it down, and then we’re gonna take it to guess what? 42 pounds. This is
the same type thread and pitch bolt as we used up there, that’s why it’s the same
torque value. There it is. Alright I always start these by hand, otherwise you have a
chance to cross thread them. Alright, we’ve got a Snap-On impact wrench and
I want y’all to pay attention to this. I’m gonna use this to run them in. Now I bet
you just run off and jump on the trail now wouldn’t you? Well guess what? These
take a hundred and twenty foot pounds per. Alright I’m gonna have somebody
jump up inside, hold the brakes. Let’s see how much more we have to put on it. See? Well alright guys, that pretty much wraps
this one up. Listen, if you need any of the parts that we used to do this, why don’t you
come see us at Partzilla.com and we can get you taken care of.
If you have any questions or comments, leave them in the section below and I’ll
do my best to answer them. Until next time, we just want to say thanks for watching.

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  1. Nola Brannen says:

    i am rebuilding a Yamaha tt600 1983 and it has piston slap i measured the bore and its in speck and the piston is too, there is not any bent con rods but the bottom end bearing arnt the best what can i do?

  2. Gus Pompa says:

    Berry nice like everything you do tks for the tips

  3. Bears Garage says:

    Super helpful. I just realized my upper ball joint had some slop and this task looks easier than i anticipated. Thanks for making this video

  4. Shay Wellman says:

    Does that go for the basic 800 trail to

  5. Garth357 says:

    Great video! Could have put that front lower a-arm bolt back in from the rear. Might have saved ya some time next time. Lol

  6. AcidicJO says:

    Hey man I have a 2012 Rzr 800, I had A LOT of slop/play between the ball joint and the spindle. I’ve ordered replacement parts for both but I cannot find the exact pinch bolt I’m suppose to use. Do you have a part number or the exact size or anything that can help. Any info is appreciated thank you !

  7. Paul Esposito says:

    Man your shop is as clean as a hospital OR!! Great videos

  8. Mike Connors says:

    Have you ever used a manual hand held c-clamp style ball joint press?

  9. ᐯᗝᔕᎥᖇᒎ says:

    Mine aren’t just sliding back into place like that…. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

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