Redbone – Come and get your Love (Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack)
Redbone – Come and get your Love (Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack)

Hail (hail) What’s the matter with your head, yeah Hail (hail) What’s the matter with your mind And your sign an-a, oh-oh-oh Hail (hail) Nothin’ the matter with your head
Baby find it, come on and find it Hail (hail) with it baby, ‘Cause you’re fine
And you’re mine, and you look so divine Come and get your love! Come and get your love! Come and get your love! Come and get your love! Hail (hail) What’s the matter with you feel right

100 thoughts on “Redbone – Come and get your Love (Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack)”

  1. Adam Racer says:


    You're welcome

  2. zohrya kanowah says:

    I adore this song

  3. Ale Arias says:

    Estar lord :the music

  4. CARLOS CRAFTE 33 says:

    Quién abla español😁

  5. lol lol says:

    Ten likes and I dance like star lord in public.

  6. ALongNameMC says:

    It’s hell not hey

  7. Lula Cósmica says:


  8. booker dewitt says:

    chibi maruko chan ending theme sounds compared to that ost.

  9. yazu htp says:

    Eres what

  10. B Gheseger says:

    Stop regurgitating the same hey hey what memes there dumb and annoying as fuck and they aren't even saying hey they're saying hail

  11. - Dawn says:

    Me: Sleep in class because it's too boring*

    Wake up 5 minutes later
    School shooter: Hey

    Me: Hey

    Me: WHAT

  12. Carlos Lopez says:

    y did you remove the ending?!?!?!

  13. Mik Kat says:

    😭😭😭 tik tok took this too I'm dead

  14. BLUEWOLF 2 9999 says:

    Furry:hey Gamers:hey Gamers: what

  15. Marko Sah says:

    Lyrics isn't hell
    It is hail(hail)

  16. Lim We Shern says:

    Came for the meme, stayed for the song.

  17. _ djchino _ says:

    Teacher: HAIL
    Students: HAILLL

    students: w H A T

  18. Eder Rodrigues dos santos Rodrigues dos santos says:

    I am Groot…🌳😍

  19. MineCraft Gamer33 says:

    Tik tok kids search: Hey Hey What. Why this generation suck?

  20. G.O.A.T -Alpha says:


  21. Mr. Whale says:

    F is for family

  22. Jack Van Patten '26 says:

    totally nude nudes —->

  23. CrazyCupcake69 says:


  24. Richard Ludwig says:

    those hey-hey-what memes arent funny

  25. peter parker says:

    Hey guys I am back

  26. Alex Oros says:


  27. Daoui Yassin says:

    Hey guys btw our life is a lie it's hail not hey

  28. P.A. Productions says:

    Peter Quill dating Gamora
    Thanos: Heeey
    Peter: Heeeey…….WHAT?!

  29. lisaah- chan;3 says:


  30. Present Mic says:

    Bakugo, escaping the league of villains; “Heyyy.”

    Dabi: “Heyyy.”

    a few seconds later

    Dabi: “wHAT-“

  31. Yasser Untong says:

    Hearing this makes me feel like I'm in the Benatar.

  32. Bananers says:

    i guess i will join in on this.

    Mom : Hey
    Me : Hey
    Me : WHAT

  33. xxsmokerxx 647 says:

    Am i the only one whos here becaus of the F is for Family intro?

  34. Saul Hernández says:

    Todos los que hablen español reportense con un like

  35. sayballee kincade says:

    Docter: Heyy…you have 4 minutes to live

    Me:Heyyy…..Uno reverse

    Docter: WhAt


    This song is to the MCU what What's Life from Sinatra is to the new DC films era.

  37. alexa Martinez says:

    Es pera yo habla español no ingles , pero el open funciono jeje

  38. Josemanuel Villa Ibarra says:

    Like los que hablan español y escuchan este tipo de música

  39. Mo says:

    I got this stuck in my head now

  40. Leah O. Lariosa says:

    What? The description says hell and my subtitles say hail and tik tok say hey!

  41. Cai Zhong says:

    So the hey,hey what joke is popular now,eh?

  42. P E P S I says:

    Yall a bunch of headasses saying 'hey' when its 'hail'

  43. Crazy Giraffe says:

    Dam it tik tok why did you ruin this song

  44. Lamarmotte says:

    Korean subtitles are actually broken

  45. C r a z y M a n 她 says:

    Y ahora donde esta el we que juega con el tubo y esta musica?:v

  46. Carter Bowe says:

    Hey! 😃

  47. Robotnik Animations says:

    “So he’s an idiot….”

