Remove A Bike’s Square Tapered Crank
Remove A Bike’s Square Tapered Crank

Depending on the fitting of the square tapered
crank bolt or nut, use either a socket or hex key to unscrew it. Make sure you remove
any washer that’s under the head of the bolt. A crank-puller is a unit that screws into
the threads on the inside of the square tapered crank holes. A bolt that runs through it that
jams against the axle to force the square tapered crank off the tapered axle. Retract
the bolt from the crank puller. Almost all square tapered cranks use the Italian standard
22mm thread but some old French ‘Stronglight’ or ‘T.A.’ cranks need a different crank-puller. Check the threads on the inside of the square
tapered crank hole are clean and apply a smear of grease. Screw the crank-puller into the
threads, do this carefully as the threads on the aluminium square tapered crank are
soft and easily damaged. Finger strength is usually enough. When the crank-puller is fully in the square
tapered crank, screw in the bolt on the crank-puller, it will jam against the axle and force the
crank off the taper. Unscrew the tool from thesquare tapered crank
arm and repeat the operation on the other side.

5 thoughts on “Remove A Bike’s Square Tapered Crank”

  1. Jason Hart says:

    Nice video. Thanks for taking the time to make this video.

  2. The Real Sourc3 says:

    Goddamn if i knew this earlier; just used a big hammer and smacked at the crank arm to get it off, without succession..
    I thought i had forgotten something and was confused on how to get it off without angle-grinding it (as it's really rusty)

    Why can't bikes use normal tools instead of completely unique designed stuff that only works for certain types? 😅

  3. Jon Moore says:

    Thanks for the help! Took apart my old fixie conversion of a 1979 Fuji fram with OG BB!

  4. Josh Miller says:

    When I try this it just gets stuck and does not pull the crank off????!!!

  5. trek bikes says:

    Anyone know the brand and part number of the tool used in the video?

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