Remove and Insert Skateboard & Longboard Bearings
Remove and Insert Skateboard & Longboard Bearings

bjbj Inserting and removing bearings from
a skateboard wheel is actually pretty easy. There are some skate tools that conveniently
have a bearing press and remover built onto them, but sometimes there s just not enough
leverage to push the bearing in and to take it out. What I think the best tool for both
jobs is just the axle on your truck. Before we start, remove the axle nut and just one
of those small washers. Now, place a bearing on the axle, shield or seal-side out, push
down really hard on the wheel until the bearing is snug in place. If you have a metal shield
or rubber shield on both sides, then it doesn t matter what side is facing out. To remove
a bearing, place the wheel back on the axle just enough that is the depth or width of
the bearing and push down really hard on one side. Now, just put back on one of those small
washers, screw on the axle nut by hand and just take your skate tool and start tightening
it. What you don t want to do is tighten the nut all the way down to the bearing; you will
crush the shield or seal and dramatically decrease the bearings performance or destroy
it. So, check the wheel along the way making sure you don t run that risk and so it has
enough room to move on that axle. New bearings also spin slowly at first they just need time
to break in. See, I told you! Inserting and removing bearings is easy. Now, I can go skate.
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98 thoughts on “Remove and Insert Skateboard & Longboard Bearings”

  1. ccln11 says:

    what's the best bearings out there?

  2. Derek HamJamington says:

    Yeah, thanks for the fucking help! I broke my brand new fucking bearings because of you

  3. logan cooper says:

    Do u need washers/spacers in the board for a regular board?

  4. logan cooper says:

    He only put 1 washer in can u do that

  5. That Guy Again says:

    I have all the separate part to construct a board but they forgot to send me the spacers. Is it ok to put it together without spacers?

  6. Bazz Bazzy says:

    Guys.. can you help me? Im trying to clean my bearings but one of my wheels wont come off because of a stuck nut.. do you have any tips for me to remove it without breaking the wheel? Thanks..

  7. mason Bambini says:

    Thanks man all of your tips help a lot

  8. Roman Edgar Del Real says:

    Thanks it worked

  9. Grimmz_Reaper says:

    I put my bearings in the wrong way cause the REDZ Bearings that I got.. The red was facing the inside of the wheels and I mest up.. But your video saved my life.. I thought I had to skate with 1 weird mest up wheel. Thank you for this video.

  10. Wal Eed says:

    I have loud wheels every time I ride my skateboard help pls

  11. Cara 72 says:

    Do you know the small washer, do they come with the trucks , wheels or bearings or do you buy them separately?

  12. yaaboygip says:

    I just bought that same ATM deck. LOL!

  13. John Lessard says:

    I don't know why but when I look on YouTube nobody else has trucks or bearings that are greasy. For some reason mine are

  14. Justin Eatman says:

    THANK YOU. very specific. easy to find video. no one else compares.

  15. Joey Peteza says:

    Thank U bro

  16. mario cristobal collado aviles says:

    why didn't you use a spacer?

  17. Tom Douglas says:

    thank you for telling me how to get a bering out of my skateboard

  18. chriscasualty says:

    So taking out a bearing is like popping the tap off a bottle?

  19. Sonny Whitt says:

    My bearing won't come out! 😡

  20. Blake Norris says:

    i haven't got much into taking them off when I'm putting my wheel back on  i have to one it up is that because the spacer???

  21. Blake Norris says:


  22. Wealthy Blackman says:

    My outer bearings won't go in i'm not sure if the problem is how the wheel is made help

  23. Andrew 'Zig' Leipzig says:

    brilliant, thanks

  24. Saman Mahjoob says:

    where can i get new small washers from?

  25. 3ayem says:

    I can't put my get my bearings inside my wheel using this method

  26. nivlac says:

    Why would you even wanna take them out my dad said not to play with them they are delicate

  27. Alex Dopest says:

    My bolt is stripped on to my truck everytime it turns it wont come tighten ot loosen , what should i do ?

  28. bonker_ whats_up says:

    where can you get that tool to remove the bearings

  29. YouPooped YourTube says:

    Rat, please skate and make a video!

