Powder Coating Dirt Bike Wheels At Home!
Powder Coating Dirt Bike Wheels At Home!

Good to see you guys again got another video for you today. We’re gonna be working on the little XR back here This is my girlfriend’s bike Honestly, I wish I was working on the CR 250 back here We’re waiting on a few things coming from overseas. And once that stuff shows up It’s game on and that bike will pretty much be done. So really excited about that speaking of the g50 did a little giveaway a few videos back on some red radiator hoses that I had some extra ones and So I’m gonna pick the winner for those later in the video So make sure you stick around for that and as far as myself lately had to spend kind of kicking back taking it easy and Just recovering the last little bit this previous week my girlfriend and I went to, Oregon Just hung out by the beach for a couple days took in some fresh air, and now that I’m back I’m feeling a lot better. Honestly, this is the best I felt in probably a year and a half or two years Really? Good feeling everything is looking up good got the beard coming in strong Some pretty crazy hair gains up there. It’s crazy. The hair is coming back a different color. It was like Strawberry blonde before now. It’s pretty much brown. So I don’t really know what to think about that But yeah, so expect to see a lot more videos coming your way soon Now for the XR 80 what we did in the previous video is kind of cleaned it up get it running good Fix the sloppy linkage and now just gonna add some Modifications to it kind of personalize it did tell Haley I was doing any of this So this is gonna be a complete surprise to her What I’m gonna do is pull the wheels off the bike bring them all the way down to the hubs and do some powder coating I think that’s the one mod that makes it biggest difference and the looks on a bike pretty excited to do it so it’s a pretty simple task to pop the wheels off this bike pretty much just slide the axles out and Get the chain off the sprocket Got the wheels off the bike and honestly these bearings didn’t really feel too good the fronts Definitely pretty stiff and the rears felt a little bit loose on the bike Yeah Got a little bit of play in there good thing. We’re replacing those and Could use some fresh rubber as well so the next step is gonna be to pull the sprocket off as well as the tires and I’m gonna be using a tire changing stand for this along with these Tire levers both the lever and the tire changing stand are tusk brand from Rocky Mountain I’ve had these for probably three or four years now and been really happy with them for the sprocket bolts I find it easier to loose up the nut on the back side first before trying to get like an impact or allen wrench on the hex head This saves you from stripping off the head And looking at the sprocket, you can see at the top of each tooth it’s getting a little bit thin and Starting to hook a little bit so it is time to replace the sprocket now the steps for pulling off the tyre are going to be loosening up the valve stem and the rim lock and Letting all the air out of the tube got this little valve stem core remover just goes in Right here at the valve stem and you pull the core out and all the air escapes from the tube Now we’re just gonna pick the nut off the rim lock here and that will release The tire or kind of free up the bead of the tire from the rim So by pushing in the rim lock this allows us to push the bead of the tire down inside the rim I’m just going to make sure the bead is off all the way around the rim I’m gonna start the rim lock And push the bead of the tire down on the opposite side of the rim, kind of give me some room over here Pull this over take the other tire lever go on the other side of the rim lock work it in And there’s a lot of rust inside this tire here and then I’m just gonna simply work my way around the tire And that the trick to this is keeping the bead of the tire down inside the rim that’ll allow you enough Enough room to get this tire off One sides off Flip it over Again, just gonna start the rim lock here What I’d like to do is pull both sides of the tire over the rim that way the rim is like sitting inside of the tire Now this side of the tire is gonna be a lot easier than the first side it’s already loosened up quite a bit And then what I’m gonna do is find the rim lock Right here go opposite of that Get this tire lever in Underneath the tube. I’m gonna work the lever all the way down to the other side the rim and just Kind of pry it like this To get some space right here. This will allow us to work the tire off of the rim That’s about as far as we’re gonna get with that and Now you can just simply push the tire down And this works the tire right off of there Pretty straightforward now it’s time for the front tire. That one’s gonna be super easy to do All right, I’m gonna see if