Pretend Toy Cafe Hires Roller Skating Waitresses
Pretend Toy Cafe Hires Roller Skating Waitresses

(pencil scribbling) – [Child] Tic Tac Toy!
(bell rings) (gentle orchestral music) – I’m really bummed that we
broke mom’s favorite lamp. – Me too. Maybe we should ride our ponycycles out on the driveway from now on. – Probably so. And now we gotta figure out
how to replace this lamp. – That’s gonna be rough. We only have like $6. – Huh. (sighs) Well, we gotta figure out how
to make some money, and fast. – Hey, girls, did you
get it all cleaned up? – Sure did. Sorry again, Mom. – It’s okay, girls. Accidents happen. Anyways, the reason I came was because I found this flyer on the front door. – Help wanted: rollerskating waitresses. Apply at the Toy Cafe today! – Did you girls know Lulu was hiring rollerskating waitresses for the Toy Cafe? – No, I didn’t know Lulu needed help. – Or that she’s into rollerskating. – Hey, maybe we can be
rollerskating waitresses! – What?
(moves to percussion music) – That’s the craziest thing I ever heard. – Why? – Um, because we can’t rollerskate. – Oh yeah. – (laughs) Remember the last time you two tried to rollerskate?
(bells chime) – [Maya] (grunts) I can’t do this! – Whoa, whoa, I can’t do this! – Just skate, Maya! Come on, just skate! You can do it!
– I can’t do it! (grunts) (Addy screaming) (Mom gasps) (Maya screaming) – Watch the pool, Addy! (screaming) (splashes)
(bells chime) (all groaning)
(rock music) – Well, that settles it then. – But we’re not quitters, Maya, are we? – Uh, I suppose not. – Then let’s apply for those jobs. We can use the money, remember? – Okay, I suppose we could give it a go. – Now, wait a minute, girls. If you two get these jobs,
you have to be extra careful. We already have a broken lamp. We don’t want broken bones too. – We promise to be careful. – Super careful. – And have you finished all
your homework for the weekend? – Yes.
– Yes. – Hm, well, I guess it’s okay then. You do need to replace
that lamp after all. Just be sure to check in with
me as soon as you get back. – Okay, Mom. – Such a bummer! (door slams)
(bell rings) (moves to techno music) (bottles clatter) (humming) (laughing) (skates clatter) – What brings you here, girls? (humming)
(gasps) – Has she lost it, Addy? – Am I dreaming, or do you
two have roller skates? – You definitely aren’t dreaming. – Not a dream. This is more of a nightmare. – So you must have seen my flyer? – Yep, our mom showed
it to us this morning. – Well, I would’ve told you
two about my big plans myself, but I didn’t think your mom would be okay with you guys working at the
Toy Cafe, especially on skates. – Oh, she’s cool with it, as long as we did our homework
and we’re super careful. – Then I assume you two can skate? (groaning)
(ukulele music) A little bit?
(groaning) Oh, well, I sure need the help, and since no one else
is applying for the job, I’ll give you two a shot. – Thanks, Lulu. We really need these jobs. – You sure you need us
rollerskating though? Wouldn’t walking waitresses be cool? – Now, that wouldn’t be
nearly (laughs) as fun. But like your mom said, you
have to be super careful. Pinky promise. – [Addy And Maya] Pinky promise. – Good, now let me get you
two a couple of uniforms. – Unicorns? – Uniforms. We must look professional. Be right back. – Well, if we have to be
in roller skates today, I hope I at least get a
cute outfit out of it. – Me too. – While we wait, let’s see if there’s any new toys that are in here. – Good idea! Look at these new Pikmi Pop bubble drops. These weren’t here last time. – You’re right, they’re so cool. (laughs) – Yeah, she has the best taste in toys, so hopefully she does in uniforms too. – For sure. (bubble pops)
– Here you go, girls! – Whoa! – What do you think? – They’re adorable! – I love them! – Well, try them on and
let’s see how they look. You can change in the break room. It’s the door in the corner
marked Toy Cafe staff only. – Oh, that sounds so businessy. – Well, you two are a part of the official Toy Cafe staff now. – Come on, Addy, let’s try them on. – Okay! – Pop, pop, pop. (laughs) (bell rings) (moves to rock music) (bottles clatter)
(lid slams) – What a bummer. I really liked that lamp too. Oh, I should call Lamps World to find out how much a
replacement’s gonna cost. (bell rings)
(drumbeat) – How do I look, Maya? – Awesome. You look like a real pro. Will you help me tie my skates though? – Oh, sure. (phone rings) Oh, hang on, Mom’s calling us. (phone beeps)
Hey, Mom. – Hi there, Addy. I just
wanted to give you a quick call because I got off the
phone with Lamps World, and it looks like the
replacement’s gonna cost $30. – Wow, that’s a lot of money. – And here’s the kicker. There’s only one left in the whole store. – Only one? – Yeah, they said they
could put it on hold for me until the end of the day,
but if we don’t get it today, there’s a good chance someone
else will buy it tomorrow. – Wow, we got our work
cut out for us then. Thanks for letting us know, Mom. (phone beeps)
– What was that all about? – Basically, we gotta get out
there and make $30 quickly. (bell rings) (cash register dings) – 10, 20, 30.
