Recap Q&A: What Uses for Your Old Camera?
Recap Q&A: What Uses for Your Old Camera?

good morning everybody from around the
world in the states it’s the weekly recap june issue of the show racism
records talk about questions of your ninety-two history now an entrance room for you also below the description you might
notice there are some useful links those of accumulated on face book and twitter and i want to uh… sure
them with you know so can editor sydney had to say you can always look below
because of lots of things of interest there probably a lot more interesting than
what i’m going to going to tell you so i’m sure this uh… show my car
because it’s easy to click of a lot of time to do this in the pacific region except the reasonable parking when
someone for the next meeting avoiding a radio which they’re doing right now uh… souvenir at any rate also in star leslie actually forgot to
ask everybody a question so i ended up just putting it in the description of of
the question was did you miss this show uh… seems like uh… when i saw the
inevitable so anything but once a said something about it was
deposited themselves frankie doing it so i wanted to do it so doing it now and uh… hopefully will move into a more suitable
where within their concert at area code and get started i don’t
wanna drone on forever so the first question i have is from ron weight uh… when serves who want to know what your thoughts were
using lenses in your camera turkeys for example round pillar rectangular and how to use them correctly i don’t
want to have one just for looks oran says there are a pretty important uh… might actually use the couple our
cities three year he’s around the pedal rose from the rose petal the pedal for phil shape uh… entertainer wins then the pet all in the retailer runs in the most
use for me as far as video goes because that he is around one i discovered uh… that’s use anything besides houston refugee
though why it all in trade using your own uh… lends her they will show up in the
widescreen which course then that doesn’t help so but the post shape for the retainer ones
do much better or it’s raining there main purpose uh… psystar flares so in the new that pretty well meaningless here next remain on players
are still getting in which case of people using a map boxes which are more
expensive bedeviled uh… bigger flies on top of the side to help
with that kind of things uh… so it’s a recommend retailer pedal uh… and they’re pretty cheap probably
dates of your whatever your thread sizes airlines look that up uh… like that like fifty millimeter lansford for example the show pretty cheaply to three bucks so that’s what i would say and myself we have a question for our
bruder he says if she sanity motioned uh… interlaced and video you
were using p_v_c_ pipe as it better to use uh… one inch pipe
is the piece in the lights and the year which is uh… building those flights fans are
built out of three quarter inch pipe uh… what it is one inch pipe well i think that’s a p_v_c_ is it even
though it seems like weight of the larger dairy you get most of the
heavier gets like that but we have a very good pbc waste and collecting is
heavy so but recruit seems to be the minimum uh… kind of balance between size and
sturdy yes so i think that’s a better size and one
in charge of near the higher you go here it is something that says you need
to get through stability for i don’t know who actually increasing the
diameter of the paper is as good as putting another way dot of like they showed in the video so immigrated here what inspired that’s
worth and yet you know in the news that the refrence recorder interest for a
slight stay in school but you can really use any size uh… i don’t think how although you
were away from half-inch on those stands on the specific project
because ambiguity history sold to flimsy when it comes in india and other
projects self-fulfilling three-quarter inch for the license breath away i asked me and i’m looking
for this piece in the very versatile to call it it’s you that quarter-inch crudely plastics rudin of
paying on it siegel actually and when i hear chris talking about in
the uh… ukrainian crew creator use this on the bottom of the uh… camera
platform or to attach the camera this week ordered for its truce ruined
by this fancy nam and actually gotten this from something
else and and camera was now discover throwdown but if you are your hardware store uh… negotiator nuts-and-bolts i’ll be
sweeter the specialty drawers whom depots just uh… kind specialty parts you’ll find quarter-inch threaded um…
secret clearance trade with these various knobs on summer neurobiol
summaries trying new things but that’s where i’ve seen them before and if they don’t have the fray like
this will have a internal threatened there’s a whole thread i posted this is
her throat outside the nam so you can just you find those newsprint quarter-inch
three-eighths of a whole securing with uh… hoxie ur uh… walked over something like that
and then just coming down that they’ll do the same fate but those
odds are out there in your hard work stories to look for him uh… mere nuts-and-bolts i’ll fill in
for them outside i didn’t get mine there but if i had another witness road go
together as i said more when leon apart spin or
something right and finally christopher bamberger well murder so there is a link in turkey ngo to mini
dv camcorder and at the same time it was that you are going to film making is a scam parcel to parnell issues come
around and see if he camcorders from every corner uh… whether i can open up a reason or
prediction before you deal with with this it’s it’s three ccd isn’t selling still so it for half the price is um… well first of all i want to say
that you can do me good videos with any kind of camera you have to have and union supporters often family if you
use the technique you can have the opportunity concerned
about her death like i’d prefer to have had it for you
because that’s what the responsible quality when it was so funny to you in had
definite looks better than standard up to the guilty visited camcorder to camera as the lens on it it’s uh…
choosen widescreen uh… and it does sugar intake however which i don’t like uh… anymore site charity for a long
time and the whole capturing process and possibility dropping frames and all that uh… you’re dealing with a medium swim
wear out i’d much prefer to schubert right to a
card as much nicer and i don’t regret relieving the dvd wellesley technology but it’s a good camera i mean if you if you
have access to any good camera specially one that has for example the piece a glass on the
front that’s a good lands uh… use it and you can always you know she isn’t s
footage put something together uploaded no they don’t like the results
because of the camera itself for whatever reason you can always see a
change cameras so if you have access to something like
that has no bids in when their leader has extra rockers in one of the post
with a little button revolt he rocker actually hasn’t gotten too two fingers in uh… that’s nice so take advantage of it you know i have
all kinds of different cameras now know that the uh… have a cell phone carrillo they worry is that i want to and then the uh… sania exactly cd ten they should this show with small
pistol grip camera as producing image uh… that i have my canon nature past
one hundred avenues for all my tutorial stuff still because uh… i can just let it run run running
all over he and mike my sony any expired and jasmine news camera
really really like to think that uh… old lenses on a different kinds of
lenses for different looks but it does not every overheating issue
so it’s not for event videography uh… like one should wedding iran for forty
minutes that carol hebrew buchanan camcorder which won’t so there’s all
kinds of uses for the cameras a mother’s and and i’ll be all camera out there it even uh… but warns that if u_n_ but new user g h two
check it out in fact this leaves the question was answered by
this week which is above the title the title of please of a sudden is uh… what are you doing with your
old cameras uh… you know that you know we all wait
upgrade but there is still care were so have you since i was wondering at what
everybody else does with their cameras and upgraded from we need is giveaway view using for a
webcam for example dfw but for the show our ability and using
the standards that the for the show the physicians quick and easy shoots an empty for for a
reason upload uh… will overheat cedric serra so detail please tell me
what you’re doing with the power of the world tell me what you’re doing with your old
cameras video you have appraised from just as we should uh… show today
remember uh… ski check of the fruit filemaker face book group has lots of
activity going on there if it were about to hit five thousand members to give a question or some advice or he did you have
information you ensure of people who really were going to look at and you
critique you a great deal even on the internet
and that’s a great place to share that was people were active in that group stick on its own entity so as opposed to go to interact fruitful
maker if you’re a former tweets what sort of surrender sadness and
twitter trying to make that little more active uh… was the brockman the blog approval
maker dot com and of course here is you to turn away
watching this so then checked the links below for more interesting information
and uh… the show’s over