I can get this one done in under a minute That might be kind of a kind of a big-ass pose go for it Oh Not too bad That was pretty close Now the next step is gonna be to separate the hub from the spokes and the rim since I’ll be powder coating the actual hub here and the rim and Also need to pull the bearings and seals out of the hub as well So I’m gonna do that first actually now, this is what I use for pulling out the bearings It’s called a blind bearing puller kit. It’s like a slide hammer and it’s got these individual little call. It’s that slide Right into the bearing to pop right in there you tighten these two against each other and Pretty much this locks that adapter to the bearing and then you use the slide hammer to yank that out pretty simple So I’ve got one side bearing out and one thing I thought I’d mentioned here is this is a really common issue with the little Honda’s from 50 cc all the way through like 150 CC the brake side bearing likes to wear out the hub to where it’s like Basically sitting in they’re not repressed fit anymore. You can pull it out with your fingers. Looks like this one’s in there pretty good Basically, what happens is when you have a bigger rider on the bike or the bike is being beaten on the bearing will kind of wall out the hub here and at that point You’re gonna have to replace the hub or fix it somehow so something to keep in mind when you’re working on those little Honda’s I’m always impressed with how well that bearing puller works pretty slick tool So this is a tusk branch from Rocky Mountain as well You guys probably noticed a common theme here pretty much everything. I get tools wise and parts wise is from Rocky Mountain No joke, they’ve got the best prices and best selection around definitely worth checking them out I’ll actually link everything I’m using throughout this little project down below in the description What we’re gonna do next is strip. These wheels all the way down to the hubs now. This is going to be kind of time-consuming But at least we get a twist of nipples here. So we’re gonna be using a spoke wrench for this This one has a couple different sizes on it Just make sure it fits all the way on to that nipple and is a tight fit these nipples strip pretty easily so we’re going to go all the way around the wheel loosen up each nipple half a turn or more at a time and then Once those are loose go over to the backside I’m gonna put a Philips head on the impact and loosen up these nipples the rest of the way with that Now before you take the wheels all the way apart it’s always a good idea to take some pictures or video as to how the pattern is and Which spoke goes where it will save a lot of hassle when it comes to lacing the wheels again Now for the front wheel we might have three different spoke styles You can see one side of the hub is thinner than the other So obviously these spokes are gonna be longer than the ones on this side and then we have an inside and an outside spoke So an outside spoke, let’s pull it out and take a look at it And compare it versus an inside spoke. Let’s see if there’s any difference to it Measure them up against each other No actually looks like they’re the same No, see any difference in the angle the head or the leg so no need to worry about that that Might not be the case on this other side Pole and outside spoke and inside one Looks like those are the same as well. Same length the same angle So all we need to do is separate the right side spokes from the left side We’re definitely gonna have an inside versus an outside style spoke on the rear I’m gonna pull an outside spoke here I’m gonna compare that versus an inside So they’re about the same length but on the head you can see one has a bit longer head in a different angle so this one here is an outside and this one is an inside and It looks like the hub is the same diameter on both sides So we won’t need to separate those just need to separate inside versus outside now with the wheels all the way apart We have one last thing to pull off the bike to get ready for powder coat I think it would look a little bit funky if I had the hub’s powder coated and the brake panels left silver So I’m gonna pull these off and prep them. So it looks like the rear panels held on just with this nut I’m going to compress the spring Bend that nut off of there For the front panel, I’m gonna go up to the lever Give it as much cable slack at the bottom as possible. It’s gonna spin the adjuster all the way in and Then down here at the panel All I need to do is loosen up these two nuts on the cable and then I can pop the cable off the arm here Now the last thing we’ll have to pull off the brake panels will be the brake shoes and the brake arms So now we’ve got everything stripped down and ready to sandblast and these are the parts I’ll be powder coating So I just need to clean it up a