Replacing Parking Brake Module EPB – Land Rover Discovery 3 LR3
Replacing Parking Brake Module EPB – Land Rover Discovery 3 LR3

We are sulking because guess what happened today. That’s right folks, the dreaded
parking brake module gave up its ghost. Presenting – Naughty Pony
and Faulty Parking Brake. Daria named our Land Rover “Naughty Pony”. Before I could even ask Simon had already ordered
a new parking brake module. Okay, new parking brake. Go fit the thing. Oh no, no, no. Got to go to Halfords. And forgot to tell me about all the other stuff he needed. Brake cleaner earplugs dust mask spare fuses. I hate coming to Halfords. Yes, I hate him going to Halfords too. Okay, so far it’s been the sunniest year on record and then I come to fix my parking brake and this! That is the parking brake actuator we’ve got to get out. I’m not looking forward to this.
Bloody hell. This is what we’re taking off. Oh, what about this thing here? What’s this? Oh yeah, that’s part of it. Okay, it’s free. Okay. I didn’t realise you didn’t get
a new, clean spring. So I have to reuse that one. But you should always order… I though it would come in the kit. Thank you. Thank you. The next job is to unscrew the rust
that’s holding the bracket down. These are special ones for gripping bolts. Not just any bolts – Rusty as hell bolts. What a stupid place to put it. I don’t want to snap the head off this bolt. Let’s just give it a rest a minute. Cor, I thought this would be easy,
compared to what I did last time. But it’s not. It’s harder. Snap! So you snapped the bolt? Yeah. It means I can’t put another one back in because it’s snapped off in the hole. Oh dear. Normally you drill them out,
but I can’t get a drill in. I hate Land Rover. I hate it. They brake. Ow, I’ve hurt myself. Stupid cars. This is not even the hardest bit. It’s supposed to be the easiest bit. It wasn’t a good start today
because this morning I woke up in a bad mood because it was raining and it took me until one o’clock
to get all my bits together and go to parcel force and get the bits. So I’ve promised to take Daria to the pub Go and enjoy myself tonight. Back tomorrow morning and see if I can get further with these bolts. (Five pints of beer later) If Land Rover made boats this would be it. Constantly needing fixing and never in the water.
Look at this broken thing. And I bet the guy that owns it won’t
get rid of it because he loves it because he’s like,
“Oh, this is the best boat that was ever designed.” These have all been out today. These have all been to France and back,
no problems. The Boat Land Rover. The following morning
Simon returns to his own sinking ship. Sunday Morning. And when I looked online
to buy my replacement parking brake there’s loads of them on ebay
and I wondered why. But now, now I’m here doing it, I can understand why because you buy the part, you think, “Oh, I’ll take that off, easy.” You get to this bit and you go “I can’t do it” and give up. You go to the garage they won’t take your spare parts you have to buy the parts again. So you’ve got a brand new one
that you sell on ebay. So that’s why. Don’t give up! So Simon has to be really careful
not to snap all the bolts. Having successfully snapped all the bolts the rusty bracket comes away without much of a fight. Right, the aim is to chisel off these because I’ve snapped them. Simon starts to quarry valuable Land Rover rust. Wow, it’s come off. Yes! He thought I made the food
as a reward for removing the bolts but actually made it to cheer him up
if he couldn’t get them out. Now this is the part I wasn’t looking forward to as I thought the emergency brake release cable would
be the hardest thing to remove. The cable runs from underneath the gear stick all the way to the module at the back and it’s what you pull if the parking brakes get stuck on. That’s the first proper nut I’ve had
that came off like it’s supposed to. Although I’ve lost it. I’ll pass it to you. Here. Oh, thanks.
I’ve got to put that back. Hahaha, to my surprise the cable
wasn’t buried inside the chassis but simply clipped on underneath. Okay, we’ve made progress. Ah, that’s easier than I thought it would be. There’s the string. Wow, we’re making progress, yippee. Making some serious progress I continued to remove the brake cables held on by two rubber grommets on the outside. Okay, that’s done. On the underside there are two simple bolts
on either side holding on the rest of the cable. Oh dear. This is going to be difficult. This is stupid. Hidden behind all the air pipes
and other important cabling are the last two bolts preventing
the removal of the broken assembly. Everywhere I want to put my hands
there’s something in the way. It’s like fixing your car through a letterbox. There’s air pipes electrical cables air conditioning pipes all in the way. All round this one thing. I’m so frustrated. It’s making me really, really, really stressed. You don’t even need an electric parking brake. It’s like having an electric door key. I just wish I could just make it all disappear,
go away and never be seen again. I decided to investigate the hidden bolts
