Powder Coating Engine Covers with Awesome Results!
Powder Coating Engine Covers with Awesome Results!

I know I know you all want to see the
cr250 but the nice thing about having two project bikes going at once is that
while you’re waiting on parts for one bike you can switch it up and work on
the other so the tubes for the CR250 we’ll be back next Tuesday or Wednesday
all finished up so we’re getting really close another week or so and we back to
work on that bike but in the meantime we’re gonna do some work on Haley’s XR
80 we will be powder coating the engine covers today so stay tuned alright
here’s the plan for today be pulling off the engine covers gonna be doing the
flywheel cover valve cover clutch cover and while I’m at it there’s a couple
more things on the bike that are kind of nasty here so I’ll be powder coating the
kickstand as well foot peg mount I won’t be doing the pegs because we got some
new wider pegs coming for it be doing the engine mount skid plate
triple clamps come over to this side and I think I’ll be doing the brake pedal
kick starter and brake rod as well and maybe a couple other things that kind of
pop up as I work on the bike so a lot of stuff being coded today step one
drain the oil alright don’t let me forget to put oil back in this thing
once we’re all finished up now for step two I’m gonna pull everything off around
the clutch cover so the Kickstarter foot peg and mount brick pedal brake rod and
the clutch cable yeah damn crusty I have to get a breaker
bar on this thing all right now with the clutch cover off
I’ll need to shave all the gasket remnants off and pull everything off the
clutch covered thankfully the engine looks really clean internally no sludge
or buildup anywhere and the filter was super clean as well so I don’t think
we’ll need to tear into this thing at all now we’ve got a whole pile of parts off
the bike to be coated the next thing we’re going to go after is the valve
cover it looks like we’re going to pull the tank off for that and then on this
side I’ll be ripping off the flywheel cover and footpeg mount and kickstand as
well I kind of forgot about this cover it’s
got a big chunk missing out of it but thankfully got a new cover sitting on
the shelf so we’ll go ahead and powder coat that one now the last thing we got
a checkol is the triple clamps looks like they’re kind of hard to get to you
but in reality it’s pretty simple just slide the forks out of the triple
clamps along with the wheel and then pop the handlebars out of the upper clamps
and the triple clamps basically just slide right out of the frame all right so here’s the deal
with the bottom triple clamp the lower bearing needs to be removed before we do
any type of coating so I got that popped off and I figured while I was at it I
would upgrade the steering stem bearing z’ with this set from tusk
so this is the old-style bearing just got a bunch of little B B’s or little
balls inside of a plastic cage really crappy setup now I’ll show you what the
upgraded setup looks like so it’s actually roller bearings with a metal
cage and you have to replace the race that goes in the frame as well so this
is a lot better setup than the previous well here’s everything that we’ll be
coding the next step is to clean it all up over here in the parts washer we’re all cleaned up and the next stop
is the sandblaster so inside the cabinet I’m using a hundred grit aluminum oxide
media we’re all blasted up so we’re gonna drop this stuff into an acetone
bath and follow that up with a preheat through the oven now when you’re doing
powder coating you’ll need a mask off or plug areas that are sensitive to
thickness scents powder does have some build up and that would include the
gasket surface on the inside the hole for the kickstart seal dipstick hole and
the hole for the clutch arm and then when you’re all finished up
masking you want to poke a hole in the backside that way the heat from the oven
doesn’t shrink the tape and peel it off the gasket surface just pulled these
parts out of the oven so that means we are now ready to spray now as far as
powder goes in color we’ll be going with a prismatic stone
black this is the same color we used on the rims for the XR 80 so let me give
you guys something to think about here so you spend all this time prepping your
parts in order to powder coat them you go through the sandblasting soaking them
and acetone preheating them you know pulling off the bike there’s a lot of
steps and if you go with a powder that isn’t quite up to par all that work is
for nothing so my advice would be to find a powder that sprays out and lays
out really good and also is super durable and also fits your budget as
well so I’ve used powder from Eastwood I’ve used powder from Powder by the
pound many other companies and the one that I like the most is prismatic always
sprays out super good finishes awesome and it is durable as heck so I will drop
a link down below to you where you can find this exact powder now it’s time to
load up some powder into this eastwood gun and get to spraying you’ll notice the finish is pretty
chalky it’s literally just powder sitting on top of the part so now we’re
ready to pop these in the oven at 400 degrees the kiram and while you’re
spraying you definitely want to garb up so wear some gloves wear a respirator
have an exhaust system like an exhaust fan and I go the extra mile by wearing a
tie vex you now once the part reaches temperature which in this case is 400
degrees go ahead and check it with the heat gun 420 so you’re gonna give it an
extra 10 minutes to really bake that powder onto the part and one thing to
keep in mind is you don’t want to be near the oven or breathing in too many
of those fumes as the powder is curing so take a step back from the oven or
