Premium Hand spinners unboxing and spin test
Premium Hand spinners unboxing and spin test

I love bubble Wrap! I got this package from link is in the description below. ok, let’s start with this blue spinner. I like the casing. wow! this is awesome! Nicely built and not so heavy. Ok let’s try it. And it spins very smooth!
I like it.=) Thumbs up for this spinner. Let’s check the second one. It’s pink. The quality is really good. It feels so premium.

100 thoughts on “Premium Hand spinners unboxing and spin test”

  1. David Arsic says:


  2. VISION N says:

    cool hahhaaa

  3. Misty Rendleman says:


  4. O_Ian says:

    Which should I buy guys pink or gold spinner?

  5. Marc Rivera says:

    Paano niyo po nakuha for free😂

  6. Marc Rivera says:

    Bro I have to gold one but its blue

  7. Marc Rivera says:

    how did you have it for free po

  8. Ov3r Yuno says:

    That blue spinner is kinda like mines

  9. Ov3r Yuno says:


  10. Cozy Turtle says:

    number 2

  11. Muhammad Bakhshi says:

    oh this is heavy it's made from aluminium. aluminium is light

  12. Ujoao pvp says:

    hand spinner

  13. Av5Cubes12YT says:

    i have that blue spinnee. it spins soooo well. then i also have a silver, gold and metallic green fidget spinner by the original company

  14. Mili Bailon says:

    i want the blue one

  15. sma perfect says:

    i wish one hand spinner

  16. sma perfect says:

    very thanks

  17. sma perfect says:

    now me one subscriber see you later

  18. germie dominguez says:

    the third one

  19. fooshken says:

    Third one is probably fake Apsung, my spins about 7 minutes.

  20. sma perfect says:

    thank you

  21. sma perfect says:

    please subscribe sma perfect in my videos you tube

  22. sma perfect says:

    is my videos lego

  23. Farida Souttoum says:

    trop cool

  24. Farida Souttoum says:

    j'ai la même doré

  25. jeff says:

    I have a premium too

    6 mins is average and 7:20 is the most it spinned

  26. Tomas Luomansuu says:


  27. NotShadow says:

    I got 2 of the Premium spinners. The Blue and The One with green Things.

  28. г Maxime г says:


  29. R8 says:

    dude please stop with the sound effects it's 2017 now, the cool teens are gonna cringe

  30. World of Longplays 2 says:

    Fuck you bitch

  31. Jannick Grain says:


  32. Firstsing China says:

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  33. Derrick Dulay says:

    lol definitely filipino. thumbs up

  34. socorro martinez says:

    I. want the gold one

  35. Bouncyant321 says:

    : )

  36. Mikhael Brown says:

    green spinner

  37. Mikhael Brown says:

    i was right

  38. MacMacPie says:

    he is the Low Power Level How To Basic

  39. dragonhunter vlogs says:

    how did you get them for free

  40. Sebastian Klapprat says:


  41. angel galvan guzman says:

    Where did you brought them

  42. Dj Lion says:


  43. PARSHWA SHAH says:

    You are cool man 😎😎🤘👍

  44. ElBartoKiller PUBG says:

    yo ahora me compré el del oro en el Remate y me costó $10

  45. Danny Encalada says:

    cool fidget spinner but can we get them

  46. PREST says:

    I have got a gold spinner too)

  47. Guillermina Sarabia says:

    regala spineers

  48. Lorenzo Moussan says:

    Let guess if the first one was gold u should this my favorite now XD maybe u should reply

  49. Olanam says:

    The second on looks funny,its pink and has a mini fidgets spinners in its side and looks like a deek 😂😂😂

  50. Alejandra Lazaro hernandez says:

    los vendes

  51. Nyles Aleczander Pueyo says:

    I like the black mettalic one with green bearings

  52. iLuvTrading says:

    Nice video bro👍🏻! You guys wanna see see a 120g brass golden raindrop hand spinner spin time?

  53. The pushy Bros says:

    Can I please have that fidget spinner please it's the golden one that was talking about

  54. frankie0144 says:

    i have a gold fidget spinner i have 4 fidget spinner

  55. José David De León De León Régil says:

    van a hacer sorteos

  56. Ashorof Ali says:

    could I have the gold one

  57. Janxious 12 says:

    I Just got the blue tri spinner how much did you paid i paid $75 my country s currency is 1 dolla us is 7 and a couple cents my country s currency

  58. Rohith Yangalasetty says:

    Is the gold one in the video 100% same to the one in this video because I want the exact same one as you

  59. cars3reviewer25 _official says:

    I got the first one but its gold

  60. Scar Leo says:

    I got a gold fidget spinner

  61. Пилешка Супа says:

    green spinner look like stop and start spining again

  62. Number1 Example says:

    fidget spinner giveaway pinoy ako

  63. Dominique Nasri says:


  64. Sui Thawng says:

    I want it too!!!

  65. Jaroslav Hubka says:

    domácí vanálezy čus

  66. Jhuliam Noobmaster 69 says:

    3 wins

  67. Gulášek CZ says:

    czech republic ???? names

  68. Gulášek CZ says:

    domácí vinálezi

  69. Allt Går says:

    I have the blue Fidget spinner i promes

  70. Haley R. G. says:

    please Las please give me one

  71. Christian Marshall says:

    I nave that spinner. blue but in gold

  72. Haley R. G. says:

    I want a figit spinner please

  73. Crystal Cutie says:

    Aluminium is light m8, that's why they use it on sports cars and super cars, cuz it's light.

  74. Helene Fefler says:

    How long does the blue fidget spinner spin ?

  75. The Legit Fidgetters says:


  76. adriana maria da silva says:

    hand spinner eu participar do premiun

  77. Get on my Beast says:


  78. KONO DIO DA says:


  79. Mr. Arman says:

    I have that blue spinner and mine spins 3:35 or higher

  80. TwiXisManGT says:

    i have blue one but except its golden

  81. DKapur ! says:

    hey guys you subscribe to my channel and i subscribe to your channel

  82. Eduardo Galvez-robles says:

    can I have them please let me know if you are going to give them

  83. David Dias says:

    quero partiçipar

  84. Rehan Akram says:

    I like the blue won…..its really premium looking for me

  85. vitor vlogs says:

    valor do raro

  86. vitor vlogs says:

    O azul

  87. Avegale Arcega says:


  88. Raul Gomes says:

    El azul lo estaba por comprar a 200 pesos

  89. aysha ali says:

    1 will spin ling

  90. Barbara Soriano says:


  91. GaminForLife Brother says:

    3 is my best

  92. GaminForLife Brother says:


  93. Raymond MacDougall says:

    Fidget cubes are more of my thing

  94. Brigitte Clowsley says:

    five minutes spinn time bye for now

  95. roel obligacion jr says:

    Are you from philippines

  96. charles amandy says:

    i have the blue one but a new 2019 design

  97. Carmen Trance says:

    Shut tonight for pictures from Willingham chicken!

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