from another angle. To my horror I discovered the bolts are located in exactly the same area I had problems with during the suspension arms replacement. Ladies and Gentlemen, you’re looking at Friday afternoon in the Land Rover
engineering department. It’s off. Three weeks. At the thought of being stuck
for another three weeks Simon started to cry. Well, I think I will be better off to walk away because it’s getting serious. What on Earth do I do with this rusty bolt? So I’d better remove myself to the safe zone which is the house and I will lock the door. Yeah, good plan. Here we go again! Thanks a lot. My girlfriend doesn’t believe me that
I get cakes and biscuits delivered. I’ve forgotten what I’m doing now. Hello, welcome the Great Britain. We have the World’s biggest television but our trains don’t work here and we’ve got pot holes that
your car will disappear inside on the road. Great Britain has
the World’s worst public transport system the most expensive trains and the slowest trains and the most unreliable trains. Cancelled. Here I am. Not even half way home and I’m stuck on a platform. This train is not my train. This is the point last week when I decided
I wanted to sell the car. Because I can’t do this rusty bolt. I can’t even get to it. It’s all rusty and rounded off. Chisel under there, instead. Let’s go break the bracket. I’m winning. I’m making a mess of it but it’s coming. DINK! Weeee, that was the dink of joy. Show me the dink of joy. No, you missed it. No, I want to see the dink of joy. What do you mean? How can you see the dink? Yeah, I want to see the bolt in your hand. No, I haven’t snapped the bolt,
I’ve cut the bracket Oh! Using a screwdriver, hahahaha. Good. I hope you cut the right bracket. Hahaha, me too. This string as I pull the cables out the string will go through where the cables were. And the reason for this is if I don’t finish it this week I’ll have forgotten where they went. So it’s to help me remember just in case it takes too long to fix. String of Eternal Memory. Gently, it’s going, it’s going.
Rope is going now. Okay! Good. But this is not having a rope of memory, the red one. It doesn’t need it. Broken. So, we’re celebrating because
we got the parking brake off. Yeah. And tomorrow I’m going to put the new one back. Hmmm, cheers! It’s glorious day four of the car fix and guess what? It is raining! Simon’s favourite weather to do the fix. As you can see he has tremendous amount of fun. He’s so entertained that
he refused to film anymore because he’s had enough. I think something snapped inside so I’m going to the shop to buy him some alcohol because I think that’s the only thing
which may cheer him up now. Well, of course, fixing the car
will cheer him up as well. Phew, I can’t see anything. Oh, I think I could do with a hand because I can’t do it by myself. Well, it turns out that the World can’t do without me! I need to pull the string
to make the car work again. I can see where it’s caught, it’s here. Stupid thing. Okay, that’s about where it lives. Okay, so far, so good. I’m not having any fun. Gently does it. How many hours left? Four? Just to pull cables and put it back? Really? What did you say? I asked you Who are you talking to? I’m talking to you. How many hours do you think
we’ll have to spend more with this car? I think I need four hours and it’s done. I hope! Would you like me to hold an umbrella
above your bottom? No, it’s okay. Now on the home straight
and everything is going well. I hate this broken car. Look at this, this puddle is getting closer to my bottom. It’s just emptied all my rusty nuts onto the floor,
dear oh dear. I’m looking forward to going to work tomorrow
so I can have a rest. Chucku? Yeah? I’m going to make soup now. Can I bring you some food? With fresh basil and parsley? and some whipped cream? Yeah, I’ll come in and eat it so I can have a break and warm up. And I also bought your favourite wine. Thanks! Knowing a glass of wine is only a few cables away I fitted the module in record time. Yes, there’s the cable. It just needs to come a little bit more. There it is! Just needs a push. Job one, done. Just take it to the garage for this job, guys. It’s not a good job.
Horrible job. Horrible job. Only the brakes to reassemble
before putting the wheels back on and Daria spots something shiny. Oh, it looks pretty. Pretty? I’m not sure it looks pretty. This new thing. The new bit does, yeah. Right, that’s tight enough. I’ve run out of gloves. Yeah, you’ll never touch me. Ever again? Ever again. Right, let’s drag this into the garage let’s wash my hands, then I can start it up. No sooner had I tightened the last shiny thing,
the sun decided to come out. Back behind the wheel
and I queued to get out of Wales. Queued right through England. And all the way up to the river
that stops Scottish people getting out. I’m gonna need to see your passport, laddy. Scotland is full of opportunities to practice driving through those motorway potholes I mentioned back in London. So now I’ve fitted the parking brake actuator I’ve come all the way, five hundred miles up to here no maybe six hundred miles to the Cairngorms. This is Aviemore. This is the steepest hill I could find to test it on. But it works. Yes! Yes, the parking brake works!