  30. alina ahmed says:

    There's two bearings on a wheel, Which Comes first

  31. Kenneth Demeester says:

    The middle one first

  32. manly seaside kebabs says:

    is WD-40 a good lubricant?

  33. manly seaside kebabs says:

    Y not +Dodge Anderson

  34. Adam Dean says:

    thx this works beter than beating youre berings with a hamer till that go in

  35. Marlon Davis says:

    came here thinking i'd find a way to get my bearing out, just to find out maybe my bearing is stuck forever -_-

  36. Ultimate Gandhi says:

    how tight should i put the axel nut on a longboard?

  37. Griffin GFX says:

    The only bit that confuses me, this is coming from someone that has never seen I bearing before btw, it putting the shield on the inside or outside. On videos it's hard to see a difference, will it be obvious when they arrive?

  38. grisham says:

    when i spin my wheels are they suppose to be silent? or make a little noise??

  39. Nova Lurker says:

    This worked perfectly for me. Thanks

  40. Dagrthan says:

    how about built in bearings?

  41. Reflekks says:

    Thanks for this video it helped SO MUCH

  42. Franklyn Rodriguez says:

    I've been using the same wheels for a long time and I just recently cleaned my bearings. But now its really hard to put the bearings back in. what should I do

  43. Larry NoodleSlurper says:

    You should do a vid on rubber vs medal sheilds I always wonder what 1 is better

  44. Leon Pro Gamer says:

    do you sale skateboard wheels and bearings

  45. XGamerBoi 460 says:

    ive got the old rubber ones what do i do i takes two bearings i cant get them out??

  46. Melissa Rose says:

    WhAt weels are those

  47. PizzaMike 571 says:

    My bearings won't go back in 😨

  48. Gabriel Duran says:

    Is the washer on the truck that goes between the wheel and the truck base important

  49. iMajestix says:

    HELP!!!! I am not strong at all. There is nobody I can ask for help. Any other ways i can do it that is very easy?

  50. Braulio Bayona says:

    I have metal core wheels (rictas) and and i cannot get my bearings out due to how hard the metal is, it doesn't allow me to pry my bearings out off my axel.

  51. xx shakey xx says:

    It did not work

  52. #number sign says:

    What i did (because i'm using bearing spacers and this way didn't work) was i found a screw with flat top, that is a little thinner than the axle and long enough to go through the wheel.
    So … i screwed it into a piece of wood and now i can put that screw through the wheel and remove my bearings by pressing them from inside out. This way you place the top of the screw on the inside of the bearing inner ring and press the wheel down with both hands and it pops out like it's nothing.

    I hope this helps those who cant get them out (good for wheels with really hard core and spacer users)

    EDIT: now that i think of it a thicker nail would work even better since it has that really nice flat top.

  53. The HS0 says:

    u didn't show to to remove

  54. Sean Dullaghan says:

    do you need to put in a spacer for normal skateboard wheels or are they just for longboard wheels?

  55. Ordinary Artist says:

    No way, I have that same tool as you!

  56. Spikeupine says:

    I have a bearing that is stuck in the axle? any advise to get it off?

  57. Nockoff Gaming says:

    my friend has that deck amt

  58. Cris Luna says:

    I have reds bearing and 53 mm there hard wheels orginal formula and there bearing are extremely hard to get out and my uncle couldn't get the bearing back in so I had to go to the shop any advice because I really need to clean my bearings

  59. Robert Ostman says:

    you were missing  at least 1 small washer and the spacer

  60. Gwailotus says:

    TO Rat Vision:
    1) won't using axle to put bearing in damage the bearing casing/shield?
    2) won't using axle to remove bearing strip the threads of outer part of axle which is needed to fasten axle bolt?
    3) your other video on manufacturing defects/imperfections of inner skate wheels and wrong size spacers has me a bit depressed about finding the right wheels n spacers. do u have another video that says what brands and styles of wheels have the best precision manufacturing so u dont get damage to inner part of wheels n wear out bearings etc..same with trucks that are the right angle on the axle.
    4) how do u know what spacer to get for your wheels if there ae so many "incorrect" diameters made? thanks