degreaser that way the dirt and grime doesn’t contaminate my sand blaster here Oh and by the way, check out this little z50 I picked up today Saw it on Craigslist for 250 bucks. So I was like can’t really pass that one up This thing is hammered pretty good. But I think would make a fun little project down the road It just can never pass up cheap deals like this got everything cleaned up and ready to sandblast So I thought I’d show you my little sandblasting setup here. This is about the cheapest setup You could get just a Harbor Freight benchtop unit with some 120 grit aluminum oxide Got a regular shopback hookup hooked up to it. And then over here is The air compressor just a tiny little Harbor Freight thirty gallon one. So yeah, nothing too fancy, but does the trick? Alright, let’s get the sand blasting All right. I’ve got the hub’s all sandblasted and now for the rims since these are chrome-plated I want to use a more aggressive media something like 60 or 80 grit aluminum oxide Now the media is not gonna actually strip the chrome off the rim. It’s only gonna a chit I’ve done this time and time again on chrome rims, and it’s always worked really good Just powder coat right over the etched chrome and there’s no issues there So I ended up sandblasting only the inside part of the rim here. I’m going to do the face of it with a rough sketch right will I want that roughed up really good because the outer surface is where it’s most prone to chipping and of course I can get to it with the with a scotch brite wheel whereas The inside is a little a little tougher to get to so I will be used this rough Scotch-brite wheel on a bench grinder here if you’re going to be doing any metal grinding especially when you’re working with Chrome you want to make sure you have good ventilation like an exhaust fan and You’re absolutely wearing a respirator like this style here So here’s what it looks after using the scotch brite pad It ripped from right through the chrome and the powder coat should have no problems sticking to that It’s got a nice textured feel to it and the powder coat wool had adhered to that really good So I ended up doing the inside of the rims Well, I figured while I was at it see if I can get in there. It actually worked out pretty good So I should have just started with a scotch brite pad from the get-go. I Think I spent Probably three or four hours sandblasting these Whereas it took maybe twenty minutes with a scotch brite pad The sand blaster is usually my go to you but for something like this I would rather use a scotch brite pad something as rough as this one. This definitely did the trick If you guys don’t have a sand blaster and you need something for paint prep, I will have these ones linked down below Alright now we’re ready to do some actual powder coating probably the part of the video you guys all wanted to see anyways so to prepare for powder coating I’m gonna blow all these parts off with the air compressor and then I’m gonna soak the hubs in acetone just got a Plastic bucket here and you want to make sure if you use a plastic bucket that it doesn’t melt with acetone there’s certain plastics that can hold up to acetone and It’ll say on The bottom of the plastic or the bucket here. So HDPE is a type of plastic that won’t melt with Acetone and it says it or it’s stamped right here on the bucket. So we’re safe with this one So I’ve got everything Sookie in there I’m gonna leave it in there for about 30 to 45 minutes and the acetone will eat away any oil dirt or Leftover grease they’ll have everything sparkling clean and ready for powder coating And if we want to make sure you cover up the bucket or else dad acetone will start to evaporate out pretty quickly All right, 45 minutes later. These parts are done soaking So I’m gonna make sure I have a fresh set of gloves on so that way I don’t contaminate the park or the acetone Pull them out blow them off Let them dry off and then I’ll need a mask off a few areas So I’m gonna put the hub and the brake drum together when I powder cut them just like this So that way I don’t need to mask off the drum or the bearing races side, but on this side, I’ll need a mask off this bearing bore and on the drum See here. I’ll need to plug that Probably mask. Yeah, I’m gonna mask inside of here off and I’m gonna put a plug in that hole as well So here’s what I’m gonna be using to mask off and plug the critical areas on the parts Got some silicone plugs and some tape obviously made to withstand the heat of the oven. I’ll have these linked it down below So I ended up just masking off these holes instead it turns out a lot cleaner instead of Using the plugs. So when you mask off a hole, you got to do a little relief cut in there because when you run it through the oven the heat will actually kind of shrink the tape and The tape will start peeling up around the edges. So