Remove A Bike Freewheel
Remove A Bike Freewheel

Grabbing the cogs is no good as you they spin
on the bike freewheel without turning the central mechanism that is screwed on the hub
shell. You need a special key to fit into notches or splines on the bike freewheel to
turn it. Remove the rear wheel from the bike to gain
access to the bike freewheel. Take out the quick-release skewer or remove
the axle-nut on the drive side. Slide the freewheel-remover onto the axle
and into the notches or splines on the bike freewheel. Replace the nut or the skewer to lock the
key in place. Use a long adjustable spanner to turn the
key anti-clockwise. Once the bike freewheel is moving remove the
skewer or nut to allow it to unscrew all the way. If you have a bench vice you can clamp the
key in it, drop the wheel gently onto the key then turn the wheel to unscrew the bike

2 thoughts on “Remove A Bike Freewheel”

  1. Darkskynet1 says:

    Mine just wont budge… I'm trying everything.

  2. Mr. BLACKHAWK says:

    What is the name of the cog/nut that was placed into the hub to loosen it off?

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