Repair Oil Leak | Fix Crankshaft Oil Pump Front Seal Service | Nissan (SOHC)V6 (VG33E) Engine
Repair Oil Leak | Fix Crankshaft Oil Pump Front Seal Service | Nissan (SOHC)V6 (VG33E) Engine

we are going to take a time out from
this timing belt installation you’re looking at an in part series of removing
the crankshaft snout timing cover oil seal actually it’s the oil pump oil seal
and this seal see some form of pressure from the oil pump because this is the
oil pump right here it’s very important that we replace the seal because this
seal is most likely to leak when compared to the camshaft so here I have
this is the crankshaft seal that will go for this application and this is the
true camshaft seal which is different in size so you must make a note of that but
when we look at the back of the seal we can see we have a cavity that’s going to
help us with our removal so let’s put this seal aside and begin the removal
for the old seal so there might be a tool or a different method for removing
this seal the way we’re going to remove it but what I’m going to use is this
Gibson board also known as a sheetrock screw I’m just going to place it to the
side of the seal right here using a heavy hammer so we don’t want to take a flat
screwdriver and go in from the side between the seal and the casting because
this is an aluminum alloy and what’s going to happen is it’s if you’re to use
a flat stock to go in between to separate the seal they’re going to chafe
or the edge where the seal is to be seated and this could cause a leak in
the future so this seal is currently destroyed and
we’re not going to use it again let’s get ready to install the seal we want to
clean up inside here it is very important that we clean the
surface of the crankshaft where the lip of the seal is going to come in contact
want to make sure you remove all the dirt from that seal lip area this is
going to ensure a perfect seated seal to prevent oil from leaking here is the new
seal that we’re going to be installing on the inner lip of the seal we must
play some grease so it will slide on to the crankshaft Slough and seal itself
perfect it will also be best to put some lube on the surface so what we could do
is just take some on a screwdriver and just dab it in they’re going to have to
be patient for this part very important that you prepare this area for the seal
installation because once the seal is installed
if the surface does not have if the inner surface does not have this lube it
could damage the lip of the seal and this is a very very important part of
the procedure as if the seal should leak the oil will contaminate the timing belt
and cause it to snap with the seal in hand
prepare for installation you can also use timing gear sprocket
for the crankshaft it’s been sure our clearance from the
back of the sprocket with its guide plate you must make sure that you
install this guide plate in the right direction you want it this way
not this way because if you put in the wrong direction the leading edge of this
washer is going to damage the timing belt so it has to be this way like that one this nice even line all
around this way we know the seal is square and straight and we cannot expect
any extra leak or any leak in the future

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  2. Roberto Nolasco says:

    hey all your videos are great! Can you do a lower control arm replacement for the Nissan 3.3l frontier

  3. Clovis Ramsay says:

    I would like to know what grease you are using, the red grease?  Also, my timing belt kit came with all of the oil seals for crankshaft and camshaft but I am weary of taking off the camshafts and messing up the alignments.  Do you have to take the backplates off to replace the camshaft seals and how important is it to do this?

  4. Shannon Fraiser says:

    I changed timing belt and this seal and then drove a couple miles bout 10 and then noticed oil smoke coming from under hood and noticed oil leaking pretty bad all over front of engine and by radiator everything was fine before the change could this be my problem? I am hoping nothing for jacked up

  5. skweekah says:

    Did the scratch to the crank snout cause any problems later on? Thanks for your vid Man. Great work.

  6. Timothy Farkas says:

    I drilled a small hole in the seal then pulled it out with a pick.

  7. lek oldman says:

    crank case pressure.. blocked breather .egt or rings shafted

  8. wacm1258 says:

    Hello Steve, my question is how would I know if I have to replace the oil seal or the oil pump, and how do you replace the oil pump if I need to do so.

  9. M Nick says:

    If your still around?Noticed your Crankshaft sprocket slid right off.Do you have vid on tough to remove crankshaft sprockets?There has to be a better way then cutting or drill tap.What do the dealerships use to get between sprocket and seal?

  10. Jose Rodriguez says:

    Super explained Thanks

  11. everette romero says:

    Can you show how you do it from start to finish?

  12. TheKnightDrag0n says:

    Yeah, I dunno what I did wrong, I replaced the seal, it was a tide fit but the leak got worst.

  13. Medicina Xochicalco says:

    Whaooo!!!!!..made in Mexico.

  14. totalld21 says:

    Is is possible to install the oil pump with the seal installed as well? Having a hard time fitting the seal over the snout of the crankshaft.

  15. The Noid says:

    Worries about the flathead screwdriver scratching the aluminum but his drywall screw method leaves a big ass gap from when he screwed it in 🤦‍♂️ SMDH…

  16. Tyler james says:

    Do u have a video for the cam seals? Are they easy too?

  17. Tyler james says:

    What were you using to spray the seal housing clean when you took the seal out? I am tackeling this project this weekend smd want everything to go smoothly

  18. Silverio Castillo says:

    Great job👍

  19. Lalo Sanchez says:

    Thank you amigo

  20. Msbossy lovinglife says:

    Can you do a video about oil leaks in a 03 Nissan xterra

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