Rear Shaft Driven Motorcycle Wheel Removal Vstar 1100 Part 1

So we’re going to change the tire on a Vstar
1100. I have it propped up just using a car jack and some blocks underneath. Pretty straight
forward. You just have to make sure it’s balanced. The front two blocks are just under
the frame. Took the seat off. Pretty simple. My seat only had the one bolt back here. I
also just released the back fender by taking off the two saddle bag holders. And then there
are two screws here as well. So now I can get the back tire off by lifting up the back
fender. Otherwise you can see that there is no way that the back tire is rolling out of
there on its own. So now we just have to disconnect the back tire. So I just took off the brake…the
caliper. Basically there were two bolts right here that were holding it on. They were a
12 millimeter I believe. Anyway, so I just took those two bolts out and just kind of
slid this out. If you look at it you can see that my brake pads also need to be replaced.
There is almost no pad at all on that. So I’ll be doing that in the near future as
well. Now that I have that out I just need to take these two bolts out right here, and
then loosen up the back axle. So the reason you take off the back…the caliper is because
when you take the tire, when you’re sliding it out, it won’t slide out all the way if
the caliper is still attached to the rotor right here. So you pull it out and make sure
you tie it up as well, out of the way, because when you pull the back tire out it needs to
be supported so it doesn’t automatically fall and yank on the brake lines cuz that’s
delving into a whole ‘nother situation you don’t want to work with. Alright, so I got
a little bit ahead of myself. Let me explain what happened. So to take the back tire off
there are a few bolts you got to release. So this is where the final drive went through.
The axle went through here. There are 4 bolts around this mounting plate that I took off.
Then two bolts here obviously. So those are those two bolts. And these are the 4 bolts
around that mounting plate. The axle was pretty simple. I believe it was a 22 millimeter.
Just got the nut and the washer that came off of it. Pretty straight forward. And then
on the other side
it just had…the caliper I obviously got off, it had this bolt right here and then
these 2 that hold the axle in place on this side. And so you can kind of see it has this
arm that was connected to the bolt at the top and then the caliper goes on those two.
So those are the parts that I’ve taken off so far. So the final drive just kind of pops
right off the top of that. You don’t need to loosen up any bolts or anything. And that’s
the part you got to take to the guy to get the tire changed off. So I just have it propped
up on two blocks right now so I’m not damaging the rotor on the other side. Just take off
all those loose pieces. Take it into him, he’ll switch the tire out, put it all back
together and throw it back on the bike. When you do put it all back together again, make
sure those tines right there are greased up. And also at the end of this other shaft just
put a little bit of grease on before you stick it back in. So to help me out tomorrow I made
sure to put the parts in the same order that they were on the bike. So I got that arm right
there, the axle, I got the different bearings inside, and then I got the final drive just
all kind of lined up exactly where they were on the bike. So that will make things easier.
And then with this, I also put like all the nuts and bolts and things that I took off
back in their same spots so I don’t have to worry about, you know, losing them or figuring
out where they go tomorrow when I get the wheel done.

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