Refrigerator Repair – Door Closure Bearing (Frigidaire Part# 240328201)
Refrigerator Repair – Door Closure Bearing (Frigidaire Part# 240328201)

Steve: Hi, it’s Steve from PartSelect. Today
we are going to show you how to change the Door Closure Bearing on your refrigerator.
It’s a pretty easy job, only need a few tools. A 3/8 wrench, a Philips screw driver
and a small flat blade screw driver. Let me show you how it’s done. To do this repair
we are going to have to remove the fresh food door from the refrigerator. Now a couple of
things we will have to do are remove all of the bins and any food items that are on the
refrigerator door, take those out of there, and then turn off both the freezer and the
fresh food controls, because the door will be removed for a length of time when it takes
to do the repair. Now first step we need to do is remove the
hinge gap, single Philip screw at the rear of the cover, just remove that and let the
hinge cover off that will expose the two 3/8 bolts that holds the top hinge to the cabinet.
Remove those two bolts, now just let the hinge out of the door, now we ready to take the
door off and put it on a flat surface where we can work on. Just open the door, lift it
straight up and put it on a flat work surface. Now that we have the door on a suitable work
surface, you note the location of the door closure sits inside of the door stop bracket
and on the perimeter of that door bearing there are three little slots that will accept
a small flat blade screw driver. Just insert it into each of those sequentially pry the
bearing out of the housing. Take our new bearing that is triangular in
shape, just line it up, press it into place, now we are ready to re-install the door. Before
we re-install the door, we should take time to inspect the lower hinge closure bearing
and the actual hinge pin itself. Make sure there are no cracks in the bearing and clean
up any dirt or debris that might be on that hinge pin. At that point you may want a little
bit of food grade grease or Vaseline just a small amount on the hinge pin itself and
on the bearing just to make it close a little easier. Now we are ready to re-install the door, now
we are ready to re-install the door, simply line up the hinge pocket with the hinge pin.
Rotate the door into place, the gasket should hold it firmly there but you should keep a
hand on to make sure. Reinstall the top hinge and if needed clean this hinge pin up, put
a little lubricant on it. Reinstall the two 3/8 bolts, we won’t take them up yet till
we have the door aligned up. Make sure the gap between the two doors is even from top
to bottom, that the top of the door is even with the cabin. Tight them into place, now
we are ready to re-install hinge cover, let me install Philips screw. Check the operation
of the door. Now we are ready to reinstall all the shelves and don’t forget to turn
the refrigerator back on. That’s just how easy it was to change the door closure bearing
on your refrigerator, thanks for watching and good luck with your repair.

26 thoughts on “Refrigerator Repair – Door Closure Bearing (Frigidaire Part# 240328201)”

  1. Julie Haner says:

    So helpful, thank you!

  2. Yesica Alvarado says:

    Hello, i have a question! I have a refrigerator and when i first bought it, the door for the bottom part would open and would stay still at a certain point, now after my two year old has being opening it, it seems that the door won't stop until is open all the way more than it had in the past, is there a fix for this! Help please!!

  3. MrGeo1138 says:

    slide track needs to be adjusted

  4. Kristen Cherry says:

    Our fridge door is making a loud thumping when we open it, and "drops" slightly when opened. This is after my 5yr old has been hanging on it. Can you guide me as to what may need to be repaired? Thnaks!

  5. Kristen Cherry says:

    I'm thinking it could be the hinge repair, but how would I know the hinge is damaged? Thanks, the video is great!

  6. Andre Flores says:

    I just noticed my freezer wont stay closed, or will close then pop open. why?

  7. jarhead66 says:

    On 4-5 yr old in great shape 20.2cf Frigidaire top freezer, refrigerator door bit sagging and not allowing to properly close. Any suggestions, thanks.  

  8. nepomusik says:

    Hiya, I already watched an earlier vid to repair a shelf pin in my same model fridge, and it was immensely helpful. So now I'm going to watch this vid and do another repair job. Thanks for making these vids.

