Pro Engineer Pro E) Plummer Block (Pedestel Bearing) Tutorial 1

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today we gonna make our first part of plummer block select the front plane as sketching plane now draw the section as shown make sure dimensions are alright as drawn there should be no difficulty in drawing this you can check the dimension if not known now we have to draw a circle which is of
48 diameter its centre should be 4 mm below the extreme point
of the vertical line as shown trim the corresponding section mirror whole sub drawing about the centre line extrude this depth to 46 mm this is basic casting
now we have to draw the holes for nut and bolt select the shown surface for extrusion you can make references according to your requirement now draw the hole on the part centreline make diameter to 12 mm now make this to the required distance from the centreline mirror this about the centreline as shown remove material to complete depth now we have to make the pocket at bottom of casting
to suite the head of the bolt select bottom surface for extrusion make suitable references draw the centrelines make rectangular section and correct the dimensions mirror this again about the centreline remove the material to the depth of 10 mm now we have to make two more holes so that
it can fixed to the fixture etc. again make this section as shown make these holes through you can save this to your working directory as definedat last we have to make a small hole in semi circular surface
to fit the brasses part there for this make a datum plane as shown select this datum plane for skeching make a small hole there as shown this is the complete first part of plummer block Subtitles created by AHD Subtitles Maker Professional
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