make sure you do that and then Got that little section masked off And when you’re doing this masking Especially after you’re done Soaking the part in acetone you got to use fresh Gloves that way the oil and your skin doesn’t contaminate the part now We’re just got to mask off the hole on this side and we will be ready for a preheat through the oven with this part Let’s say this side turned out pretty good I love the look of those clean cuts It’s gonna make for some nice powder coating lines now on this side We’re gonna wrap some tape around the back side of the panel here. That way it fits inside the drum and Doesn’t fall out and just fits in there snugly and doesn’t shift around when we’re powder coating Let’s go ahead and test this make sure it’s in there firm. Oh, yeah, that’ll do So now I’m gonna preheat the part through the oven at 450 degrees for thirty minutes It’s gonna hang the part from a rack using these wires here so preheating the part burns off any remaining oil or residue and Just cleans up the surface So what we have here is just a regular household oven I think I got it on Craigslist for like 50 bucks But you definitely don’t want to use the oven that you’re gonna be cooking food in if you want to have a dedicated Powder coating oven the parts all done with the preheat process and while that’s cooling off I’m gonna set up my powder coating gun here The gun I’m using is an Eastwood hot coat this original one not to do a voltage still works really good It’s a nice simple gun so basic concept is we got power from an extension cord leading up to the box and Then we’ve got the ground this grounds to the part and then the button this Activates the charge on the part which allows the powder to stick and then the gun itself and you want a regulator on your gun so if a powder goes in this cup to cup screws onto the gun and You have air pressure coming from an air compressor? And then once you get it all hooked up just hit the trigger Got powder coming out the end pretty simple deal here Nothing too complicated and for a powder using prismatic best powder in the game in my opinion Powder plays a huge role in how well your project comes out So you better choose wisely the color we’re going with on these hubs is a red so it’s gonna be like an anodized look so basically We use a chrome base and then a red Translucent or a red transparent color over the chrome and that’s how you achieve the anodized look with powder coating So like I said, the first coat is the chrome It’s actually a really cool look in itself, but you have to put some sort of Coating over it whether that’s a clear coat or like a color in this situation So I’ll open up the bag and show you what the powder looks like Yep, just powder looks like powder. It looks like powder moves like powder. It’s probably powder So we’re gonna take a spoon fill up this container about third of the way. This project really isn’t gonna take too much powder Screw that cup onto the gun and we can get spraying All right, we’ve got the powder and the gun gun is hooked up to the air power supply is plugged in Just need to ground to the part Shit we’re gonna go right to the wire that the hub is hanging from gonna make sure the guns shooting out powder All looks good and one last thing before I start shooting powder you absolutely have to wear some sort of breathing protection These things are only like 20 25 bucks from Home Depot absolutely necessary and I would definitely recommend having ventilation in your shop as well and I protection is a plus two so definitely gotta protect yourself and when I’m spraying out the part I don’t the exhaust fan be pulling the powder away from me and not towards me So I’ll be doing the majority of the spraying from this side of the part Man it sure is nice having that exhaust fan in here You can literally see all the powder just being sucked right out and it’s not even landing on the floor at all so that’s gonna make cleanup and safety a lot better So I’m gonna check this thing over real quick before I pop in the oven make sure I didn’t miss any spots Basically, you just want it consistent but without too much build-up, but yeah looks pretty good So for this color called super chrome I’ll be baking it for 12 minutes at 450 degrees That’s what prismatic recommends and I’ll be using an infrared heat gun here to check the parts temperature Once it reaches 450 degrees I’m gonna leave it in there for 12 minutes. And at that point we are gonna have some chrome Let’s go ahead and check the temp real quick. Ooh I see some chrome we are at 338 So it’s gonna need a little bit more time. By the way. Do not buy these Harbor Freight infrared heat guns, man They completely choke super consistent. I don’t think I would trust it So while I’ve got that chrome cooking in the oven I’m gonna get the gun all set up with a dazzling red So when you’re