    Question though. While I have Part #240328201, I also have another part, Part #240328401, and descriptions said it's another Door hinge pin. But you don't seem to have videos on applying that part and I don't know where it goes. I searched on the web on how to apply it, but no dice. Would you know where Part #240328401 goes?

  9. Mew Windsor says:

    Hi, my refrigerator is a Frigidaire too and it makes a thumping noise, sorta goes up, and then kinda drops down when it's opening and closing.  I thought it just needed to be adjusted but there doesn't seem to be any adjustment available.  After watching your video I think it needs the repair you are doing and maybe the lower bearing and pin bearing that the fridge door mounts to should be replaced as well.  Do you have a video showing repairs for all three?

  10. Mr Kurtz says:

    Thanks much for posting this video.  Mine broke for no reason this week and I was at a loss as to what to do about it.

  11. rsaathoff says:

    I just replaced this on my Frigidaire refrigerator. The door bearing closure on the door had disintegrated. However the part on the chassis that fits against the closure bearing is different than the stated part. it is not screwed in but has a shank that slides in the hole. There is now a gap between the door bearing and the chassis hinge bearing wish is different form the freezer side which fit quite tight to each other. Can the height of the chassis bearing be adjusted to fit closer? It closes better now but if the tow were a little closer together I'd get a more forced closure for the door to seal.

  12. Dallas Hartwell says:

    Where can I get these bearings?

  13. Brandon Rich says:

    Just did this fix today.  Video was very helpful!  Thanks!

    FYI — I did have some difficulty removing the old hinge bearing, which had broken and did not want to come out of the door.  Some needle-nose pilers eventually did the trick, but not without effort.

    Door action is nice and smooth now 🙂

  14. joe biden says:

    My door wont close on my fridge this how I fix it?

  15. Rosita SpinSanity says:

    great tips! my ref has knocking when i close and open it, i can do this my self . thank you for great video!

  16. Ty says:

    door closure bearing

  17. Mark Harris says:

    This doesn't solve my particular problem..My door, like every fridge door I ever had, when door is close enough to the body it doesn't do that cute little solo performance of slowly traveling, say, 25-35 Degrees (of a circle) all by itself to a complete closure, were I believe magnets take over..I.E. Door doesn't drift closed by itself after you've grabbed your yogurt….A reply to this post with the fix for THIS would be gratefully appreciated…Much thanks, Mark

  18. TheNewFakk28 says:

    My Frigidaire door seems to have this issue as well. When I open the refrigerator door it pops, and I looked at the bottom of the door and the hinge at the bottom of the door, (the part that lays flat on the metal surface), seems broken completely. My Frigidaire model is:FRS26LF7D57 and was manufactured 07/05

    Can you please tell me exactly what part to order so I can fix this? I might as well get the parts for both the top and bottom of the door and for both doors, so if the left side breaks also I can fix it as well. (or just change both doors parts at the same time), thanks!

  19. David Rubenstein says:

    Nice video! next time speak louder.

  20. Bhagat Singh says:

    Hi Steve could you end me a link for 3/8 wrench you are using? Thanks

  21. nonoyd says:


    i just bought a door hinge and installed it yesterday, it did not came with a bearing and the door squeaks when i open and close. do i need to buy a bearing? i thought everything was included when i bought the door fridge is the same style as yours, brand is kitchen aid about 18 years old.

    are all fridge door hinge have bearings? maybe i need to buy the bearing seperately. the door works now but it squeaks, hinge same location as your fridge bottom side.

  22. Xander Nicol says:

    tom th

  23. Robert Arias says:

    Thank you! You made this very easy for us.

  24. T N says:

    Need to tell what and why to change it? (Troubleshooting)

  25. Ann Shr says:

    Great video, saved me money calling a technician to fix the problem. Thank you very much.

  26. ASAP 92 says:

    Taller than expected by it.>>>     Quiet… I keep it in a studio apartment and it 's barely noticeable. No issues with condition. Well packaged, but easy to open.

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