Rear Drum and Bearing Replacement 2000-2008 Ford Focus
Rear Drum and Bearing Replacement 2000-2008 Ford Focus

[Music] Today we’re going to talk about installing the rear drum, 2000-2008 Ford Focus. What’s rather unique about this rear drum is that the bearing is integrated into the component. Let’s put this on the spindle and follow the proper procedures so we do not damage that bearing during install. We’ve installed the drum on the spindle. One caution, the nut should always be replaced. Right on the nut it says do not reuse. This is a nyloc-style nut, and what happens is it will not hold the proper torque specifications. So make sure that you replace that nut. The next part of the procedure is they tell you to tighten down this nut. Snug it down, do not reach your final torque. Next procedure is you install your torque wrench, and as you’re torquing this… the instruction is to rotate this ten times in the reverse direction as you’re reaching your torque specification. By following these procedures, you will not have a damaged bearing. As a recap, if you follow these procedures that we just reviewed, you will not have bearing failure. Let me show you what this bearing is. This bearing is a double-roller-style bearing. By not following the procedures, what ends up happening is you drive these bearings of the rollers into the race… and it causes a brinelling condition, which results in a noisy bearing. [Music]

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  1. alice Morris says:

    Nice video

  2. wolfedog99 says:

    How does the drum come off without first removing the spindle nut? Every video on these brakes seems to remove the nut first and then some guy in the comments says that is the wrong way, but I can't find any examples of the "right way" to remove the assembly, inspect drum wear [and slave cylinder] and replace pads.

  3. ScrewsNutsAndBolts says:

    Excellent videos. Subbed 👍🏻

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