Powder Coating Axle Knuckles 610BOB’s Builds
Powder Coating Axle Knuckles 610BOB’s Builds

Hi, Josh here and you’re watching 610bob builds.
Last episode, I powdercoated rims. This episode I powder my knuckles. I mean powdercoating my axles knuckles. Paint
won’t help my knuckles much. [Looks at knuckles] some soap might though. Anyway, this is not a rehashing of the last
episode. The knuckles required a little different technique. I followed the same steps that I performed
with my rims and some other steel parts that worked perfectly. I sandblasted the knuckle with Black Diamond
medium grit, rinsed it with distilled water and prebaked. But this is what the knuckle looked like after
prebaking. It’s more rusted than when I first got it. I even tried prebaking without
cleaning it with distilled water. Still rusted. After a lot of trial and error, I ended up
doing this. I would first sandblast the knuckle, then
spray on Eastwood’s after blast. I would let after blast sit for a minute,
then dab it off with a towel. After a couple of hours I would then hit the
knuckle with a wire wheel on a angle grinder. My tests showed that this helped in reducing
the flash rusting. It also removes any large zinc deposits that the afterblast left behind. I then mask off the ball joint and main bearing
seats with high temperature tape. I mount the knuckle to a bracket for painting.
I did this with two pieces of all thread bent at a 90 degree angle. I screw these two pieces
to each other using a bolt coupling, going through the ball joint seats. I then mount the all thread to the unistrut
that I suspend all of my parts from. I then rinse the knuckle off with distilled
water. I place the knuckle in the oven for just a few minutes to dry it off. I apply columbia coatings outgassing primer.
This is important since I couldn’t do a proper prebake. This will prevent any oils
from bubbling up and ruining the final finish. This is also a high build primer. So the nice
thick layer smooths out the cast quite nicely. After the primer fully cures and cools, I
apply and bake the final color. Then I cross my fingers and hope that it won’t flake
off. I think what may have happened with the flash
rusting is that brake dust got embed into the knuckle. And it was the high iron content brake dust
that was actually rusting, not the knuckle itself. That would explain why the wire wheel helped.
It closed off some of the pores in the knuckle. Anyway, the knuckles are done. I was going to also show how I powdered my
axle, but the video would have been too long. I may make another video on it, but it’s
basicly the same as this video. Mounting and masking is different though,
so if you do want to see this Let me know in the comments below. Also, programing note, the next episode, How
power steering box works, will be delayed a week or 2. So instead of the next episode
coming out in two weeks, it will be out in 3 or 4 weeks. Hopefully.

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  1. Wayne Mockford says:

    love the T shirt bud. great vids

  2. CORZER0 says:

    You got your parts wet immediately after blasting them. Millennials… This is what the world is coming to. It's like they're starting from scratch all over again.

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