40 thoughts on “Recap Q&A: What Uses for Your Old Camera?”

  1. Bradley Stearn says:

    I think you should enter the VintageLensesForVideo lens giveaway in the description.

  2. Harry Steel says:

    Hello! woooo! first Comment! Can I Ask Why You Go Umn At The Start? BTW Great Videos Been Enjoying Them Over Here In England!

  3. Harry Steel says:


  4. analog56x says:

    im VERY hard on equipment, so when i replace a camera, its usually because the old one has died… haha

  5. ShaunBrownTV says:


  6. bfnut says:

    Keep it up!
    Greetings from Portugal!

  7. moomman89 says:

    Umnnnnn Tast so good.Will I ever be able to get a new camera?Maybe If I could win 425 million.If so.I will get a Lamborghina.and put a Go Pro or Contaur in it.

  8. bfnut says:

    …..oooops….sold mine…shifff….but what I have how is a compact video camera with full 1080p at 30fps and the only manual setting is white balance.
    But I have another photo camera that does 720p at 30fps and I use this one as my second camera.

  9. Calmo says:

    Around the world!!!

  10. SuthnautR says:

    II have a few old Flips and find that they make nice inconspicuous table mics. I turn one on, hit reccord and lay it flat on a table pointing at the ceiling and it gives me great sound. I also use the flips to get vey nice stills by panning around during a shoot and later pull out perfect frames for use on the web. The other 5 HD cameras get mounted on ceilings looking down on food preparation or soap making videos etc so I can get every angle.

  11. SuthnautR says:

    AAnother idea I got was to mod your DIY rig so I could mount 2 more cameras on top, with the main camera below. The top cams face angled slightly left and right so that if I'm filming a party or a game and something spontaneous happens outside of the frame on the main camera I don't have to pan like mad after the fact and miss it because one of the backups got it!

  12. SGCAlex says:

    great ending! 😀

  13. Jose Lopez says:

    Each of my camera's thus far just have a different use. I had a point and shoot Casio which still serves as a travel, second angle. I have a GoPro which is an action, second angle. Cell phone, always with me and alternate angle. And my T2i which is my main camera. When I upgrade, I'll either keep it as another angle, backup or sell it if I need the money.

  14. akbychoice says:

    Canon 60D, GoPro HD, Canon 95, Plot Watcher and anther game cam that works off of motion. I use the GoPro HD and Plot watcher for timelapse and the 60D for both video and stills.

  15. akbychoice says:

    Discarded exercise equipment sometimes is a great source for threaded knobs, springs, washers and boom parts.

  16. Ross Trowbridge says:

    Well considering that my old camera went swimming in the deep end of a hotel swimming pool, about the only thing it is still good for is a paperweight or a clay pidgeon.

  17. SparkIndustryFilms says:

    I love these Q and A's. I dont know why it doesnt get more viewership. Keep it going please! Thank you!