  61. Tom Snyder says:

    Please watch my how to install skateboard bearings video thanks so much

  62. Lenox Marauder says:

    didnt know it was so easy, wtf was i thinking this is so simple thanks

  63. Sinsanatis says:

    i have 52mm spitfire wheels and i use rush bearings. just recently i tried taking out my bearings so i can try to clean them, but they literally would not come out. i literally got blisters for the first time trying to get them out. they went in and out of the wheel PERFECTLY when i first got my entire board which was maybe about a month ago. so i took my board to zumiez and they helped my pull out the bearings, they even had trouble. so i bought new bearings, rush again, and they said that i should just leave the spacers out. they also said that since my wheels were backwards that it "jammed" something. idk.

    later when i got home, i tried taking the bearings back out so i could lube them and make sure theyre nice and smooth before i start rolling on them, but only 2 of the wheels i could get the bearings out. the other 2 i had to lube them while they were in the wheel. one of the 2 bad ones i couldnt get fully back on so i think its slightly shifted and it makes a bit of a sound when i spin it.
    what could be the problem?

  64. Fivos Charalambous says:

    Man thank you very much

  65. Hussey says:

    So it doesn't matter which way my bearings are facing?

  66. Painless1992 says:

    I've been doing this method for years but after doing this more frequently on the same pair of trucks it got me thinking. I've been riding some pretty hard and small wheels and the bearings do get stuck in them. I also noticed in this comment section others having really hard time removing them and even getting blisters trying to get them out. So do I, while sweating bullets and getting blisters on my hands, I'm usually able to get them out. But I also noticed that some of my axle nuts are getting loose or unscrewing a bit after a session. So since I'm using all my strength and weight, doesn't it fuck up the thread of the axle?

  67. Dean Wadleigh says:

    That really helped me get my bearings out

  68. ZweiBein says:

    Thanks 🙂

  69. SuperSky says:

    I'm so dumb

  70. Devon. says:

    Wtf my bearings are WAY harder to get in than that. Like I've been trying for 3 mins

  71. Shannon Leeann says:

    would this work with derby skates?

  72. white-eyed demon-child says:

    are they in any board

  73. sTaTiic Gamer says:

    does this work with spacers

  74. PoweredByAudio says:

    thanks! I JUST used the axel trick and got them off in less than 30 seconds! very helpful 🙂

  75. Natalia says:

    woah man what kind of tool is that?? it has a bearing presser & threader????

  76. Hf outdoors says:

    Can you send me thet skate baud

  77. Farmiluc says:

    That was pretty helpful. Thanks to you my chodeboard is now complete

  78. Christopher Garrett says:

    you forgot to mention spacers for longboards

  79. Cameron Tabone says:

    Thanks so much for saving me

  80. Yxrkie says:

    who else is here just to get them out for a fidget spinner?

  81. Izz says:

    please help! My bearings are really stuck in! I've tried everything and nothing works! I desperately need help!

  82. Didin Indo says:

    Thanks It Worked

  83. WESYM says:

    yo the bearings on stuck on the axel

  84. Petros says:

    thanks a lot!

  85. ferfoo619 says:

    Usefull video. I changed all my bearings in 2 minutes.

  86. Grilled Cheese 59 says:

    That helped a lot thanks

  87. CT GAMING 87 says:

    Thank you so much

  88. JakeHerstad says:

    1:19 turn captions on then marvel at the software gore


    Thanks that was really helpful

  90. Matthew Ingram says:

    Very useful thanks.

  91. Alexander Peters says:

    Your videos are mostly great, and super informative, which makes skipping the spacer kinda a wtf moment compared to your quality elsewhere. Lots of folks don't even know you're supposed to use them! Maybe add some text to the video, if you're going to keep it up?

  92. Suspicious sauce guy says:

    mine always tilt when i put them in they can never be straight

  93. Little Weirdo says:

    Independence braaaah

  94. Drummer Jack says:

    Ur board is ugly bro

  95. Drummer Jack says:

    Method is shit

  96. Itzzz Kevin says:


  97. _bs420 says:

    My bearings r just stuck in my wheels and won’t go in any further plz help

  98. Knygathin says:

    I don't believe in riding with wheels loose on the axle. They will shake, vibrate, and cause instability; and probably break down the bearings more quickly. In proper bearings, with fitting washers and spacer, it should not be a problem to tighten the axle nut hard, because all the pressure will be on the solid inner race ring, which will not affect the roll of the wheel.

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