switching powders and your gun, you want to blow all this old powder out every last bit of it And it’s probably advisable to wear a respirator when you’re doing this. You don’t want to breathe any of that in All right, the 12 minutes is up Let’s pull this thing out and shoot some color on it that Chrome was pretty dang impressive in its own right just by itself But not quite the look we’re going for once. We throw some red over it. It’s gonna look even better So how I go about spraying a two-stage color? It’s always tough to get the second coat to stick a lot of times all this dust right off basically The part still has to be warm in order for the powder to stick part of that being is because that first coat acts as an insulator so it’s hard to get a good ground on the part and the other part is because The gun I’m using is a single voltage Whereas the dual voltage guns allows for a little more flexibility and makes it a little easier for a second coat All right got a nice consistent coat on it not too thick it’s easy to go overboard and just coat it That way you you’re sure you didn’t miss any spots But as soon as we get this in the oven, it’s gonna fluidize and turn out really good. I’m excited We’re gonna bake this cake at 400 degrees for 10 minutes. I’m gonna come back in a few minutes and Check the part temperature. Make sure I get it up to temp shush Would you look at that pretty pumped on how it came out? Hard to beat the look of that looks like we got a little bit light up top with a red here But you know what pretty hard to get it perfect. I think that’s gonna look pretty sweet on the bike down So one thing to keep in mind when you’re spraying that second coat is If you spray it really heavy you’re gonna end up with a really dark or like a deep color and on top of that that powder is gonna build up in areas like where the cable mounts and where it rides on the fork and then like in all the spoke holes, too and It’s gonna be pretty tough to put anything together if it’s really thick so only put on enough to get some color out of it And don’t really go too much farther than that. So I’ve got the front hub I’ll finish it up peeled all the masking tape off and clean up all of these edges with the scalpel So if you have powder that gets behind some of the tape or in areas where you don’t want it You can just trim all that up with the scalpel. So now it’s on to the rear hub get this thing busted out So we have a matching set if your powder coating your rear hub One thing to keep in mind is you may want to mask off the sprocket mounting surface That way that powder buildup doesn’t affect how the sprocket mounts Got the rear hub all sprayed out with the chrome I think it’s really important to develop a spray pattern That way you have a consistent finish and there’s complete coverage on the part So what I’ll do is I’ll start on the outermost edge of the hub Kind of work my way in just work one one edge out of time and as I’m spraying I’ll spray in like a circular pattern Like make the tip of the gun Like the size of a baseball So, like I said, I started on the outermost part moved to this edge went behind it Did this this space here and then the center portion and then the other side by spraying in a circular pattern? That ensures you have consistent powder coverage You’ll notice with metallics or like specialty colors if you spray just like a spray gun like, you know Left to right up and down You’ll have lines in the powder or lines in the metallic doesn’t matter so much on a solid color But just a good method to develop in the case you ever use a metallic color? So like I was saying earlier the powder you choose has a huge effect on how well your projects gonna turn out if you guys remember a long time ago my first powder credit videos this was probably like Seven or eight years ago. I want to say back when I was in high school. Is that long ago? I was having a lot of issues with getting the correct color and Doing two-stage powders like we’re doing today and just a whole host issues that were actually powder related I mean some of it was user error. Just learning but I feel like a lot of it could have been corrected just using a quality powder and so since then I’ve jumped around into a bunch of different companies and The one I’ve settled on the one I like the best is prismatic. They’re always spot-on with their color Not a problem at all doing to Sage colors like translucent transparent and the right down the road from me in Oregon – so everything’s really quick to show up at my doorstep and one thing I will say is when use a crappy powder and You have a bad result and you try to strip it off It ends up being a ton of work. You have to use paint stripper. You have to sandblast it again It ends up being just a complete disaster. So I definitely recommend finding a quality powder. That way you don’t