Replacing Wheel Bearings on a Mazda 3
Replacing Wheel Bearings on a Mazda 3

Hello, MegaSafetyFirst here. I am going to replace the rear Wheel Bearing Assembly on a Mazda 3. The tools I am going to use is a Torx T-50, a 5mm and 14mm socket and a 14mm hex-wrench. Getting started. I am removing the tire. Here you also see I am using two jack-stands to be side. And on the left side there is also a piece of railroad tie, that I am putting under the vehicle. Because you are going to pull a lot on the car. So it is going to be really unstable if you are using the regular jack. Starting out with removing the brake caliper. Using a 14mm socket. Using a piece of pipe to help breaking the bolt lose. The second bold is on the top. It is a little hard to reach, so I am using the hex-wrench. When putting the caliper to the side, make sure to attach it to the frame with a wire, so it does not pull on the brake line. Then here you see I used some WD40 to soak the bolts a little bit there. And I let it sit for a while and cure. The next step is to remove the connector to the ABS sensor. You have to push the little tab on the side and pull the connector out. Then the hardest part is coming up now. You see the four bolts here. I am using the T-50 to remove those This takes quite a while. You might have to be patient. Once you removed the bolts we can pull out the old Wheel Bearing Assembly. I am going to clean up with some more WD40 to remove the rust. Next we use the 5mm socket to remove the ABS sensor from the old Assembly. And we attach it to the new Assembly as you can see here. It is pretty easy to do. Once that is done, we put everything back together. The new Wheel Bearing Assembly and the heat shield. What you do not see here, for the bolts I am using some Lactate. Put the bolts back in a torque them down with 41 lbs. Do not forget to attach the ABS sensor. All this actually goes quicker than I would it would be. Then you put the rotor & brake caliper back on. Using the 14mm again, Torque it down to 58 lbs. Ok, so that’s already it Put the wheel back and take the car from the jack-stands. You are all set.

9 thoughts on “Replacing Wheel Bearings on a Mazda 3”

  1. Mitchell Pilkins says:

    what year is this?

  2. Tristan Hall says:

    Is the front the same as the rear? And if I buy the full assembly, it's replacing the bearings and everything, correct?

  3. MegaSafetyFirst says:

    Just saw that they have the hub on Amazon for a good price:

  4. Tarek Taher says:

    Is it the same for 2015 mazda 3?

  5. Richard Rozales says:

    Do the front bearings have ABS sensors, too?

  6. Boozi88 says:

    Where would you find the exact torque specs for this kind of repair? I'm looking to replace my rear hub assemblies on my 2007 Mazda 3 and I want it to be torqued down correctly if I'm doing the work myself.

  7. Todd Smith says:

    Great video, thanks so much for keeping it short and to the point!

  8. J&R Isaacson says:

    Good video. I'm not anticipating that it will to go quite as easily for me. I expect the hub to be really rusted in there. I may not even get that far, I'm not sure my Chinesium Torx socket will get those bolts out. Thanks for posting, you make it look like a simple job.

  9. Flip Smith says:

    Great video. More than enough info in a short enough video and everything is clear and to the point. Well done!!

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