(cash register dings) Okay, the doors are unlocked, the toy food is prepared, registers set. Now where are my waitresses? (grunting) – [Maya] Oh, I can’t do it! – We got this, Maya, we got this. – I don’t know. (grunts) – (gasps) You girls look fabulous, and those uniforms fit you perfectly. – Whoa! – Do you girls need help?
– No. (circus whistle)
(spring bounces) – Just give us a minute. Whoa, whoa, whoa! – Maybe five. – Well, take your time and be careful, but we’re open now, so we
might have customers soon. – Whoa! Yikes. Maybe we’re not ready. – Maybe we bit off a bit
more than we could chew. – Well, just do your best.
(skates clattering) Over here! (Maya sighs) Right here. Now, you girls are gonna
need a couple supplies. (doors clatter)
(crank clicks) Pens and notepads.
(door slams) All right, these are a
must-have to take your orders. (guitar music) – Whoa, tubular! (skateboard clatters) – Okay, girls, your first customer’s here. Let’s go greet him. – Oh, I’ve got major butterflies. – Mine feel more like pterodactyls. – So welcome to the Toy Cafe. – Thanks! This place looks sick! – Thank you.
(Addy and Maya grunting) I’m the owner, Lulu, and these are my
waitresses, Addy and Maya, and they’ll take great
care of you (laughs) today. – Whoa, nice to meet you! I’m Devin. Whoa, gnarly skates, Addy and Maya. – Thanks, Devin. You got some cool wheels yourself. – Super rad. Are you hungry, Devin? – Thirsty, actually. I’ve been at the skate park all morning, carving out new tricks. Can I see a menu? – Absolutely. There’s a menu on your table. Have a seat and we’ll be right with you. – Radical! Hm, oh, hm.
(Addy and Maya grunting) That looks good right there. – So what can we get you, Devin? – I’ll take a giant can of
Sparkly Critters, please. Looks amazing. – Okay, got that. – Good choice, Devin. – Yeah, we’ll be right back. (skates clattering) (grunting) Okay, Lulu, one
Sparkly Critter, please. – Okay, why don’t you get a tray, Addy. You can get some napkins, and I’ll get a Sparkly
Critter from the fridge. – [Addy] All right.
(bell rings) (gentle techno music) – (sighs) It’s awfully difficult to read in here without a lamp. Maybe I’ll move closer to the window. Hm, it’s a little bit better over here, but I sure hope the girls
are making enough money at the Toy Cafe so I can
get that lamp replaced. (bell rings) – Okay, girls, here’s everything you need. Can you get it to Devin okay? – Maya, why don’t you carry
the tray and I’ll guide you. Sound good? – I suppose so. – All right, good luck, girls. (light percussion beat) All right, fingers crossed. (suspenseful organ music) – Whoa, whoa! Here, come on, Maya, we can do this. (Maya groans) – Dude, that thing’s gigantic! – Here you go, sir. – [Maya] Whoa! – Careful, Maya! (bubble pops)
– Oh no! (Maya screaming) – Whoa!
(crash) – Oh no! – I’m so sorry! – Me too! – We’ll get it all cleaned up, Devin. – Oh goodness, oh goodness! – Oh, no worries, ladies. – Wait, the soda didn’t
spill all over you? – Guess not. Dry as a bone. – Hm, that’s strange. – (laughs) It’s not a drink, it’s a toy. – A toy? No way!
(Lulu laughs) Tubular! – Really? – That’s awesome! – Of course. It’s the latest Poopsie. The critter inside either
poops or spits slime. – Now that’s gnarly. – That was way too close. We almost blew that, Addy. – You’re telling me. Here’s your check, sir. You can pay at the counter
when you’re finished. – Actually, this one’s on us. It’s the least we can do after spilling a can of Poopsie in your lap. – Wow, I’m impressed. You’re no poser. This is a legit toy
cafe, and I’ll be back. – Fantastic! Well, we look forward to
seeing you again. (laughs) – Right back at ya. I’ll take this to go. See you later.