end up redoing stuff It’s the worst I tell you what so I’ll link the company I use for powder down below in the description So I’m peeling the masking tape off this rear brake panel and I thought I’d show you guys just How thin the powder coat build up actually is so I’ve got a piece of masking tape with the powder on it This is two layers the chrome and the red Just look how thin that actually is. I’m gonna measure it just for Curiosity’s sake. Wow. I didn’t realize powder coat was actually that thin surprise me Maybe I don’t actually need to do that much masking pretty dang pumped how these things came out What do you guys think on the next go-round with rear hub? I think I’m gonna try and not masking off the Sprocket mounting surface here. Now that I realized how thin powder coating is. I think I could get away with it biggest problem with masking it off is Having this open edge here just makes it more prone to chipping and I think I could get away with not masking this portion off As well. So the areas you definitely have to mask off are the bearing surfaces Then where the brake shaft goes through the panel as well. You do not want powder in there Now for the rims just gonna wipe him down with acetone on a cotton rag don’t want to use a paper towel that will leave Some lint behind and then I’m gonna pop them in the oven for the preheat process So to hang the rim from the rack I’m going to use three of these wire hooks and I’ll have to modify them a little bit that way They don’t hit the edge of the rim You can see when I have it like that. It’s touching the edge So I’m gonna bend them Put like a flat spot at the bottom here something like that And that will prevent the wire from touching the rim if this wire is touching the rim I’ll leave like an indent in the powder So the rim is out of the oven I’ll cool down and ready to spray got the gun all loaded up with powder The color I’ll be going with on this rim is called a stone black. It’s a Just a satin black with no metallic. No texture. So a pretty basic color and by the way I’m just spraying everything on this clothes hanger gives me a lot of room to get in there and spray so it works pretty good So I went pretty thick with a powder on this one rims get a lot of abuse So you want a pretty salt layer on there? Gonna stuff this one the oven and see how it turns out. It could be baking this one at 400 degrees for 10 minutes The powder is all done baking and I would say it turned out pretty good. Got a nice satin finish to it now I’m gonna bust out the back rim, and we’ll be all finished up powder coating This powder coating job turned out damn good pretty pumped to get these together and see how they look on the bike Okay so
Three things to keep in mind if you’re gonna be doing powder coating at home and you want to get the most out of it Number one is surface prep you got to either scotch-brite it sandblast it or wire wheel it and then soak it in acetone and Run it through the oven for a preheat process. Number two use a good gun and good powder I’ll link the ones I use down below in the description number three is Get an infrared gun like the temp gun so that we know you’re curing the powder properly So that’s about it for this video in the next one we’re gonna be popping in some fresh bearings lacing up the wheels truing them putting on some fresh rubber and Doing some chain and sprockets. So keep your eyes out for that one And before I forget about it gotta pick the winner for the cr250 radiator hoses From a few videos back. So let’s do that right now. We’re just racking up the comments here. See how many we got 14:49 you guys killed it on that one. It’s gonna go down here and hit start So had you guys comment make C or Q fifties great again. Whoever his name pops up first. You are the winner Looks like we got easy off-road. He says make co2 fifties great again So easy off-road send me a message on Instagram put my username Right up here at the bottom the screen Send me a message with your shipping address and I’ll get those radiator hoses out to you congrats man. Really? Hope you guys enjoyed this one. You got something out of it All I ask of you is to share the video My whole goal with the channel is pretty simple just to help people whether that’s enabling them to work on their own dirt bikes Start a business really two dirt bikes or powder coating or Sarah coating whatever it is or just simply providing some entertainment for you this video probably ended up being like 30 or 40 minutes long and Typically these videos take me anywhere from like 15 to 20 hours to produce So all I ask in return is that you share the video either post on Facebook post on Instagram Share it on your story or just go tell someone a person I appreciate it all thanks for watching guys until next time keep her prime

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