  18. Randomtvusa says:

    saving money to upgrade

  19. ougibbons says:

    I gave my Sony DSR47 to a friend to film his two kids of under 3 years old seeing that he didn't have a camera and now I am getting him into editing and giving him some tips I pick up from Youtube channels such as this one. It makes me look all clever. At least I am getting another person excited about filming, even if it is just for his kids. As for my older tape cameras (very bulky) I would love to hear some ideas. I have two old Canons but feel to sorry for them to dispose of.

  20. Trinifilms says:

    NEX-5n FTW!!! I only do short films, and this camera is fantastic for it! My mom got my old D5100 because I found that the video wasn't up to my par.

  21. The Limb Reaper says:

    Do you do that too? Drive to work and stop on trash day when you see an aluminum tube, exercise machine, lawn mower, etc, etc. poking from the trash cans? You're right, they are great for parts.

  22. RiverRockPhotos says:

    Tape may be an out dated medium but I will not give up my HV30. It is still very useful for the stuff I do. It shoots such a great image in good light. Pluse camcorders have a place where DSLR don't I love my T2i as well but if I dont have time to pull focus I go for the HV30. I do hate the capture part though really hate it if I got a couple hours to transfer to the computer.

  23. amante7777 says:

    Yeah I'm actually debating this topic right now as I don't really use my Canon HV40 anymore so I'm considering selling it and using the money to buy a iPad mini…

  24. akbychoice says:

    Yes, I re-purpose. ( :

  25. stonedcommander says:

    If someone is going to use a mini-dv camera, make sure you have a fire-wire port on your pc…new pc's dont come with them anymore unless you ask for it…I had to buy a fire-wire port from dell and it works great…Like frugal said, you can use any camera. Love my canon xl1 by the way.

  26. Paul R says:

    The only video camera I've ever owned is the Sony HDR HC1, the first consumer HD camera, if I'm not mistaken. I don't feel I've used it enough to justify upgrading (I've only ever completed one project with it and it's on my YouTube page, however there should be another coming up before the new year), but if ever my photo camera dies on me I'll most likely upgrade to a DSLR with both picture-taking and movie-making in mind. Until then, I have no issue with my camcorder being old.

  27. TheFIREGOD12 says:

    what kind of tape cameras

  28. edwin vega says:

    Hey I recommend you deal extreme is an awesome site it got some cool clamps and its free shipping but it takes a while but its worth it its like a dollar tree

  29. Jeremy Ottens says:

    My DVX-100a has been sitting… I've felt a lot of pressure from onset of HD, even though I think you can still tell a story using standard def. When I was in college (U of North TX) about a year ago, they were still using the DVX-100 for their news station.

  30. TekReviews says:

    If you have old photo cameras, be on the look out for Leica and another brand. A recent auction a Leica from 1936 sold for 2.1 million bucks. Holy shiznit batman! I think my Mom still has a old Leica camera from her mother. Probably a 1950s model so no cashola.

  31. Birch M says:

    my old cameras (if they dont break) i only upgrade for higher quality, I about 4 months ago upgraded to Canon t3i from a HITACHI DZHV1074E/U,, bad grainy images in okay lightbut in HD so.. i use that camera for dangerous camera angles and for filming a scene and use its grainy image as cctv footage 😀

  32. John Erickson says:

    There are rca & s-video to digital uploader units and cards that will allow you to upload to the PC and edit.

  33. Phil Gilcrease says:

    ive been wondering if there is a use for my old sony dv cam. i hate to let it go just because it shoots on tape but i have noticed what used to be standard ( manual focus dials and mic imputs) are now becoming a luxary on consumer grade hd cameras, even my old hi8 has those extras

  34. Martin Steffen says:

    I sold mine for 3/4 of what I paid for it but helped pay for the new one.

  35. wwwShadow7 says:

    Ideally you'd sell the old in favor of the next best one. But I've dropped mine one too many times to even consider that. If I ever get a computer capable of it, my old one can be used as webcam (standard def). A few scuffs on it and the 1/4" threads are stripped out a bit. There's still enough threads to functionally mount it to the PVC rigging. Just not enough to rig it up to a moving vehicle or anything.

  36. Herr Mannelig says:

    @thefrugalfilmmaker What do you camera do you recommend 350$?

    Greetings from Sweden, Good videos keep up the good work!

  37. thefrugalfilmmaker says:

    I'd probably go with a refurbished Canon VIXIA. Google those last three words to go to access Canon's refurbished camcorders.

  38. Charles Sanson says:

    I must be emotionally attached to my cameras. The joy of watching old videos of my family has made parting with them difficult. It would become a nasty divorce.

  39. SandCrabNews says:

    4:42 is a Midwest Fasteners Corp, (78100, Clamping Knobs, 66 items) BROWN SECTION, Household Knobs, Clamping Knob, Male Thread, 1/4"-20 available at True Value, Ace, Home Depot, $.

  40. SandCrabNews says:

    I had an old AIPTEK with a cracked glass lens protector, but by removing the lens protector, and using black electrical tape, I adapted a 10x loupe magnifier and was able to explore macro photography.

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