– Okay, perfect. Thank you. Nice to meet you, Devin. Girls, counter.
(chairs clatter) (bell rings)
(light percussion music) That was seriously a close call, girls. – Won’t happen again, Lulu. – I sure hope not. Listen, I have to go restock
the storage room now. Can you girls handle everything for a few? – Um, I don’t know. It might be time to hang up the skates. – But Maya. Sure, no problem, Lulu. – Wonderful. Then I’ll be right back. – Remember, we still
need to make $30, Maya. And after that debacle,
we’ve made no progress. (hip hop music) (door slams) – Hm. Interesting establishment. – Ooh, another customer’s here, Addy. – Oh! – Oh, hello. – Hello and welcome to the Toy Cafe. – May we help you? – I certainly hope so. I’m in to get that last minute luncheon, and I’d like to put in a very large order. Are you capable of that? – [Addy And Maya] Uh. – How large? – For 20 people. (gulps) (door squeaks) (door slams) – Hm, Toy Cafe, huh? Let’s see what this is all about. (grunts) Let me look at this menu. Mm-hmm. – Excuse me, that won’t
be a problem, will it? – Excuse me, miss, can I
get some service over here? – Uh, not at all, ma’am. – Addy, can I talk to you for a minute? – Um, excuse us for one minute. – Oh, this better not take too long. – Yoohoo! – What should we do, Addy?
We can’t handle all this. – Uh, how about you take the
man’s order and I’ll take hers? – Okay, got it. Coming! – Just a minute! – So here’s the menu. What can I get you, miss? – Hm, let’s see here.
(bell rings) (jars clicking) – Ooh, these Crate Creatures would make great sides at the Toy Cafe. I sure hope the girls
are doing okay in there. (dishes clatter) I’m just gonna ignore that. I’m sure they’ve got it under control. (bell rings) (rock music) (Maya grunting) (dishes clatter) – How are we ever gonna do this, Maya? – We just have to work faster. – Faster? – Like triple time! – Is my order almost ready? – It’s coming!
(boxes clattering) – Here’s your order, sir. (skates clattering)
Two Squishies. – That’s not what ordered! I ordered two DoughMi’s! – Oh, sorry about that, sir. (items clattering) – I wanted the Cotton
Candy Cuties too, please. – Oh yeah, okay. – [Addy And Maya] Excuse me, excuse me! – How did this stool get here? (grunts) – Cotton Candy Cuties!
(items clattering) Excuse me, sir. – Oh, I’d like some of these too, miss. Those Cotton Candy thingamajiggers. (items clattering) – Here are your DoughMi’s, sir. – Purple frosting? I wanted green! And did you get my Cotton Candy Cuties? – Oh, okay. Whoa! – I don’t see the Shopkins. Did you forget the
Shopkins sides I requested? – Shopkins? Okay. (sighs) (items clattering) – That’s more like it. – Whoa, whoa! – Maya, how’d you tear your uniform? – I have no idea. – Is that my food? – Yes, green DoughMi’s and
two Cotton Candy Cuties. – Well, it’s about time.
(slams table) (boxes clicking) (cash register dings) – $10. (cash register dings) – I need to leave in 30 seconds. – Order’s done. – And that will be $80. – Well, it’s about time. Ooh! (heels clicking) – [Maya] Thank you. – Well, that took longer than expected. – Well, I’m absolutely exhausted. – You’re telling me. – Everything going smoothly, girls? – Uh … – Uh … – Perfectly. – Well, that’s just great to hear. Since you two are doing so well, I’m gonna take a quick lunch break. Be right back! – Oh no. – Not again. (bell rings) – (sighs) We’re back, Mom. – Oh. (skates clatter) (sighing) – (laughs) Wow, you two look like something the cat dragged in. Rough day? – Totally. – I’m beat. – Boy, I can tell. Did everything work out though? – Barely. – Wow, you got the $30, and I’m proud of you two
for going through with it. – You know what? I’m glad we did too, and now
we can buy you a new lamp. – Yeah, it’s such a relief. – Well, we better get going
to the store before it closes. Oh, but you know what? Before we go, I wanted to show you something that Lulu sent over. – [Addy and Maya] For us? – Yeah, here you go. – [Addy And Maya] Stilts? – Yeah, apparently you
girls did such a great job that she wants you to
come back and work again next weekend when the servers
will be wearing stilts. (groaning) (bell rings)

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