    No Rhodes, he’s the smartest person ever. You just can’t see it.

  48. lexy ortiiz says:


    Yo. Hey
    José José. Hey
    Yo what?

  49. J. Zingler says:


  50. MANOLLO BR says:

    The best

  51. el tatis galindo says:

    Gracias a esta pude conseguir una novia y ahora ya llevamos 2 años ❤️🥺😂 los milagros si pasan❤️

  52. Dilan Reviews says:

    Bowser Stealing Princess Peach: Hey

  53. Izuku Midoriya says:




  54. Tiago Abiner says:

    Adoreiii likeeee❤

  55. jen ireland says:


  56. k a l i says:

    Me jerking off in my bedroom:
    my dad: HEY!
    me: HEY!

  57. Nina Rocha says:


  58. Daniel Camilo Páez says:

    Amo esta canción, saludos desde Colombia

  59. 私はもやしが嫌いIHateBeansprouts says:


  60. Dylan Monteiro says:

    stoopid ad

  61. League Of Anime says:

    I thought it was "hell"

  62. Khang Huỳnh says:

    Tôi là người Việt Nam. Tôi muốn sử dụng Google dịch để nói chuyện với mọi người ở đây. Nhưng mà tôi đã k sử dụng.

  63. Nam Vũ says:

    HYDRA :)))

  64. Tokyo says:

    Tik tok alguem peloamordedeus

  65. KAIO E RUAN KR says:

    Nen louco

  66. KING DORITOS says:

    Eeeuh e e e e

  67. SPZ Max says:

    Feel like dancing like Peter Quill around my office at work.

  68. JuicyTaz201 says:

    Minecraft sheep getting penetrated brought me here 🐑

  69. Alivia Evans says:

    I love this song

  70. Zachary Jorgensen says:

    Penny: (Sneakes into Gumball’s room and locks door) Hey~

    Nicole: Hey! …WHAT- D:>

  71. Dva nerd person Main says:

    Me:mining for wood

  72. Paulo Ricardo says:

    Everybody in the comments:hey

  73. Ruan marcos araujo macedo says:

    Gostei dessa musica

  74. Zeina107 says:

    Why isnt tobey mcguire in the mcu. Becuase the mcu is too weak to handle pizza time.

  75. Alequei says:

    who listen this music in 2019 octuber

  76. subliteral says:

    When that movie started & then just busted out with one of my favorite songs of all time , I hadn't felt that good watching a movie since about forever.

  77. Emilia Martinez Bonilla says:

    Hola xoxo

  78. YEEAAHH says:

    people correcting that it is "Hail" and not "Hey" but I am here thinking is it not still valid to say "Hail" in place of "Hey"?

  79. Luis Parra says:

    Robber breaking into my house: Hey
    My fatass eating at 3am: Hey-WHAT

  80. Mageknight 40K says:

    In the description the lyrics are wrong

  81. Jeremy Kiahsobyk says:

    Redbone: Heeyyyy…

    OutKast: …Yah?

    4 Non Blondes: What's goin on?

  82. Esponjoso 599 says:


  83. Maverick Stevens says:


  84. Natwell says:

    the true redbone

  85. Lachly says:

    Me: Oh what a normal sog!
    Endgame and tik tok: hOlD mY BeEr

  86. Alessandro Casini says:

    nobody from F for Family?

  87. Silke urbas says:


  88. YDY says:

    Number of people who here only because of endgame👇

  89. Francisco Javier Martin Escobar says:


  90. Hati Hróðvitnisson says:

    Sleep Paralysis Demon: Hey
    Me: Hey
    Me: -WHAT

  91. That 1_blu3shyguy says:

    F is for family

  92. ToxicScum says:

    Wakes up *

    God: Heyyy

    Me: Heyy


  93. Guys Gaming says:

    I always do the little spinny move whenever I hear this song, no matter where, no matter what, I will do it

  94. jakey boi says:

    Don't say you are a guardians fan if you don't regularly reenact this scene when listening to this song

  95. Lea Samuel says:

    Everybody back to planet earth, no more galaxy shit! 😬and listen to the music😀

  96. Rosana Barbosa says:


  97. sandoval3rika gomez says:


  98. Tania Salcedo says:

    Come and get your Good Old Songs

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