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    Good quality video , great camera work ! You deserve so much more subscribers… Nice work mate

  2. druuiill says:

    Love it!!! I feel with you

  3. Daniel Mayberry says:

    I feel your pain brother, I’ve got a freelander 2 with a normal handbrake, I’ve fancied a disco but not so keen on it now

  4. PowerVolt says:

    Wow awesome job yet again! You're very brave tackling that!! What a painful repair that is. I'd definitely take mine to the garage if mine ever needs doing. I always look forward to your new uploads, very entertaining and informative. I hope it doesn't need anything doing for a long time now. I just changed my front air struts today and I thought that was tough haha after watching this I'm now feeling like I got off lightly 🤣

  5. Razor Edge says:

    I reckon your Disco 3 and mine must be twins. Last year my EPB stopped engaging, so I contacted my local LR independent and was shocked at the quote for parts and labour. I looked on eBay and found a module for about £400 cheaper and sent off for it, with the aim of giving it to the specialist to fit. When it came to it, it turned out that it was not the EPB module that had failed, the issue was with the brakes themselves. Watching you tackle this made me glad that I didn't attempt it, especially as I'd have only found later that the issue was not what was expected.

    All credit to you again for having a go. Your films have spurred me to tackle more. Last week I did the oil, oil filter and air filter (all of which I filmed), and earlier today I was underneath looking at the fuel filter and giving the fasteners a hit of penetrating fluid ready for the weekend. Please keep posting your endeavours.

  6. FPV Fred says:

    Can fully relate, wonderful video.

  7. Johnny Wood says:

    Wow my balls have actually gone back inside my body… so yeah I'll probably be taking my Disco 3 into the garage. Currently parking on flat roads in park with the EPB inactive. Not really sustainable practice. Massive well done though & well done for sticking it out. Impressive.

  8. Dean Smith says:

    Legend, love your vids and know that……. will everything about this job just f******g do ONE feeling 😂

  9. Tomáš Kačur says:

    I did it last weekend on my LR3 2005 the same, rust and screws it sure = the same lake you but I cut it right now and made new threads and painted the chassis color to slow the rust :). The problem with my EPB is in the electric motor, the magnets have burned (775 Motor DC 12V-36V 3500-9000RPM). Greet from Slovakia

  10. MrThommo78 says:

    I love your vids mate! Great how you used the Landrover “bong” to hide your expletives! 😂😂😂
    I can’t help thinking that you maybe didn’t have to replace the actuator as the problem usually lies with the brake shoes themselves. I wouldn’t mind giving you my number if you ever need advice! I know mine inside out! Take care brother!

  11. Adam Pearson says:

    Awesome video once again. Well done for seeing it all the way through

  12. funvans says:

    Will it be long before we see a video about the tragic incident where you were taking the discovery for a drive in the country and it suddenly caught fire 😭

  13. DavidJohnRees says:

    Amazing video, yet again! Love the involvement of the very dedicated other half! LR3 and relationship goals right there.

  14. South London says:

    Don’t let the old lady beat your bro keep trying & trying it’s only nuts & bolts
    On a lighter note your wife cracks me up when she winks on camera 😂😂

  15. Stuart Gunn says:

    On the plus side you won't have any iron deficiency for a long time now. 😆

  16. Quentin Crush says:

    Good video, and fair play for sticking with it,
    Looks like it was worth all the pain in the end 👍

  17. Denkha94 says:

    After fitting the parking brake module did you have to program the module for it to work on the vehicle

  18. Lcp Priestley says:

    love hate relationship LAND ROVER but still love em after they punish us 😆

  19. Sublimemanx says:

    Feel your pain – almost. Had a few Parking Brake faults but managed to calibrate my way out them so far. Fingers crossed.

  20. Jordan Chance says:


  21. Ar Al says:

    You’re a very very brave person! İt’s a very hard work. By the way maybe because of the wd40 the rusted bolts had broken easily. İt makes the rusted areas softer . Just keep in mind. (Disco 3’s are great cars but before 2007my ones have more problems then 2007-09 my ones i guess)

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