just leave the space completely when those parts are in there I’m really pumped on how this black
powder-coat came out skid plates pretty beat-up
but you know what skid plate but the powder sprayed out great cured smooth
and not too glossy not too flat I think it’ll look really really good on the
bike now what’s cool about powder coat is you can double up on the coating to
make it last a little longer that’s what I did on these three parts here they get
quite a bit of wear when they’re on the bike from boots from shifting and using
the brake so I thought I’d add a little extra thickness so how you add the
second coat is when you’re done spraying the first coat and curing it you pull it
out of the oven and spray the second coat while it’s still hot and then pop
it back in the oven for the same amount of time to cure that second coat now for
the foot peg mounts and front engine mount we’ll be doing a little different
color here this is called a silver bronze from prismatic as well all right
let’s get to spraying all the mounts are done looking pretty good so the color
came out pretty much this is a gray very basic color but I didn’t want to go over
the top with the color on the frame I think this will fit really good now with
all the powder coating done it is time to move on to the next batch of parts so
for this stuff we will be doing seracote because of the tighter tolerances
seracote is a lot thinner coating than powder coating so it works better in
areas where there’s splines threads we’ve got joints like on this arm and
areas where we can’t have any buildup like where the forks slide through the
triple clamps now the only areas we’ll have to mask off is on the stem where
the lower bearing sits right there and then also on the clutch arm where it
slides through the clutch cover now at this point all the parts have been
soaked in acetone and baked through the oven for the preheat process and now
we’re ready to spray so we will be going with a graphite black seracote on these
parts doing a lot of black on this bike so seracote turned out sweet and at this
point we are all done with coatings for the day and we can move on to the next
step with this bike now the first order of business is getting this clutch cover
back together and on the bike so the clutch cover is all done turned
out pretty badass really dig in that all blacked out look so now let’s get the
engine ready for the clutch cover to go on so we’re gonna make sure there’s no
dirt on the gasket surface give that a good wipe down can’t forget this little
plunger part that goes into the end of the crankshaft got the oil screen then
we’ve got two locating pins that go on the crank case and it’s very common for
these to seize up so I like to put some anti-seize lubricant on them and then on
the gasket surface I like to put grease so that way if I ever have to take this
thing apart the gasket doesn’t stick and tear when I take it apart and then also
the grease kind of helps keep that gasket into place as I’m bolting things
together and on goes the new gasket just line it up with those locating pins kind
of tack it down to that grease and now we’re ready for this sick-ass cover time to pop on the Kickstarter but I’ve
got a new rubber grip to slip on I’m gonna use some sc1
to help slip that over there we go started it was like wrestling a bear but
we got this thing on looks even better than new now see how it looks on the
bike heck yeah man that looks fabulous I think I look even better with the valve
cover and flywheel cover on as well so I thought while I had the valve cover and
the flywheel cover off might as well check the valve clearance so I’m gonna
get this thing at top dead center on the compression stroke there’s a compression
stroke right there line up the marks and the spec is two
thousandths of an inch for both intake and exhaust that one clears that one
looks good as well so we are good to go I am really digging that color hard to
go wrong with black huh once you go black you never go back now there’s one
last thing we can do on the bike for today and that is installing the bottom
steering stem bearing now I’ve had the triple clamp sitting in the freezer
overnight that’s why it looks a little frosty trying to help shrink the met a
little bit so the bearing slips on easier you absolutely do not want to
forget the seagull that goes underneath the bearing put a little bit of grease
inside the bearing you got to be quick with this before the stem heats up and
I’ve got a bearing installer tool this is from a tusk
so it has these little callers that go over hopefully this one works
yeah that’s barely hitting on the inner race of the bearing so I’m gonna have to
be really careful putting this thing on so we’re gonna give this thing a few
love taps of the hammer and hopefully pound it right on got to make sure that
seal is lined up with the bearing and then when we reach the bottom you’ll
hear a different tone to the hit so right there
that hit it oh my god are you that stupid I’m an idiot completely spaced on
grease and the bearing before I pressed it on so I’m gonna have to grease that
bearing the get away if you’re dumb like me and you forgot to grease your bearing
before you press it on you can actually take the race and work the grease in
that way that race kind of acts as a press they’ll press all that grease
right into the rollers of the bearing all right we’re all greased up and ready
drip nothing’s gonna wrap up today’s video I appreciate you guys joining in
on cams cooking show that’s what it felt like however but in the next video
Hayley and I are gonna be tearing apart the XR 80 completely down to the frame
powder coating the frame and swingarm and then putting the bike all the way
back together so you want to stay tuned for that
see you guys next time take care

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